StreetArt - 2 in 24 hrs (Graffiti style art Or Murals in the street environment only please)

Group Rules:

1. StreetArt is defined as Graffiti or Mural Style Art found on the street or inside buildings. Mobile graffiti as applied to vehicles is cool too.
2. A maximum of 2 submissions in 24 hours.
3. Submissions must depict actual StreetArt found on the street or inside buildings. We wil reject work if we consider it has been digitally altered (other than simple white balance saturation etc), as we feel that adding textures, layers or special effects such as warping is not representing the artist, but altering their work HDR used moderately is OK too.
4. The LOCATION of the StreetArt must be included in the title or the description or the work will be rejected. If you know the identity of the Artist that’s even better, and we would ask that you put this information.
5. Images of statues and public art installations are not considered StreetArt and will be rejected.
6. No Buskers, mime artists, pavement artists or other performers.
7. Your hosts may consider and admit work in the StreetArt style which although maybe outside of the group guidelines is in their opinion, exceptional.
8. Sorry no clothing at this time.
9. Images of wall, waste bins or other items that have merely been defaced with spray paint are not considered StreetArt and will not be accepted.
10. There is no upper limit of images for any individual member but the group pages will be kept to around 100. Pages will be culled from the back, you are welcome to re-submit any work removed from the group due to page limiting – subject to the daily limit.
11. By joining the group you agree to the hosts using an image as an Avatar for any Group Challenges.
12. Hosts may enter challenges, but as always the votes will decide the result. Hosts do not select a winner, RB does that.
13. We do not condone or support vandalism or trespass in any form.
14. No snapshots please. Only your best work. We will reject out of focus, badly lit or otherwise pointless images.