All Countries ~ Wetlands, Ponds, Lakes and Rivers (1/24) HDR welcome

This group is focused on fine art photography of inland waterways.

Bleeding River, feel my pain!!!!!

This challenge closed almost 7 years ago.

The Challenge

This challenge is a little simpler than the others, please enter anything to do with Wetlands, Ponds, Lakes and Rivers.

or enter any thing you like, who cares, buses, trains, dogs, goats, food, in fact anything you like, i’ve seen it all.

The rules are simple, there are no rule coz you would ignore them if there were rule, here are some classic violations.
The image should be in the group = Dont bother ;-)
You should be a member = who cares ;-)
The image should relate to the group = who said so? ;-)
The horizon should be level = “i wasn’t at the time” ;-)
The image should relate to the group = I will slip in a beachscape and see if he notices ;-)
The challenge is only for vertical images (portrait orientation) = he wont notice if I slip in a landscape (horizontal orientation) along with the other 20 already deleted ;-)
and my fav
the last rule of all is, why are you reading the rules this far coz no one else is ;-)

Judging / Voting Criteria

vote for all the images regardless of them being good, credible, even vote for them in you don’t like them ;-0

Rewards & Prizes

There are no prizes for being this stupid. i could make up a special banner for the "CAN"T READ THE RULES FOR TOFFEE CHALLENGE"

Additional Information

If you have credible work, and you are a member of this group or any of my other groups, do NOT enter this challenge, the group just became invite only, this challenge will help me find all the people that steal my time, have fun ;-)

Cover Image: I wouldn't shoot it from that angle! by Ken Wright


The Top Ten

Mt. Shuksan Reflection by Barb White

Mt. Shuksan Reflection by Barb White was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 6 votes.

  • Bored by Bob Larson
  • Indian Summer by JHRphotoART
  • Laser Beam of light by Sharon Kavanagh
  • Rain Forest by Kerry  Hill
  • Ducks at dusk by Braedene
  • Sunlight On The Lake by SnowyOwl
  • Julius River nor west Tasmania , Australia by phillip wise
  • Glowing Reflections by Richard Williams
  • Spring In The rockie Mountains by Linda Miller Gesualdo

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