Streetscapes - City/Town streets with buildings/ground in equal focus. *Features 28/11/15*

NO single buildings/portraits or country/coastal/park/abstract shots, please.

Group Update. Long but PLEASE read through to the end, it's important before the group re-opens.

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This post was written in June 2010…

For an update from June 2011, please look at this link here


So… we are very close to clearing the moderation queue now, should be back by July.

Thankyou to everyone who has been a part of this group and stuck around through the transitions. Thanks also to the few new members who I have noticed joining this week.

Ok, small talk over, it is time to give you news, updates and a gentle reminder about what this group is all about, as detailed in the Rules and Guidelines section (which I have not tweaked at all) which explains some of the other “changes” that you may have seen.

Firstly, there have been a lot of works submitted that have not followed even one of the guidelines, portraits and landscapes and HDR abstracts that may or may not have originated as a photograph of a streetscape These were rejected with reasons. If more than 4 by one person were rejected for not following guidelines, the reject with no reason button was pressed….

Please do not take this as a slur on your work. Most of the rejected work was wonderful…. it just did not fit in with what the group was about


*Secondly, there has been a lot of work deleted. This was again, because, despite getting through the moderation in the past, it does not really fit the dream of the group. * I went looking for this group, based on certain ideals, saw the guidelines and knew it “fit” to what I wanted… the guidelines are pretty clear though and again, I have not touched them, this is what the group has always been about.

If your work has been deleted this week it is for this reason and this reason alone. Re-submission will 99.9% certainly lead to rejection (the 0.1% being if we did delete a work by complete accident.)

Thirdly? I would say “please head to the guidlelines section” but better still… I shall copy and paste it here, I think.

I shall put comments and suggested “tweaks” in here formatting did not work but as the group stands at present, these are the rules that have been in place since day 1 and even if there are “tweaks” there will be no major changes to these rules.


Please do NOT post the following:

  1. art that is not a photograph, nor manipulated images such as HDR.

I love paintings but there are too many works that start as a photograph, turn into a fake painting and some people are not quite honest about this… if a REAL painting blows us away it might be allowed in the future… for NOW though this is PHOTOGRAPHS ONLY

2011 Update: Rules have been relaxed for post processing but still HEAVY textures where you can no longer see the streetscape as it should be and bright bright HDR will be moderated on a work by work basis.

We have accepted some lightly manipulated works… light light HDR, selective colouring etc but anything more manipulated than what is in the group already will NOT be accepted.

  1. art depicting roads or waterways in a rural setting (Highway’s, country roads, etc.).

Groups for roads and waterways in general (to follow)
Groups for bridges
Groups for country roads, rural settings

  1. art focusing on single buildings.

PLENTY of groups for architecture… you will find them just by going to “groups” and searching “building”, “single building”, “facade”, "architecture etc.

  1. art focusing on a city/town as a whole rather than just one street.

Try city scapes
theme thursday feature friday

  1. art that is pure Street Photography (ie: focusing on a single person or object) will be rejected.

There is a group dedicated to street journalism.g

  1. as obvious as it sounds, portraiture is not a streetscape… enough said you would think, but a surprising number of people still try to slip in a portrait or family happy snap

There are also many groups for portraits…


OK…. Here are some examples, using my own work of what would and would not be OK here. All images are clickable so you can see the full picture


I stood in the street, took a photograph of what was in front of me…. encompassing the WHOLE STREET… including the road itself, as well as the buildings on both sides… you get the architecture/yellow buildings but you also get the road. There is nothing else in there to distract you from the fact that this is, quite simply, a StreetScape.


It’s a road, sure. WIth a mountain on one side and a sheer drop on the other…. Hmm… great for Which Way, great if there was a Mountain Roads group… NOT a streetscape though.


It’s a street, you can see all the houses along the street, getting a feel of what it looks like on the whole… there is a van in there which is OK but not the main point of the image… if anything it enhances the rural yet communal sense of the street IMO… while I was on one side, by a college, you could quite easily believe me if I did tell you that the whole street went on and on like this and looked the same on both sides…. it is, simply a streetscape. I wanted to encompass the look as a WHOLE.


It’s just a building on the side of a street…. while this is taken from what looks like the same sort of an angle, there is no hint of a street, no hint of life other than this pub… quite simply it is a shot of a semi rural pub outside a train station and pretty much looks like it. Fine for All About Pubs and images of “one single building on display” NOT OK for Streetscapes.


I stood on a bridge and wanted to capture all the street… including the road itself, the traffic AND the buildings on the side. That is what I did. This, while not being from street level is still a streetscape.


Taken from a hotel room in Asia this IS a streetscape…. I am my own worst critic of course and think it is not good enough for the group. If any of you submitted it, I would probably accept it!! (if it was better quality, I would DEFINITELY accept it)


Taken from a bridge (actually a moving train on a bridge) this is a ROAD scape…. I wanted to get the road, I wanted to get the snow and the buildings around it….

