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Maxy - Master of Ceremonies for the "Host Hullabaloo!"

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Maxy, from Rumney, New Hampshire, U.S.A., is the “MASTER OF CEREMONIES” for the January Host Hullabaloo!

  1. Maxy is “Honorary Host” of Solo Exhibition, from December 19 – January 31, 2010.

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Mushroom Magic!
by maxy
A Rose, sometimes is just…
by maxy
Wet and Wild
by maxy
A Programmer’s…
by maxy
Let me know what you’re…
by maxy
Lost in an old fashioned…
by maxy
These are all for you…
by maxy
Mystery of the changing…
by maxy
Just Breathe….
by maxy
Flowers for Daisy
by maxy
Not quite a dozen…..
by maxy
The Twelfth Rose
by maxy
maxy maxy 17347 posts

Welcome and what an exciting month too!

If you’re wondering where I’m from, if you take the state of New Hampshire, put it on a dart board, take a dart and hit a bulls eye – that’s the place! Rumney, NH is a quiet little town in the White Mountains. I live at the foot of Stinson Mt and both my husband and I have been blazing a trail to the summit from the south side. There’s a public trail on the easier north side, but since we live on the south side.. oh why not! Lots of cliffs…

If you want to know what it’s like I have a journal here that will give you some idea of what It’s like up here in NH and the things we experience on a daily basis.

Our deck these days seems to the hot spot in town! To date we’ve seen “on our deck” racoons, possums, chipmunks, squirrels (red and gray), bears – yup – and they’re BIG!, and at least 25 different varieties of birds ranging from hummingbirds, to blue jays, to finches of all types to doves, titmouses, chickadees, cardinals, buntings, starlings… the list goes on and on!

The images I have here though are not of NH scenes, but, instead of abstracts that I put together using some Redfield plugins, introduced to me by Leslie Battjes and a fractal generator called Incendia, introduced to me by Desirée Glanville (DevineDayDreams). Very inspirational artists!

These two images were featured in Volume 9 of Solo Magazine! I was so very very stunned and surprised and I received the New and Improved award! A huge thank you to Leslie Battjes here for introducing me to Redfield and their wonderful plugins!

Mushroom Magic by Maxy

This was a mushroom we found while hiking – it was huge and I just had to get a shot of the wonderful fins. Then I found Redfield and tried something new – it seemed to have the right direction I liked (diagonal) and just enough fins to make this work!

A Rose, sometimes is just a rose….. by Maxy

This was the most perfect rose I’d ever seen – before it was processed! Because it was so perfect looking, I saw another perfect candidate for fractalius! I’m finding that this plugin works best with images that are already beautiful by themselves to start with… (I’ve never posted the raw image)

New & Improved!

I found RedBubble when friend of mine Deegarra mentioned it… but I got a bit distracted at the time… lots of things happened, my mom died, then my husband’s mom died and then his dad died…. Then a little later on, I received an invitation from LJMaxx to join onto this site and join the group TPW where I was a member for several years (it’s down now..). I kept coming back here and completely overwhelmed with the talent, the groups, and especially the wonderful artworks from everywhere one could imagine.

Ever so thankful for it!!! Photography and Art for me is a release, it can make one come alive even on the dreariest days – it’s wicked fun – “AyeeeYup” as they say up here in NH!! Thank you so much!!! xx

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Wet and Wild by Maxy

This is one where I had already manipulated the lily and background to what I liked, and then later on found out about Redfield’s plugins – the one used here is the Water Ripples one where you can adjust and achieve a wave, a series of waves or an underwater effect. I found it fascinating to work with!

maxy maxy 17347 posts

A Programmer’s Thoughts…

Redfield – I love their plugins! This was created using a natural image that was just an ordinary scene I liked, (you can use any image that you might “see something else” in it, and combine it with a number of specific shapes), then these are blended together almost like a DNA splice using Redfield’s UMatrix where the result is quite fascinating and fun! The result can also be manipulated before compiling the final result.

