Streetscapes - City/Town streets with buildings/ground in equal focus. *Features 28/11/15*

Group Rules:

Please do NOT post the following:

  1. art depicting roads or waterways in a rural setting (Highways, country roads, etc.).
  2. art focusing on single buildings.
  3. art focusing on a city/town as a whole rather than just one street.
  4. art that is pure Street Photography (ie: focusing on a single person or object) will be rejected.
  5. as obvious as it sounds, portraiture is not a streetscape… enough said you would think, but a surprising number of people still try to slip in a portrait, candid or other shot of people.

People who repeatedly post work that does not fit the guidelines may be removed from the group.

Quick update note: STILL getting people, trees, photojournalism and single buildings/tops of buildings etc.. PLEASE read the above!!!!!

If an image is rejected once it will be rejected twice. The 3rd time with the same image and you will be removed from the group without warning.

If you are still uncertain whether or not this group is for you, please visit THIS forum thread Thanks!