CLOSED! StreetArt - 2 in 24 hrs (Graffiti style art Or Murals in the street environment only please)

Welcome to StreetArt!!

Recent Work

  • The Face2 at Port Adelaide by Dean Wiles
  • LOL by wiggyofipswich
  • Australiana on Weatherboard by Marilyn Harris
  • Amnesia by Marta Martinez
  • African diversity by iamelmana
  • Parallel World by Mythos57
  • Optariston, Rome Italy by Mythos57
  • CARD - F*ck I love you by forwardimages
  • Everything for everyone ..... until everything is finished by heinrich
  • We were given paradise by heinrich
  • Was kostet deine Seele (How much is your soul)? by heinrich
  • Elen in by Marta Martinez

About This Group

Welcome to StreetArt! (Graffiti style art Or Murals in the street environment.)

We are here to support StreetArt in all its glory In the Street environment!

Please read the Group Rules before submitting work.
In particular we only accept art that is physically located in the street environment, so we need to see an indication of LOCATION, either in your title or in the description of the image.

CONGRATULATIONS to Larry Davis as the winner of our Feb. StreetArt challenge, here. Larry’s image, Lucy, Lucy (3) won with 6 votes, rewarding Larry with a $20 RB Voucher. Well done, Larry!

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Membership of the group is by invite only.

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