I am a programmer/developer for Plymouth State University and often during a break-through while creating a new application my brain often feels like this! Okay…. now you’re looking inside my head whether or not you’re a shrink! lol!

Kim McClain Gregal Kim McClain Gr... 1018 posts

Wonderful collection Maxy! Congratulations and thanks for assisting!

maxy maxy 17347 posts

Thank you so much Kim! I’m still putting things up. Had to decide between actual scenes or abstracts and thought the abstracts would be fun! Glad you like the collection! I’m still catching up on things but hopefully all set tonight!

mariart mariart 1459 posts

such beautiful electric work, great exhibit

maxy maxy 17347 posts

Thank you Maria! This sure is fun! I’m still putting things up and sometimes it’s hard to decide which to display!

maxy maxy 17347 posts

Let me know what you’re dreaming by Maxy

For this, I took some paper-whites and decided to play with the water ripples.. and while doing it all kinds of thoughts came to mind of past times and past fun. That’s where I got the title – it just brought so many memories and dreams back while creating it – must have been the paper whites, a flower in dead of winter I sometimes grow during the winter months, just to have something fresh and alive.

maxy maxy 17347 posts

Lost in an old fashioned memory by Maxy

These (above) and the next several images were all done using Redfield’s plugins – thank you Leslie for introducing me to such wonderful options!!!

For many years I was told Hydrangeas just don’t grow well in this area…. Then at the University I began to notice that certain varieties were not only surviving .. but growing up here! So we got some and trying them in one of our front gardens. The wonderful blue (due to soil type ..) color was so bright sometimes I couldn’t believe this grew up here! I used Redfield’s Fractalius for this one using the rounded set and toning most of it down to get the effect I wanted..

I remember my Grandmother and parents every time I look at these – they always had them around their homes and often had cut ones on the table. Like big wonderful balls of flowers!!

maxy maxy 17347 posts

These are all for you mommy by Maxy

These are my grandsons Jesse and Storm! Ages 4 & 5… Well named too! This is based on a photo I took of them in their first experience in a beach/canoe (which they referred as Canoooon!… and, to them, every boat was some kind of Canooon…!)

It was so much fun with them and their first experience on the lake, – this is an image of them on the beach side playing in the shallow water of the lake. I used a combination of Redfield’s plugins to try to capture what this whole past summer, and family love, seemed to center around. Another time, we all went hiking, and they picked flowers I thought was for their mom – well, they were found, instead, in a cute little vase in my kitchen window! Gosh they are so cute!!!

maxy maxy 17347 posts

Mystery of the changing leaves by Maxy

Autumn up here can be really electric!!!! I mean REALLY electric! This year, especially the leaves, were all on fire! We had an extremely rainy summer with very few days of real sun. When fall started to show color, we thought the leaves would just fizzle – but no! They came on stronger than I’d ever seen! Redfield’s fractalius gave these ole beauties just enough shock for me, and the effect helped to bring it out as fresh and alive as possible! Working with these leaves was a blast!!!

maxy maxy 17347 posts

Flowers for Daisy by Maxy

DesirĂ©e Glanville inspired me into a world of wonderful fractals and some pretty gorgeous things that can be done with fractals… I thought about it and then decided to download and buy Incendia… a new adventure!

The first fractal I tried didn’t seem to look like much .. actually not much at all!!! I looked sidways, squinted my eyes, still it was just a funky looking sort-of blob… I thought… hmmm let it cook…. well.. er.. I let that puppy cook and cook… and cook… for at least 24hrs! I contacted Daisy and asked about it… she told me about the “stop” button! Best advice I ever got in a Loooong time!!!! I stop them now! Thank you Daisy!!!

