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#F.A. Moore – Frannie


F.A. Moore – Frannie, from Newport News, Virginia, U.S.A., hosts or co-hosts the following groups:

  1. Art Nouveau and the Arts & Crafts Movement (co-host)
    “Art Nouveau is characterised by it’s highly-stylised, flowing, curvilinear designs often incorporating floral and other plant-inspired motifs. The Art Nouveau period spanned the 1880s to 1914 and is closely aligned with the Arts and Crafts Movement.”
  1. Solo Exhibition (host)
    “The solo artist gets 12-20 works featured at once. Spotlight on you.”
  1. Southern United States Artists (host)
    “Fine Art in Traditional, Photographic, and Digital mediums from artists in the Southern U.S.”

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37048 posts

#Featured works

by F.A. Moore
The Answer
by F.A. Moore
The Choice – II
by F.A. Moore
Time to Fly
by F.A. Moore
The Deep Sleep
by F.A. Moore
Girl on Yellow Quilt
by F.A. Moore
Alice Still Lives Here
by F.A. Moore
Earth Mother
by F.A. Moore
Red on Amethyst and Opal
by F.A. Moore
by F.A. Moore
Balancing Act
by F.A. Moore
I Don’t Do Windows
by F.A. Moore

I am Frances Ann Moore Corpier (“F.A. Moore”), and am a self employed internet application
designer and developer, with a background in both science and design. I use my maiden name
for art and literature, and have kept my former, married name for other business.

If you were a teenager or young woman sometime between the early seventies to early eighties,
you have probably worn my clothing designs.

Published works include science papers, a book on the biblical Book of Hebrews, a Prayer
Journal, and fine art note cards.

I have exhibited in over 100-U.S. museums. However that was all part of one tour in 1975
of two textile pieces. These toured during my senior year at Auburn University and some
time after my graduation with a B.S. in Clothing and Textile Design. The invitational exhibition
was sponsored by the American Crafts Council. This was the beginning of museums’
great interest in textiles as collectable works of art. More on this is woven into the exhibit.

My current art focus is creating complex digital artworks, using skills honed on two decades
of Photoshop™ use for graphic design. I paint in oils, usually colorful works, in a somewhat
stylized realism.

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by F.A. Moore

Digital Fine Art
3335 × 5000 px @300 ppi
June 10, 2009

Women in most ancient and modern cultures and major religions are considered “life-givers”. Here, a beautiful
young woman is portrayed just as she teeters on the brink between innocence and her destiny, as “Life – Giver”.

Life-Giver was inspired by the model, Ilana Lu’s portrayal of herself. Her
face seemed so innocent and sweet in the photo I chose for this piece, while her other self-portraits portrayed more of
a savy young lady.

As I started to create the hat, she became almost a decorative project, meaning I wanted to dress
her like a doll. Inspired by Gustav Klimt’s mosaic’s, I created what I came to call my “life collage” and twisted and
turned it, and copy and pasted it multiple times to fit into the hat I had drawn.

I added flowers to the hat and painted a few perl drops here and there to tie it together, including over the tassels
that I attached to either side. The shell necklace is “hand strung” from one shell image cloned. The little wild flowers
seemed just right placed at her throat, at the center of the necklace, as if she had just come from stringing clover in
the field. A large shell was given a mosaic treatment and set as a clasp between the two visual frames. The shell
pattern is repeated not only in the necklace, but also in the background, where you may also see a hint of past or
future generations.

Created over 78 layers, multiple textured backgrounds and a framing technique make her pop of the page.
Life-Giver was the first image that I submitted to groups on RedBubble, and it garnered my first-ever feature. It got a
lot of attention at that time, and made many friends for me. For a long time, it was my most favorited image. Life-Giver
has had 6 features from the following groups: Dimensions (2009-July-03 ), Fantasy Art (2009-Jun-27),
Featured Features (2009-Jun-16), Core [C.O.R.E] (2009-Jun-13), Feminine Intent (2009-Jun-11), and
The Divine Feminine (2009-Jun-10). Life-Giver has 1182 views and 52 favorites between June 10, 2009 and January 12, 2010.

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#The Answer

The Answer
by F.A. Moore

Digital Fine Art
5000 × 7500 px @300ppi
Aug 2, 2009

“The Answer is often a matter of posing the right question.
Posing the right question is a result of understanding what you want.” —F.A. Moore

I present the representation of the question, a woman in obvious contemplation, straddling a thin line, and the
answer, represented by a looming face that seems to disappear into the background, like some spirit. I call
one “the Question”, and the other “the Answer”.

