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Recent Work

  • The Fisherman's wife 2 by annacuypers
  • The Fisherman's wife 3 by annacuypers
  • The mark Madiba made by Karen01
  • vibrant gaze by schizomania
  • she drew up the jack of hearts... by annacuypers
  • The portrait by Froggie
  • Who`s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf by Ladymoose
  • Angel by autumnwind
  • Daughter Of Resolution  { True Blue } by ellamental
  • Portrait with thread... by annacuypers
  • Deja 'vu by oneoftheclan
  • portrait in blue by annacuypers

About This Group

This group is for anyone that loves eyes as much as we do. We are looking for your best Human eyes shots.
You can submit as many images as you like. This is also a place where you wont get judged for your images as we believe in everyone has their own ‘eye’ for taking their own images. Anyone is welcome!

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