Splatter, Smudge, Smear & Drip!

Group Rules:

please be aware this is a group for illustrators. For those artists who use splatters etc as ELEMENTS in their work. whether it be digitally created or by hand. we want the work to depict some subject or tell a story. Although we do accept some exceptionally striking abstracts, we don’t accept a lot of abtracts or traditional paintings. there are plenty of other groups on the bubble for that. no photos either sorry…unless it is one part of a greater illustration. we are dedicated to showcasing the splattery goodness of good, raw, contemporary illustration. if you are still unsure – just look at the featured work – THAT is the kind of art we are here to celebrate. FOR MORE DETAILED RULES SEE BELOW. thanks guys, have fun!


If your work is rejected, doesn’t necessarily mean we dislike the work.. it probably just doesn’t fit in with what we’re trying to portray in the group! So it will help everyone involved if we all read and abide by the rules! We certainly don’t like rejecting work but we also believe in our cause and want to keep the group true to what is was originally created to showcase!

    Every illustration submitted must feature a paint or ink-like splatter or drip element as part of the composition (inky smudges or smears are also accepted providing they appear to be created by ink or paint, and are a prominent feature of the design)
    – Paint & inky splatters & drips must be a prominent feature of the overall work

Please note this is not a group for works that have been created using just ink or paint as a medium – there are other groups dedicated to this. If the artwork doesnt prominently feature any splattery/drippy elements then it’s not for this group. :)

Elements can either be digitally generated or photographed, as long as the final work is more illustrative than photographic, and not just a straight painting :) If you want a good example of this just check out the work that’s been featured so far….they are great examples of what we are trying to capture here.

Like most groups, we want to maintain a high standard of work so ensure your image has a high degree of finish – overly garish, heavily filtered or purely abstract work probably won’t be accepted…

  • Please no overtly political or religious statements – there are loads of other groups dedicated to this

Also guys, please don’t submit multiple versions of one particular work… choose the one you feel is best and add away! Try to limit submissions to 3 per day if each of the works is significantly different, or 2 per day if the works are similar or part of a series. Thanks guys – HAPPY SPLATTERING! :)