For me, the entity I call “the Answer” represents the inner conscious that probably already knows or can
work out the answer to our questions. Based on faith, experience, sensory input, logic, and knowledge, the
answer often comes in dreams. At least it does for me. So I represent it this way. I’ve dreamed everything
from poetry, to algorithms, to solutions to complex programming dilemmas. Maybe you are the same.

The Answer came together, significantly inspired by the stock art I regularly peruse and collect. Finding just
the right elements is a very important part of collage, whether it be a work on paper or, as in my case, digital. I
believe that it is a similar process that the photographer pursues, finding the right model, or subject, and just
the right light – a real element in a photographer’s image. And just as a photographer or painter is inspired by
the elements starting to come into place before him or her, I am inspired as I view potential elements for my
digital collages.

Tim Scullion’s Explosion of Color was the basis for my artwork “Other Skies”, which was then altered significantly
to produce the notable background for The Answer. milly-stock, Lisajen-stock, and B-SquaredStock were used
for models and textures, incorporated and altered over 65 total layers, in PS/E6.0/Mac.

The Answer has been featured by 5 groups: Color Me a Rainbow (2009-11-12), The Divine Feminine (2009-08-16),
Digital Artists United (2009-08-05), Core [C.O.R.E] (2009-08-03), and Vibration in Art and Verse – VAVoom! (2009-08-03).
It is my most popular work with 1179 views and 91 favorites between August 3, 2009 and January 12, 2010.

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#The Choice – II

The Choice – II
by F.A. Moore

Digital Fine Art
3335 × 5000 px @300ppi
June 17, 2009

“While man attempts to recreate his universe through science, emulating God; at the core, each of us struggles
with daily choices that eclipse logic. You have to wonder are choices of the heart logical or divinely inspired,
impetuous or practical, or do these rather define constraints of the mind? Should the heart always win over
thought process, or does one inform the other?” — F.A. Moore

The Choice II was influenced by the romantic “Pre-Raphaelite” and Arts and Crafts styles, which I’ve always
enjoyed. Once again, I was inspired while searching for elements, with no preconceived idea of the theme of the
work. When I found the image of “Tarzan”, things started coming together.

My “life collage”, in an embossed effect, was used in the background, with a love letter. You can see it more
clearly on the original dark version. Alas the dark version does not appear the same on RedBubble or even my
new computer as it does on the older computer on which it was created. I gave up on it when The Choice – II was
the obvious favorite among RedBubble artists.

The woman’s muses represent her thoughts turning toward them, even if just for a moment, as she considers
the consequences of her choice. An Iris pattern is overlaid on the lovers for a romantic touch, and they and the
skin of the man are burnished with the color of her hair.

The artwork uses elements from Gillian, LinzStock, Katanaz-Stock, B-SquaredStock, and mariastock,
and the public domain from which I referenced the muses.

The Choice – II has been featured in the following 5 groups: Dimensions (2009-Oct-25), Southern United States Artists
(2009-Jul-17), Impressionist Art (2009-Jul-05), PEACE, LOVE & TRANQUILITY (2009-Jun-26), and
The Divine Feminine (2009-Jun-20). The Choice – II is my second-most favorited image, with 1271 views and
73 favorites between June 20, 2009 and January 12, 2009.

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#Time to Fly

Time to Fly
by F.A. Moore

Digital Fine Art
3000×4500 px @300 ppi
PS/E6.0/Mac, brushwork over photo collage
September 28, 2009 (released 2009-Oct-11)

Time to Fly
Through dimming eyes, only beauty and Glory’s wonder do I see. My God is coming to take me.
Trinkets in the skies, jewels of Life’s longings, sparkle and sway. And still I beg for one more day.
“If I should die before I wake, please the Lord my soul to take….”
What else should I pray? What else should I say?
There’s more to consider when I die!
What do I take of me beyond…? Beyond here…Beyond the lovely…Beyond the beautiful…past home…
past lives…past …time…Am I…?
Goodbye! It’s time to fly!
—F.A. Moore, Oct 11, 2009

Time to Fly represents the moments before and during which our souls take flight from our body to new territory
(or perhaps not new, perhaps “home”). The clock represents TIME, which seems to define and hold us to a
particular space. The green-red grid represents the time grid, and, where over the body, represents the spirit
transforming within the time grid, as her human body dies.

