All Street Portraiture (Humans only, candids, only photography!)

Group Rules:

Welcome to all street Portraiture
devoted to the Best IN STREET PORTRAITS.
Instead of our old list of guidelines, we’re replacing them with with this general philosophy

Please make sure that you only add photos to our group that have PEOPLE in focus!!! We´re not interested in shots that show people from far away or only parts of people, like legs…
The theme of this group is people on street. Everything else will be removed without comment.

Important change:
-It´s not necessary any more to add city and country to the photos.
-Please only submit candit shots of strangers on streets. People must be the main
subject on the photo.
-We are interested in faces and bodies, but not in bodyparts.
-No nudity please.
-If the people in your photos are too far away, this is not according to our rules.
-We are not interested in photos showing people from behind.
-Photos showing landscapes, streets, animals, without showing a person in the
center of the attention, will be rejected without giving an explanation.
-If we dislike photos, we feel free not to accept hem.
- Paitings or drawings will not be accepted.

Read the RULES here

  1. Older pages will be deleted from time to time to keep the group gallery small (50 pages), however you can resubmit if you like
    - And Most Importantly we THANK YOU for your work.. lets take some photos :)