This world of abstracts has changed so much! I love watching it happen. Like movies and like great animations that even make grumpy grownups cry in happiness.. it’s all fun! Anything that can make another smile is a-okay in my book… I’m finding that fractals are amazing objects that are such a blast to incorporate with other media. Some of the fractals, by themselves don’t look like much, yet others, are so incredibly beautiful… but, still, one would have to interpret sometimes what it actually is and if I create, say what I think is a horse… another person would look at it and say.. bird! So I’m finding that mixing them with other fractals, and natural images, seems to put the theme straight… well….. hmmmm… as straight as I can get it! lol!

maxy maxy 17347 posts

Just breathe by Maxy

This one is extra special. A couple of years ago I was very very sick at this time and wondering if I would ever get my life back again. My colleagues from work sent me the most magnificent bouquet, after quite a scary time, and in the center of this magnificent bouquet was the most beautiful yellow rose. I took many pictures of this rose, and then found the special macro I was hoping for. This is that one, enhanced with just a very light touch of Redfield’s fractalius – but only in the center, to further bring it out. The original of this was posted about a year ago, untouched, and didn’t look that much different. I just had to have a touch of fun with it and see where it goes!

maxy maxy 17347 posts

Not quite a dozen by Maxy

Oh my gosh fractals are sooo much fun!!! When I did these, I just had this vision of another pseudo-world, where people, plants, all objects, have some kind of definitive shape…. I guess in some worlds they do!!! As I was putting the roses together, I realized afterward, that I only had eleven roses in the vase! To fit in a twelfth one could have been done easy enough, but thought – oh heck let’s shake up the apple cart just a bit, and save that last rose! So eleven it was!

maxy maxy 17347 posts

The twelfth rose by Maxy

The Roses were fun, but I started something new here… or at least tried to … the fractal I was creating, definitely looked very, well, “octopus”… and so I cooked it and cooked it .. er… three days later, I gave up and started with other pieces to create what I imagined… had the rose from the 11 before roses.. then Redfield gave me a thought and oh yes – underwater for sure!

I took Redfield’s Water Ripples plugin, and created some layers, to help define depth, leaving the octopus’s body underwater, or seemingly underwater, as the legs slowly started emerging to the surface with the rose. The bubbles were fun – heck Rosy the Octopus was excited!!! This one was especially fun, even though the first time I did it – I had it just right… and then it wouldn’t save! I ended up with the most magnificently HUGE 67 megapixel disaster ever… lost that one entirely, and had to start again, and finally ended up with this! I liked this version better anyway!

This was featured in A Fractal A Day Keeps the Doctor Away and is right now the group avatar! Before that it was also featured in Redfield Plugins !

Anne-Marie Bokslag Anne-Marie Bok... 624 posts

Amazing collection Maxy! Congrats with the features!

maxy maxy 17347 posts

Thank you Anne-Marie! As tempting as it was to grab scenes and vistas – I thought I’d go this direction!

Diana-Lee Saville Diana-Lee Saville 740 posts

Wow Maxy…awesome work…lots of vivid colours!

maxy maxy 17347 posts

Thank you so much Diana-Lee! I do love working with color (and lots of it! lol!) So thrilled you stopped by! xx

Christian  Zammit Christian Zammit 465 posts

your abstract work is great!!

PhotosByG PhotosByG 1171 posts

Congratulations Maxy on being featured in the Host Hullabaloo for January. Wow, what an an amazing collection of work. Well done.

maxy maxy 17347 posts

@Christian – thank you! I wasn’t sure if abstract was the way to go but after diving in… I love doing it!

@PhotosbyG – thank you! So happy you like the collection! This is all so exciting! I’m seeing lots of incredible works in the other galleries too that will be featured all this next month! I love it!!

GiselaSchneider GiselaSchneider 1592 posts

Congratulations Maxy-Master of Ceremonies for the “Host Hullabaloo!” As I view your creations, I see an exciting burst of color wrapped with contrast. Your textures are soft and inviting to the viewer!! What wonderful works you are creating and a huge congratulations on being featured, so well deserved!!!

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