Each galaxy, and even planet has their own TIME, different from one another, allowing time travel to be a
reality, and making it so that events seeming to occur millenia apart in our world, may actually have had their
catalyst only days apart in another.

Objects in her hair, represent some things she cherishes and is holding on to a bit, or that hold on to her, as
she releases her spirit. The leopard leaving the scene will represent different things to different people. I leave
it up to the viewer to interpret, according to what your inner conscience reveals to you. Ruth Palmer’s lines in
her abstract artworks
inspired my bolder use of overdrawing in
this piece. It reminds me of the capacitor and resistor diagrams I used to read as a child to put together analog
kits. But mainly, they are mindless shape-tracing doodles that remain only because I was pleased with the

I wrote the poem while uploading the artwork to RedBubble.

Developed within 63 layers in PS/E 6.0/Mac, the work incorporates elements from the stock of Marcus J. Ranum,
Remidica Stock, Tia Stock, and Fantasy Stock. Time to Fly has been featured by 7 groups: Image Writing (2009-Dec-01),
! Inspired Art ! (2009-Nov-10), Digital Brushstrokes (2009-Nov-07), Southern United States Artists (2009-Oct-19),
About Time (2009-Oct-17), Fantasy Fine Art Composites (2009-Oct-15), and Dimensions (2009-Oct-11) —
the most group features for one of my images, to date. The poem, also posted separately, was featured by
Vibration in Art and Verse – VAVoom! (2009-Oct-25). The artwork has had 1066 views and 69 favorites between
Oct 11, 2009 and January 12, 2010.

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#The Deep Sleep

The Deep Sleep
by F.A. Moore

Digital Fine Art
5000 × 3335 px @300ppi
August 12, 2009

The Deep Sleep
Reflections on what was and what is twinkle through the abyss.
They don’t look and don’t see that in The Deep lay she.
Water, be light. Ocean, be gentle. Cradle her slumbering shroud.
—F.A. Moore, August 12, 2009

The Deep Sleep, was named after what I seem to remember is an Italian Mafia term for death, as when concrete
is tied to the ankle and the body is dropped…Stuff of dreams. The painting represents the corpse of a daughter
of the Mediterranean village, reflected above. Sunken below the tranquil waters that flow around the quaint
villiage, her whereabouts is unknown. Yet, she is under their noses.

Although meant to be my half of an Exquisite Corpse game, that particular game did not play out, so you see
the whole of what I painted. Most viewers consider her to be dreaming, even though I intended her dead. They
consider the ocean above her sky. While I painted the red “lights” below her to represent her body’s decay,
and the turquoise “lights” above her, to represent her ascending spirit, viewers interpret these as petals, or,
along with the “village”, dream fragments. It shows how open art is to viewer-interpretation. This doesn’t bother
me, and, in fact, makes me smile.

Accompanying poetry was written on upload to RedBubble.

The 19 layers include stock by Odessa11stock, CAStock, and B_SquaredStock that was erased, altered, and painted over.

The Deep Sleep was featured by 1 group: Abstract Digital Art and Writing (2009-Aug-16).
With 863 views and 44 favorites between August 16, 2009 to January 12, 2010, The Deep Sleep remains at the top of my list
of personal favorites, despite not getting much notice from hosts.

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#Girl on Yellow Quilt

Girl on Yellow Quilt
by F.A. Moore

Digital Fine Art
PS/E1.0/Mac Digital brushwork, collage, and textures
5000 × 3350 px @300ppi
July 21, 2009

Girl on Yellow Quilt is a take-off from my “Rebirth of Venus”. More textures and effects were applied to “Rebirth…”,
until the quilt took on a yellow color that reminded me of one my great grandfather, a tailor from Bohemia,
had made.

The quilt is made up of my “Life collage”, turned into a pattern and used as an overall background, to which many
effects have been applied. As the life collage is made up of rectangles, these shapes became the quilt “squares”
(though not square). The sleeping girl and the flowers in her hair were over-painted to heighten the effect of a
hand-painted piece. Her dress was designed to match the (over-sized) orange-red Portulaca flowers in her hair.
With Rebirth of Venus and Girl on a Yellow Quilt, I discovered that painted highlights are far superior to the
highlights found in normal stock photography.

