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Pay it forward

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A few years ago there was a movie called Pay It Forward, whereby a young boy did a favour for someone else, they inturn payed the favour onto 3 others who in turn did the same, and so on….

What I ask is that we cvan do the same on here. Is there an artist who’s work you really like, an image that is out of this world or gives you that feel good feeling.

I’ll start this experiment off:

Artists whom I love looking back through their works:

Alixzandra – Alix has wonderful works covering numerour genres

Philip Johnson – Philip is a master of landscape HDR (something I wish I could grasp)

Clive – I’m always envious of Clive’s sunset shots as for some reason I always check them with sat in my windowless office

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I’ve added this as a thread to the General Discussion section on the forum