While it COULD go under a “possibly” rather than a “no” I personally do not think that it is of a good enough quality to nudge the “possibly” to a “yes”. Therefore I go with “no”. *If you want to push the boundaries a little into that oh so important Grey Area, it has to be outstanding. Outstanding does NOT mean HDR’ed/processed to the max, remember!!!


There are buildings and a road… the road in the image means that it has managed to turn the cityscape into a streetscape.


This one would probably be rejected, but on a very slight angle adjustment could have been accepted…

OK… in thumbnail this looks like just a building.
When opened you can see a building, a road, lights from some traffic zooming past (look closely haha, I was new to this lark) and on the right you can see an underground/subway/metro station….. you can also see beyond the main building, some curvature of the road, right into Coventry Street and some more buildings.

I would not expect this image to be accepted into Streetscapes as it is… I deliberately focused on the building and traffic… if I had turned slightly to my right, focused on the building, traffic and the other buildings beyond, I would have accepted it no question. This is one of those magic “grey areas”. Do not be offended if your image like this is NOT accepted but again, if you encompass a little more of the street as a whole, not have a clear focus on one thing, then try and see….



These are all CityScapes… water is not a street… it is… water. (exception: Venice I guess…. but again the image has to be awesome!!!) Birds Eye views of a city in general is NOT a streetscape. Birds eye view of just one street (as the example taken from a bridge) is.


SINGLE BUILDINGS even in wide angle like this!


STREET JOURNALISM/Photography or things just on the side of the road that caught your eye

No Portraits, flowers, trees, pets, focus on animals, fractals, blah blah blah…. seriously I doubt you need examples ;-)

We want you to enjoy yourselves here, we want you to be able to post your works and share them… but please remember that this group is called “streetscapes” and that is what we would like to see.

Thankyou for your time in reading this and for understanding that even if you have only ever submitted works as per guidelines that from time to time it is important to clarify things :-)

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Nice and clear, I like that :-) Now the test: I’m trying to see if the following of my portfolio would fit these rules or not (please see the full pictures, I was too lazy to chase the mini-images):
(hey, you did mention Venice)

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:-) Thankyou so much for replying and asking for examples…

OK first of all, ANY of these will be welcome in my other group :-P

2nd of all…

  2. Spring day in Poros… no, sorry, this is a beautiful image but is more of a “beach” or at least coastal image. While there is an element of road or path there, it is definitely not a streetscape.
  3. I would say yes but as you captured some “road” and there are buildings on both sides and yes I can see it is Venice so it is a canal… I would say for this one, I would let it in, after looking at the full size image… however I would probably check with Andee before I accepted similar shots.
  4. It looks like one that is in TTFF, whether it is this image or not, I cannot remember.. I think not… but for here, no, it is a bridge and waterway but not a streetscape.

Has this helped or made things more confusing?? :-)

Please anyone, if you have the same questions just ask, say this this or that and I shall answer in as much detail as possible as to why yes or why no. If I am not sure I shall check with Andee who will have the final say

Themis Themis 3088 posts

:-) Ah, yes, I knew you’d say ’it’s a waterway’, but in Venice that is the only way – that is the only way for motorised vehicles (buses, garbage collection, etc. – no wheels, though). As for Poros, it’s not a path, it’s the road – on other streets you have buildings on both sides, on this one you have them only on one side, but the sea side of the street looked prettier to me. If there were houses instead of boats and sea, would it have been acceptable? If you have houses on both sides, but the ‘street’ is liquid, where does that leave us? In a different group, I’m guessing :-)

I won’t add them here, no problem – I put them here just to show the many possible interpretations you’ll encounter – have fun untangling :-) and a good weekend

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As it focuses on the bridge and the waterway itself it would not really count as a city scape. I realise that there is an argument there so when I asked about Venice when I took on the co-hosting, there was a “no, but….” :-P

I see your point v Poros but from what I pictured and how I believe Andee sees it, is that the “crossover between Architecture and Cityscapes” would mean that there was more “life”.

That is why I tried to explain it through pictures… “if it looks like this then yes, if it looks like this then no” but you are right, there are still interpretations of what looks like what when it comes to art ;-)

DId I mention that all the images were awesome btw?! :-P Restaurant street will be welcome for sure when we open for business :-)

Themis Themis 3088 posts

:-) Thank you, you’re very kind, I’ll add it as soon as I notice you’re open again. And I agree with your points, actually – the only pictures that should give you trouble would be the Venice ones, because they use water as we use streets – their solid streets are only wide footpaths, no vehicles (and therefore very nice and quiet, no traffic noise of any kind – so eerie! – end of aside). The rest should be clear cut.