Approximately 52 layers incorporated works from FantasyStock for model reference (“Jody”) and orange Portulaca flower
reference, CAStock for white orchid reference, and xylofonflickan and Smoko-Stock for textures, plus my own “life collage”.

Girl on Yellow Quilt has been featured by 6 groups: Midnight Ramblers (2009-Aug-11), Impressionists Art (2009-Jul-28),
Sleeping Creatures (2009-Jul-24), Art Nouveau and Arts & Craft Movement (2009-Jul-24), Digital Brushstrokes (2009-Jul-24),
and Color Me a Rainbow – Orange (2009-Jul-23); and has had 530 views between July 21, 2009 and January 12, 2010.

I like this piece for its strong composition, extraordinary color, and feminine beauty. The story on my description
page of my great grandfather’s quilt is one which evokes similar memories for viewers.

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#Alice Still Lives Here

Alice Still Lives Here
by F.A. Moore

Part of the “Alice in Wonderland” series
Digital Fine Art
PS/E6.0/Mac, Corel Painter/E4.0
9000 × 6000 px @300ppi
December 31, 2009

Incorporating abstract painting, photo collage, manipulation, and brushwork, the work is the basis for a
Photoshop Tutorial series by the author.

Alice Still Lives Here has been featured in 5 groups: Digital Art Compilations (2010-01-13) Image Writing (2010-01-04),
Dimensions (2010-01-03), Inspired Art (2010-01-03), and Photo Manipulation of the Day in Photo Manipulators (2010-01-01).

The work has had 292 views and 24 favorites between December 31, 2009 and January 12, 2010.

More of the Alice in Wonderland Series

Please Ask Alice
by F.A. Moore

Part of the “Alice in Wonderland” series
Digital Fine Art
PS/E6.0/Mac, Corel Painter/E4.0
9000 × 6000 px @300ppi
December 31, 2009
Don’t Ask Alice
by F.A. Moore

Part of the “Alice in Wonderland” series
Digital Fine Art
PS/E6.0/Mac, Corel Painter/E4.0
9000 × 6000 px @300ppi
December 31, 2009
Alice’s Window
by F.A. Moore

Part of the “Alice in Wonderland” series
Digital Fine Art
PS/E6.0/Mac, Corel Painter/E4.0
3632 × 3632 px @300ppi
December 31, 2009

The series has had a total of 778 views and 58 favorites between December 31, 2009 and January 12, 2010.

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F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37048 posts

#Earth Mother

Earth Mother
by F.A. Moore

Digital Fine Art
PS/E1.0, Corel Painter/E4.0, PS/E6.0, Mac
Watercolor brushwork and collage, based on Abnoba, by F.A. Moore (June-2009).
Influence:Pre-Raphaelites and Arts and Crafts movement.
3600 × 3600 px @300ppi
January 2, 2010

Earth, as a habitat, requires nurturing to thrive. We are the only animal capable of taking responsibility for so many others.
As a collective body, human females are the “Earth Mother”.

The Earth Mother is not some spirit “out there”; rather it is us, individually and collectively.
See yourself in a beautiful new light.
—F.A. Moore

Earth Mother is a take-off from my “Abnoba”. The main character was painted with Watercolor brushes in
Corel Painter, and layered over the original. A different background texture was used, effects applied, and
the forest creatures were realigned for a closer crop. The work has a special light and depth, due to
compounded layering.

Earth Mother is 351 layers deep, compounding the 58 layers in the modified original work, and incorporating works from
mizzd-stock (model), FantasyStock, idnurse41, CAStock, LucieG,Dragonic-Stock, enchantedgal-stock, and wikipedia (public domain image).

Earth Mother has been featured by 1 group: Photo Manipulators; and has had 354 views and 38 favorites from January 2 – 12, 2010.

Earth Mother was derived from Abnoba, goddess of the Black Forest and Danube
which had 991 views and 22 favorites between June 24, 2009 and January 12, 2010.

Abnoba, goddess of the Black Forest and Danube
by F.A. Moore

Digital Fine Art – watercolor style
influenced by the Pre-Raphaelites and the Arts and Crafts movement
3335 × 5000 px @300ppi
June 23-24, 2009

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#Red on Amethyst and Opal

Red on Amethyst and Opal
by F.A. Moore

Digital Fine Art
Dimensions: 6000 × 6000 px @300ppi
Software: PS/E6, Corel Painter/E4, and PS/E1
Abstraction of various sections and elements of other original artworks by the artist
January 10, 2010

Red on Amethyst and Opal is a new work. From January 10 – 12, 2010, it has had 132 views, 13 favorites, and currently has 3 features:
Inspired Art (2010-01-13), Abstract Digital Art and Writing (2010-01-13), and Dimensions (2010-01-10).

