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Juried Invitational Exhibition - April 2010

darkvampire darkvampire 152 posts

Still here if you’re interested.
by darkvampire

Digital – photo manipulation
stock credits for model, background, and textures are on image description page

The (re) birth of Venus; the re-awakening of lost youth; perennial desire; I’m sure others could be devised. It is what it is.

Lesley Williamson Lesley Williamson 219 posts

St Paul’s Tram
by Lesley Williamson

St Paul’s Cathedral, City Centre, Melbourne, Australia

Canon EOS 30D
Canon 18-55mm standard zoom @ 18mm
shutter speed: 2 seconds
ISO: 100

St Paul’s Cathedral, photographed with a slow shutter speed to blur passing cars, buses and a tram. Shot on a tripod in RAW format and converted into black and white in Photoshop CS3.

Lindie Allen Lindie Allen 37 posts

Orange stairs
by Lindie

Ruhr Museum in Essen, Germany

Sony A350
Sigma 17-35mm @ 20mm lens
Speed: 13s ( Tripod used )
ISO: 100

(No post processing or cropping done, everything was changed in camera)

This picture was taken at the Ruhr Museum in Essen, Germany. In one part of the building they have a set of stairs lit by orange lights. This is quite a contrast to the rest of the building which is a former coal washing plant.

Rhonda Strickland Rhonda Strickland 4084 posts

The History of the Bioluminoidal Fractalization Process
by restlessd

Digital – 4 fractals created in Apophysis 3D Hack
post-treated in PSCS2 using blending modes and layer masking.
Stock art credited at the image page.

The Bioluminoidal Fractalization Process is still under scientific exploration and until all data has been gathered and evaluated the information will remain unreleased.
Please rest assured that when the findings have been fully studied and well documented they will be revealed without delay.

I gaze out the window of my laboratory on Mt. Orajnemalik on a daily basis. I see these strange and beautiful new bio-ralullecular growths. I am continually amazed at the new ways the earth has started to rejuvenate itself on a molecular level. It’s as if an alien force beyond comprehension has taken over and begun to recreate the structure in the very essence of organisms.

One can only hope that is a rebirth with a promising new future and not a foreign entity causing this phenomena to occur for some reason other than this planets complete recovery from annilation brought on by it’s own inhabitants.

One can only hope.

Story by restlessd

Vitta Vitta 1033 posts

Pink Rose.
by Vitta

Nikon Coolpix L 20

I like Roses very much. I like Roses after rain. This image I make after rain.I want show beauty this flower.

Christian  Zammit Christian Zammit 393 posts

Red Shoes
by Christian Zammit

Good Friday events, Zebbug, Malta

Canon 400D
75-300mm at 140.00mm,
shutter speed 1/200sec

Photo was shot during Good Friday events of 2009 at Zebbug, Malta. It was a really hot day, a young lady, was not feeling so goos, and she fell on the floor, …they removed her shoes and gave her assitance. As I could give no further help, I took a snap shot of the shoes, whilst she was seated on a chair as she was feeling better.

I post-edited the photo, making the red more saturated, and using the levels for the “inverse” of the shoes, making all the rest darker and the shoes more as the subject.

All I want to say, that every occassion is good to shoot a good photo.

AlienVisitor AlienVisitor 685 posts

Contemplations of a New Tomorrow
by AlienVisitor

Digital – Artmatic Voyager and Artmatic Pro

Most of my work is dredged up from the depths of my mind, this image is no exception, it evolved after a number of days of inactivity, as I was reading a novel, it just popped out and slapped me.

No photography is used in its creation, for the most part my creations are completely computerized, I use two Macintosh programs Artmatic Voyager and Artmatic Pro to create the what I do.

I came to this art form very late in my life, and I seem to have a bottomless pit of Alien worlds I have to create.

Wendi Donaldson Laird Wendi Donaldso... 589 posts

Carpet of Sunshine
by Wendi Donaldson

Yorke Peninsula in South Australia

Canon EOS 50D
Sigma 10-20 f/4.0-5.6 @ 10mm
f/20, 1/30 sec, ISO 100
Center Weighted Average Metering
CP filter
RAW file converted

The colourful canola fields in Australia seem to explode throughout the countryside, field after field, creating magnificent carpets of sunshine. This one – with its incredible expanse of sky, was no exception.

Andrea Ida Rausch Andrea Ida Rausch 492 posts

Red Romance
by Andrea Ida Rausch

Digital Composing
made in Photo Impact

Passion and romance are so familiar to each other
Passion is red like the roses
Romance white and pure like the feather!
Together they give us the wings of a butterfly which can carry our spirit soaring through life…….
Passion as well as romance like to be expressed in words
because they belong to the best our heart has to offer.

Sally Green Sally Green 587 posts

by Sally Green

Digital – Photoshop using artist’s own photography

This is a combination of two photographs i have taken. One is the smoke you see inside the glass, the other is the glass (with liquid inside) and background etc. The glass was actually taken at a strange angle to get the effect!! (it was not manipulated in PS) Photoshop has however been used to combine the two images, create a border and desaturate the background. I have used a Canon ‘point and shoot’ compact camera, with all settings on Auto. The image (glass) was shot with only natural daylight coming from a window behind me, on a kitchen worktop. Smoke in a darkened room with about 8 decent shots out of about 500 taken.

Margaret Harris Margaret Harris 169 posts

The Kid
by Margaret Harris

Graphite drawing using graded pencils on Cocquille paper

This paper has a stiple surface and I used to use it all the time but they’ve stopped making it…I did all my graphite work on it and really miss it. The Kid is a portrait of “Jackie Coogan” who was in many silent films with “Charley Chaplin”…He was also in the Adam’s Family movie as “Uncle Fester” as a grown older man. I did this portrait for the contrast of light and shadow and it was 18″×30″…It was framed under glass with a white mat and black frame.

JAZ art JAZ art 1 post

Into the unknown…
by Jarrod Lees

Melbourne Deep Under Ground

Standard Camera settings.
Delayed Flash, 180 deg Hi def Fish eye lense.

Melbourne has one of the largest Under ground storm water systems in australia. So when draining season starts, (Summer) it becomes a urban photographers paradise!!!

Kevin McDowell Kevin McDowell 16 posts

Family Vibe
by Kevin McDowell

Mixed medium with various use of bold and vivid colors
on 140lb watercolor paper
9 × 12

Inspired by a photographic portrait of my self, wife and daughter.

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