Splatter, Smudge, Smear & Drip!

Dedicated to illustrations that feature paint or ink splatters, smudges, smears and/or drips as an illustration element. No photos or paintings (abstracts/still-life) please. Illustration should feature a clear subject and be highly visual and captivating


  • Indigo Flower Midnight by Nic Squirrell
  • Indigo Flower Mashup by Nic Squirrell
  • Wake Up by cadva
  • About Her by James McKenzie
  • Triple Stacked Skellington  by strangethingsA
  • Blue 2 by hannzoll
  • Sky by hannzoll
  • Everything Under the Sun by Jay Taylor
  • C is for Chompzilla by strangethingsA
  • Wisdom by cadva
  • gaze by lerson
  • Wild Tiger by fluffymafi
  • Butterfly Tango on White by Nic Squirrell
  • Butterfly Tango by Nic Squirrell
  • Secretly 9 by hannzoll
  • Landscape by hannzoll
  • Giraffe Dude by strangethingsA
  • Secretly 7.1 by hannzoll