With 110 total layers, including compounded layers from sections of other works, Red on Amethyst and Opal contains elements of
my artworks that incorporate more artworks that incorporated stock from B-Squared Stock and CAStock.

I believe that this is my finest abstract to date and like the direction it is going.

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by F.A. Moore

Digital Fine Art
3944 × 3068 @480ppi
June 27, 2009

Pronunciation: \i-ˈmər-zhən, -shən\; Function: noun; Date: 15th century

1) state of being plunged into something that surrounds or covers
2) complete submersion
3) absorbing involvement
4) extensive exposure to conditions pertinent to the object

Immersion += Full Life

While the model stock was from junk-paris-stock, other resources were my own artworks, Life-Giver,
Dear God, WHEN, Dream Shaman, Abnoba, goddess of the Black Forest and Danube, and The Choice.
Please see each of those for stock references.

Because 5 main organic components, themselves, are multilayered works, Immersion started out with 238 layers,
before any effects were added. A polarizer filter was used twice, with an intermediary rotation, for each of the 5
artworks, named. This turned each into a circle. These were subsequently layered on one another and altered,
until the “Immersion” was complete.

Immersion has been featured by 2 groups: Color Me a Rainbow (2009-Jul-09), and Abstrict Digital Art and Writing
(2009-Jun-29), and had 533 views between June 27, 2009 and January 12, 2010.

I like the depth of the piece, the fact that immersion will conjure up personal experiences to each individual, and
personally appreciate that it incorporates some of my favorite works. There’s an abstract quality to it; but then
there is this very realistic girl, straddling a diagonal red line, immersing her feet into this mix of swirling color.
Immersion is an oddly balanced piece, full of subtle contrasts.

A sample of the final layers is shown below.

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#Immersion components and layers

| Dear God When, polarized (40 layers) | Life-Giver, polarized (78 layers) | The Choice, polarized (48 layers) |

Abnoba, polarized (47 layers) Dream Shaman polarized-1 (19 layers) Dream Shaman polarized-2 (19 layers)

| L1 All components, screen 100% | L2 Red swirled pattern, normal 43% | L3 Checkered floor, lighten 100% |

L4 All components, color 19% L5 All components-2, color 60% L6 Female, luminosity 100%
L7 Yellow circle, softlight 59% L8 Red diagonal streek, overlay 94% L9 Yellow vertical streek, multiply 100%
Immersion bottom layers Immersion top layers (except sig./date)

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#Balancing Act

Balancing Act
by F.A. Moore

5000 × 5000 px @300ppi
Corel Painter/E4, PS/E6, (for Mac)
January 15, 2010 (republished Jan. 16)

In youth, it is irrelevant. In death, probably, relative.

In between, there’s not enough of it; When Time’s seconds make demands.

Pictures in pictures, abstract conjecture; Reality planned by mice and men.

But to the wasted ticks and wanted tocks — The universe seconds, “Waste not, want not”;

While I balance everything, but the checkbook.

—F.A. Moore, January 15, 2010

Balancing Act is 2 digital paintings in a painting. One of the paintings is the basis for Balancing Act, and is an abstract painted
in Corel Painter. The second painting, contained within the painting, is a smaller version of Balancing Act, itself. That painting,
of course, also contains, again, the same 2 paintings; one, which is the basis for Balancing Act, and one which is Balancing Act,
which contains again, 2 paintings, etc!!

The art uses stock from: tia-stock, and is a new work. It has been featured in 5 groups: Abstract Digital Art & Writing (2010-01-20),
Inspired Art (2010-01-20), Imaginative Skulls (2010-01-17), Vibration in Art and Verse – VAVoom! (2010-01-16), and ImageWriting (2010-01-16).
Balancing Act has 165 views between January 16 – 20, 2010.

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#I Don’t Do Windows

I Don’t Do Windows
by F.A. Moore

Digital Fine Art
PS/E1.0/Mac – photo montage, rough pastel and sumi-e styles
5000 × 3335 px @300ppi
June 20, 2009

The “sumi-e” effect reminds me of my pen and ink and watercolors; and it is used on each element in this piece.

