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A collection of your scenery photos that other people have 'favorited' - landscapes, seascapes, mountainscapes, treescapes and cityscapes. *Colour photos only thanks. No Paintings, NO Products. Default work only*

Recent Work

  • Little brother by Barno123
  • Man & Beast at Sunset by DonnaM
  • Fine Summer's Day #6 by metriognome
  • Purple Pastels by Mieke Boynton
  • A Peaceful Place by JohnDSmith
  • Colours of Midnight by Mieke Boynton
  • On the beach at sunrise by Zina Stromberg
  • Autumn in Bridgetown, Western Australia by Elaine Teague
  • Twilight Thunder Storm and Yellow Skies by neptuneimages
  • Tree Of Life - Serengeti Plains Tanzania Africa 5100 by neptuneimages
  • snowy hills by psychoshadow
  • The Three Gossips - Arches National Park by Kathy Weaver

About This Group

If people have ‘favorited’ your scenery photos, then we want you to send that photo into the group – that’s all we are looking for – photos of your scenery that have been favorited by other people and if the hosts feel that your photo is one that the hosts would favorite themselves, then your photo will be accepted! Don’t confuse ‘favorites’ with ‘featured’ although we understand your photo most probably could have been featured as well.

For the purpose of this group, we’ll consider scenery consisting of landscapes, seascapes, mountainscapes, treescapes and cityscapes. Colour Photography only thanks,
No Paintings. No Products, including Frames -Default work only


Avatar/Beautiful Trees in Paddock – 18/12/2018

Walltown Trees, Hadrian’s Wall by Billlee

Avatar/Under Sail in Harbour – 11/11/2028

Rounding the Windward Mark by Wolftinz

Avatar/Solitude – 07/9/2018

Misty Short Sands Beach in Oregon by Kay Brewer

Avatar/Solitude Co-winner – 07/9/2018

Looking for a Title – Beach, Light and Figure by Billlie

Favorite Landscape – 27/8/2018

Willis Creek – Grand Staircase of the Escalante – Utah
by Kathy Weaver

Avatar/well dressed Rocks – 27/8/2018

Dressed Rocks by Manon Boily

Avatar/Lake with small Jetty – 16/7/2018

My favourite Lake…….Lake Annecy by Imi Koetz

Rippling Stream – 28/6/2018

Babbling Brook by Larry Trupp

Avatar/Lookout – 08/6/2018

Betwys-y-Coed_Wales_UK by Kay Cunningham

Avatar/Lookout – Co-Winner – 08/6/20018

Destination Switzerland by Metriognome

Avatar/One Large Tree – 12/5/2018

Angel Oak Tree by Douglas Stucky

Avatar/Trees & Crops – 28/4/2018

Misty Morning Tuscany by Harry Oldmeadow

Avatar/Pelicans – 04/4/2018

Pelicans by M. Butwell

Avatar/Pelicans co-winner – 04/4/2018

Bega River Pelicans by Yukondick

Avatar/Waterfall – 12/02/2018

Tom Gill Waterfall, Lake District by JMChown

Out on the Road – 17/12/2017

An Interstate runs through it by doubleheader

Out on the road – Co/Winner 17/12/2017

Bridge to the Milky Way by Randy Richards

A Boat or Boats in Still Water – 10/12/2017

Mist & Boat Reflections by Billlee

Avatar/Tree-scape – 04/12/2017

Morning Walk by Kathy Weaver

Avatar/Stormy Seascape – 10/11/2017

Stormy Weather by Iamelmana

No Horizons – 02/11/2017

Early Lavender by MaryLou Badeaux

Avatar/Dune Grasses 12/10/2017

Enclosed in Between by Jola Martysz

Wet and Wild – 16/9/2017

A Cold and gray winters day by wolftinz

Avatar/Ocean View – 20/8/2017

Seaspray by R Vogler

Avatar/A Misty Day – 08/8/2017

Between Day & Evening by Angelika Vogel

Rolling Hills – 03/6/2017

A Bity of colour by Angelika Vogel

Avatar/Lighthouse – 20/5/2017

Sentinal at Sunset by Linda Jackson

Avatar/River Bank – 18/4/2017

Marble Canyon,Arizona by Tamos Bakos

A Gentle & Soft Reflection in Water – 19/3/2017

Mist on the Blackwood at Sunnyside Reserve, Western Australia by Elaine Teague

Avatar/A Country Cottage – 03/3/2017

The Old Cottage by Imi Koetz

Scenic Bridge – 08/2/2017

Clifton Suspension Bridge by NikArt

Avatar/Farming Country – 02/2/2017

Autumn by Imi Koetz

Seascape Challenge – 20/12/2016

Summer Beach by John Scates

Avatar/A Bend in the River – 05/12/2016

A Misty Morning in Bridgetown, Western Australia #2
by Elaine Teague

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