No Sketches! No Black and White unless it's fantastic.

Recent Work

  • The breath of Guan Yin by KiVie
  • Waterfall by indiafrank
  • "Savanna Orange-Gold Mandala" by MarCanton
  • "Green Lemon Pattern Mandala Polka Dots" by MarCanton
  • Souvenir of lead. by KiVie
  • From the Avenue of Honour, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia by indiafrank
  • Zodiac Pisces by strijkdesign
  • ACIM~Lesson 168 by ACIM-LOVE
  • Archon, Reptilian Overlord by Stijn Van Elst
  • ACIM~Lesson 167 by ACIM-LOVE
  • "El Bosco fantasy, tropical island blue butterflies" by MarCanton
  • light your way by ururuty

About This Group

Group Opened 11/15/11

Accepting: Spiritual, Fantasy, Magic, Mystical Creatures, Vampires, Werewolfs,
Fairy Tales, Mermaids, Mythology, Aliens, Magical, Eerie, Strange and Sci-Fi.

Accepting: Digital Art, Photo Manipulations, Paintings, Colorful Water
Colors (Drawings & Sketches.)

No Black & White unless it’s fantastic shot. No Sepia.

Please do not be discouraged if your image is not accepted as we all view
things differently and there are to many images to be able to accept them all.

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Just a side note are more of a perk vs a rule.
Joining and or being an active member of this group means we have your permission to use your art as an avatar for challenges. (credit of image and linkage will be apart of it.)


Challenge Winners 5/10/12

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