I desaturated each color in the model, and lightened most of them, to achieve a softer,
washed color effect. Red was desaturated least.

The work incorporates stock from janejayne (the model), B-Squared Stock, and CAStock, has not yet been featured, and has only been viewed
175 times between June 20, 2009 and January 12, 2010.

Although overshadowed by its predecessor, Sanctum, I Don’t Do Windows seems to me to be a better work in some ways; and so I’ve placed it in this exhibit.

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#The Making of the Black and White Room for I Don’t Do Windows

Components — purposely made very small and very low-resolution for this show-and-tell
| janejayne | B-Squared Stock | CAStock |
| | | |

The window was desaturated to Black and White, the model was desaturated, and the floor was cut away from it’s “room”
and used not only for the floor, but transformed for each of the multiple curtains.

PS/E1.0/Mac’s transform tool could twist any shape across itself. PS/E6.0/Mac, my current version DROPPED
that feature, just as they dropped the airbrush eraser. The Black and White room, used for both “Sanctum” and
“I Don’t Do Windows”, and the basis for a number of backgrounds in my art, was created solely in PS/E1.0/Mac.

Layers — 1 – 23

L1-5 b&w floor, windows, drawn baseboard
re:L3 dupe floor, overlay 100% to brighten
L6-7 baseboard overlay and top
re:L6 wt rect, luminousity 60% whitens baseboard
L8-10 rt-top curtain shadows
and reflection in floor

re:L10 dupe floor transform to curtain
re:L8 dupe L10, rotate, normal 34% – reflection on floor
re:L9 jaynes head shadow, multiply 100%
L11-12 jayne’s shadow and reflection
re:L11 – reflection, saturated jayne, normal 58%
re:L12 – shadow, normal 100%
L13-14 jayne sumie-e effect
re:L13 – jayne desaturated, pen and ink applied
re:L14 – dupe L15, blur, multiply 63%
L15-16 TR (top-right) curtain, shadow for TL2 curtain
re:L16 – dupe L17, blur, multiply 48%
L17-18 TL2 (top-left) curtain and small curtan shadow
re:L18 – dupe L19, TL (small) curtain shadow, multiply 63%
(note: see shadow to left of her raised left arm)
L19-20 TL curtain and shadow of TC (top center) curtain
re:L20 – dupe L21, twist perspective, blur, multiply 77%
(L20 label wasn’t updated, and still displays ’multiply-55")
L21-22 TC curtain and of LL reflection on floor
re:L22 – dupe of L23, overlay 47% for reflection on floor
of LL (lower-left) curtain
L23 LL (lower left curtain), and finished
re: I put the right curtain behind Jayne, rather than in front of her,
as shown in the B & W room. Ink was also applied to the curtains.
Black and White Room
Layers – bottom layers Layers – middle layers Layers – top layers
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#What is it about Milly?

What is it about Milly?
by F.A. Moore

Digital Fine Art
PS/E6.0/Mac collage, detail, and brushstroke
4000 × 4000 px @300 ppi
Oct 6, 2009

Sometimes there’s something about someone that you know is special. You can’t put your finger on it.
The gender doesn’t matter. Sometimes the age doesn’t matter. “What is it about Milly?” explores
the wonder of that indescribable “something”.

The work incorporates stock from milly-stock, for the model and inspiration for the title.

What is it about Milly? has been featured in 2 groups: Digital Brushstrokes (2009-10-09) and Pathway to the Soul (2009-10-07).
The work has had 823 views and 61 favorites between October 6, 2009 and January 12, 2010.

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#Postcard from France

Postcard from France
by F.A. Moore

Digital Fine Art
Corel Painter/E4, PS/E6, Mac
Original abstract digital painting created in Painter composited in PS/E
3600 × 3600 px @300ppi
January 4, 2010

This work uses other of my artworks in a scene. The other works used are Precious (appearing as the paperweight, top-left), an
unpublished variation of Rebirth of Venus, that, along with a script overlay, comprises the postcard, and the basis for Red Soul
(appearing as the colorful and influential overlay and underlay).

The work, being a composite of 3 of my other artworks, one of which itself is a composite, incorporates stock
used from: FantasyStock, CAStock, xylofonflickan, Smoko-Stock, and B-Squared Stock.

Postcard from France has been featured in 2 groups: Inspired Art (2010-01-11) and Dimensions (2010-01-06).
The work has had 172 views between January 4 – 12, 2010.

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