Elegant Stained Glass

Group Rules:

Technically, stained glass is the particular form of leadlighting where the glass is not only coloured, but has art painted onto the glass and fused.
However, if this strict interpretation was used, we would miss the marvels of the Tiffany style and other pieces where the arrangement of the glass creates the picture or effect.
So leadlighting of high artistic quality is also welcome.

Your work should be
- in colour photography
- from the INSIDE for the light to show the colours
- an outstanding quality photo
- something unusual or distinctive that would appeal to enthusiasts
- somehow promotes the appreciation of stained glass
- The window should be the focus, not the building
- Clear & sharp
- your best work, so please be selective
- Please limit 2 images a day

Works do not require moderator approval, but if they don’t meet the guidelines, they may be removed.

The group also allows journals provided they are about stained glass or works posted to this group

Any queries or questions use the forums or bmail Anthony