Sony/Minolta Shooters 1/day [I Repeat 1 per Day]

Group Rules:

The Sony/Minolta Shooters group is here to showcase the great Sony Digital Camera range and those that use them. For this to happen the group will only accept the best quality pictures that you can produce. To help with choosing the best here are some rules that must be followed.

1. Shots Must be taken with a Sony Digital Still Camera or a Minolta Digital/35 mm Film Camera.
2. Camera Model Must be in the description (preferable on a single line easy to see).
3. Camera and lens settings should be in the description (this is to help other members).
4. One picture per day will be accepted (anymore and they are all rejected).
5. No snap shots, (eg back yard shots, pets, back sides of people or animals that don’t show faces).
6. No Frames, Rolled Paper effects, if it don’t look like part of the photograph, don’t add it.
7. No Multiple image shots
8. No Nudes, or Shots that should have the Safe Filter on.
9. Realistic looking HDR will be accepted (at the discretion of the Hosts).
10. Colour, Exposure, Effects are welcome as long as they are not over the top (at the discretion of the Hosts).

I hope you enjoy the group and it help you grow as a photographer.

Regards Puggs and Rene