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Fair enough.

ellismorleyphto ellismorleyphto 6334 posts

I really need to get to Italy.. I keep saying that then keep ending up in SE Asia or the US or further… or North to my “soul home” of Scandinavia ;-)

I think Venice will have to go on a “Bubblemail me if you do not know why this was rejected, if it is not just a bridge or gondolier etc” basis…. and if there are too many then just say “no Venice at all”.

Philip, thankyou for stopping by and commenting :-D

Remember, if anyone else wants to do as Themis did and say what about this or that image, if you are in doubt or would like to offer your own examples for the yes and no thread, please do so! Better you ask now so that there is a clear idea of what the group “vision” is before it re-opens!


Talking of “Yes/No threads” I think that I shall add something like that to a forum away from this group message system… a pictorial yes or no…. then put a link to that on the group overview. It will be locked to replies but I can add stuff to it through the edit function if needed.

If anyone has an opinion on that, whether you think it will be really helpful, whether you think it is really lame/patronising or whether you would allow me to use examples of your work for the “yes” (or even the “no”!) section, let me know!! :-D

I really am so excited to be here and to get to know you… and hope that I can do Andee’s vision/dream proud :-)

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Thanks for posting that Joanne.. Once all gets into shape I’m sure the guidelines will be taking care of themself :)

RVogler RVogler 448 posts

Wow, you sure put a lot of time and thought into this – good job, it fully defines “Streetscape”. One of my photos of a street scene has been removed from the group and I understand why, so no problem :) Another photo has passed review and remains in the group – thanks, and again, I see why one image fits and the other does not. I admire your desire to stick to the rules, and do know it must be difficult at times for you to sort through the photos submitted. I appreciate your work as moderators, thanks for defining the group – I look forward to future images! :)


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Thank you so much, Regina for your support! I wrote this about this time last year… I went through to see if anything needed to be changed but thought that it was “about right”.

I have never rejected ANYTHING because it was bad quality, the work that comes through here is stunning most of the time and yes it is hard to stick to the group guidelines, I even considered changing them… but then thought, no I love this group so no, keep things going… there are some very borderline shots that I have accepted in the past but as of today (10th July 2011) I shall try to add why I DID accept work to the group if it is not obvious to everyone else!

I really appreciate you taking the time to come here and look at this thread!! :-D

If you, or indeed anyone, has any questions, my bubblemail is always open. Not always staffed, but always open :-P

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Ok, let me see… First off congrats on your new group:) Second, would this count as a streetscape, street photography, or both?

Guiness! Let’s go here first!
by Rene Fuller

Or this one: the street is just visible, but not really

Got Money?
by Rene Fuller

I guess you could use this as a NO. It’s a walkway in the grounds of the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai

The long walk…
by Rene Fuller

ellismorleyphto ellismorleyphto 6334 posts

Hi Rene :-)

Thank you for taking the time to ask and for providing the links.

Ok, I give a little more leeway to “borderline” shots now and if I DO accept something that others may query, I always add the reason to the acceptance banner :-P


Guiness… definitely OK, please submit it!!!

Got money….

Borderline… can see it’s the street without having the road there…. would accept it if you entered it into a challenge but would think about it if it’s actually in the group… AWESOME image though! Gonna be a FAVOURITE! :-P Love that it’s in HK and Macau group (thanks!)

UPDATE: Looked at it again… CAN see the street when viewed large so yes, I would accept it and add a comment with the banner to say that. :-D

The long walk…

Again, borderline. On my mood now I would probably accept it… on the grounds of fairness…. erm… I would probably keep it in the queue for weeks until I did decide to accept it or not… I think you summing it up as a walkway is probably a better one…. For the time being I would say no I guess… but I love it and wow I really love Sue’s painting of it! :-D

Rene Fuller Rene Fuller 783 posts

sue’s painting is great, isn’t it:)!? I love it just as much! But, yeah, it’s definetly not fair to accept it. It’s a scape, but not of a street:) And it wouldn’t be fair to you either. I get pictures like that sometimes where I try to think of a way to break the rules:).

I found another one that I am not sure of.

a view down Nathan Road
by Rene Fuller

Thx many loads for your faves, btw:)!

ellismorleyphto ellismorleyphto 6334 posts

Nathan Road… Perfect :-P

Wow I am REALLY missing HK at the moment… all the fares are just… well… unfair at the moment! at least £150 more than they were and that includes changing in Moscow and arriving 2 days after you leave… not bad for what is a 12 hour direct flight :-P

The times I have gone before have been on a REALLY good deal with Air New Zealand… not my favourite airline by a long shot but seemingly no longer on Expedia.

Ah well, I guess that lamentation is best for HKM group not here :-P

Quick thought to remember..,… road down the middle, check, buildings either side, check. Probably ok. Tunnel vision type effect as your eyes are drawn down the street is a bonus…. therefore that above photo is indeed great for the group :-D

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait