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Inside Solo, vol 7 (2009-08-29) (locked)

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Saturday August 29, 2009

Editor: F.A. Moore

Today’s issue highlights recent shows and exploits of Solo Exhibition members, plus features one or more artworks of eight (8) artists, including 1 mini-feature. Tom Sena’s Solo Exhibition starts on Monday, with an open-forum reception all day Monday! This is a little different format. In the past, we set aside two (2) hours for live interaction. The lineup for all September shows is repeated in this issue! Once again, there are some new groups to consider, more challenges, and all important tips and tutorial links!

Please drop a notice for group challenges, personal exhibitions, and other news to Inside Solo – submissions.

Enjoy this seventh weekly issue of Inside Solo!


Hooray! Looks like Cate Townsend has a buyer for Ophelia 9…., from her exhibition! Cate’s inclusion in The Lake Russell Gallery, NSW, Australia exhibition, ending this weekend, was featured in vol. 5 of Inside Solo. Cate reported that someone made a deposit on this 6’2" “life-size” painting. Cate attends art school and is studying and creating art with a passion
Ophelia 9….
by Cate Townsend
Diana-Lee Saville, a new member to Solo, who came to us after reading the last issue of “Inside Solo”: magazine, was one of just 3 winners, Wednesday, in a Red Bubble community challenge to produce a journal about your work process. Here’s Diana’s winning journal.

Once you read her process, though, you MUST SEE her Rocky, the Rocking Horse series, where she introduces Rocky to her coral of real horses. The series of photos in the sidebar will brighten your day! To the left, just one of them.

Home Page Features
Sun, Aug 23, 2009
| |
Mon, Aug 24, 2009
| |

Congratulations to Anita and Mary Ann!

New Groups worth a look
One of the following new groups is co-hosted by two Solo members, named and linked.
Let’s network!
| | Eagles Only | Photography of Eagles (any species) Only |
| | Visual Artists of Green Valley. Solo members,
Linda Sparks and Linda Gregory are co-hosts. | Promote visual arts of residents of
Green Valley, Arizona, U.S.A. |
| | Immortal Love. | Supernatural being and mortals engaged in
primordial force of love. Safety filters. |


  1. Fine Arts Influenced By Literature, Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
    Closing within 24 hours of Publication!
  2. HALLOWEEN, DARKSHINES challenge for your darkest pieces
  3. Working Dogs (Herding), Australian Shepherds
  4. HORRORAMA, Movie Blast-o-Rama
  5. Fantasy Fine Art Composites, "Fantasy Fine Art Challenge ": Must tell a story!


Monday and all next week!

Tom Sena expresses the vibrancy of love, life, and times in his exciting inkrub technique, overdrawn with pastels, white conte, and graphite; on a variety of paper, including watercolor, composition, and kraft paper; and collaged newspaper.

Although his unique style and coloring, alone, is eye-catching, Sena’s subjects: iconic movie stars, skate and surf boarders, break dancers, and DJ’s, are composed to thrill. His art makes you feel like you’re right there, laughing, applauding, moving, racing.

Sena’s original works on paper range from medium size 8 × 10 in. (20.3 × 25.4 cm) to large 40 × 32 in. (101.6 × 81.3 cm), and are available as prints at Red Bubble. The New York artist, residing in the U.S., is currently teaching art in High School.

Solo Exhibition is proud to feature twelve (12) of Tom Sena’s works in its “Featured Works” gallery on, Monday, August 31st, through Sunday, September 6th, 2009.

Members and the public are invited to an open house reception for Tom all day Monday, August 31st, in the forum. Please drop by Solo Exhibition to join others in congratulating Tom on his exhibit. Do Wander around to experience more of his exciting work hanging on the “walls” of the reception gallery. Tom Sena will be available during the open house for questions and chat. Plenty of coffee, tea, wine, champagne, and soda, plus muffins, and desserts will be on hand to sip and snack on as you browse.

This week starts a new format of artists receptions as open forum, much like an open house, all day Monday, the opening day of the exhibit. The reception will also be relabeled as the permanent gallery at the end of the week-long show. Please treat it as an open house on Monday and stop in to greet Tom, ask questions, and visit more of his exciting work!

For September, Solo Exhibition is pleased to feature the following artists:
| Aug 31-Sep 6 | | Tom Sena (Tsena74)
New York, U.S. | contemporary chalk, inkroller, photo-transfer |
| Sep 7-13 | | Jan Piller
Plattsville, Canada | photography |
| Sep 14-20 | | Vasile Stan
Toronto, Canada | abstract digital art |
| Sep 21-27 | | Amanda Rae
Lochboisdale South Uist, U.K. | contemporary, environmental sculpture |
| Sep 28-Oct 4 | | Ruth Palmer
Calgary, Canada | contemporary acrylic paintings |


Artists and Works of Note

DO YOU KNOW THIS MAN? You’ve seen Daniel Barrie’s digital art featured here before. In fact in the vol 5 issue of Inside Solo, I gave Barrie a mini-feature and described him as a “rising star”. But have you ever seen him like this!?

9 In 83 is so named for the nine (9) hours of sleep Barrie got over eighty-three (83) hours. He uploaded this outrageous photo just after his presentation on Modernism and Photography (to his University class). It’s a great addition to Solo Exhibition’s gallery, for its humor and definition of an artist’s and student’s lifestyle.
  9 In 83
by Daniel Barrie

photograph D90 18-105, self-portrait

Izzybeth is enchanting. Her works are enchanting. And shouldn’t they be, since she started out her artistic life, filling a cottage with characters and stories, while sitting beneath a tree. The cottage and tree were in a painting, hanging on the wall of her home.

I was pleased to accept Hispanic Jumbo into the Solo Exhibition Gallery, a color pencil rendering, with Hispanic motifs and strong graphic appeal.

The sweetness of a child exploring her world lingers in much of Izzy Beth’s art, enticing the child in you to come play. Below is one of her altered art pieces, Ophelia’s and Emily’s Eggs, inspired by John Everett Milias’ Ophelia.
Hispanic Jumbo
by izzybeth

Color Pencil
Ophelia’s and Emily’s Eggs
by izzybeth

Mixed media acrylic, sealing wax, collage

Ming Myaskovsky captures feminine and spiritual beauty in acrylic. Her art has a classical feel and speaks for itself. Ming is especially adept with Sumi Ink. There’s little more alluring than when her figurative line defines the space and flesh of a “Ming” beauty.
  Chasing The Rain
by Ming Myaskovsky

16 in. × 24 in. Acrylic and Sumi Ink, self-portrait
by Ming Myaskovsky

18 in. × 24 in. Acrylic
by Ming Myaskovsky

24 in. × 24 in. Acrylic

Colleen Milburn is straight out of a futuristic digital time warp. But the time is now! Have mobile phone; Will travel! Living in Bendigo, Australia, Colleen turns to Adobe Photoshop CS4 to turn her mobile phone captures into fanciful digital artworks. The Road, in Solo Exhibition’s gallery, exemplifies her work.
  The road
by Colleen Milburn

2MP images with Motorazr V9 mobile phone, Photoshop editing

Martin, or ‘cobbybrook’ of the town of Silsden in West Yorkshire, England— the same town that grew the world’s largest onion, at 10 lb 14 oz (4.9 kg)— works in wet on wet acrylics, and prefers to produce each piece at one sitting.

Bolton Abbey, right, exemplifies an apparent bold, simplicity of style. However, click on the image and, over on the page, read our own Scott Naismith’s professional comments on the balance of this piece and how he believes it was achieved. The conversation there between Martin and Scott is enlightening!

And, no; I have not determined a way to tie the onion story into the art description.
  Bolton Abbey
by cobbybrook

50cm x 50cm Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas

Maria Paterson’s symbolic narratives are most often rendered in pastels or oils. Whether it be exotic interiors, landscapes, or circus children, as three boys, left; Paterson’s work transports you to that moment and place.

Speaking of moment; it’s closing in on the last of summer here in the states. Paterson’s choice pastel is a great addition to the Solo Exhibition gallery: surfing at byron, below, left.
three boys
by Maria Paterson

35cm x 55cm pastel on mi tiente paper board
surfing at byron
by Maria Paterson

55cm x 75cm figurative pastel

Coming home
by Sebastiaan Koenen

about 40×30 cm or 16 by 12 inches Indian ink on Studio Art 160Gr/m2 sketchpaper
Sebastiaan Koenen’s pen and ink, Coming home, is so spooky, it’s probably not for small children’s eyes. However, you may want to soak up the detail in this large view, with your own. Artists of Sebastiaan’s caliber are a treat for those who love the detail of traditional drawing. I’m pleased to have some of his finest drawings in the gallery. Look for more in the future from Sebastiaan Koenen from Hoorn (north of Amsterdam), in The Netherlands. Hoorn, an old town, founded in 716, was the home of the famous Dutch East India Company. Cape Horn (Kaap Hoorn), South America, was named for the town by a Dutch explorer.

| Since we started the features on a humorous note; it’s appropriate to end on one, too. Alex Cearns of Houndstooth Studios has caught a baby swan (a “cygnet”) talking to itself; or rather to a nearby leaf. Her image is aptly titled like a fairy tale, The Cygnet and the Leaf, right.
|   | The Cygnet and the leaf
by Alex Cearns, Houndstooth Studio

Canon 5D and 100-400mm lens @ 400mm, f5.6, ISO 640, 1/4000th sec, handheld. As is.
| Cearns, residing in North Perth, Australia, is the official photographer for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Western Australia (RSPCA WA). A woman on a mission, she donates proceeds from all RSPCA images to the RSPCA WA. Note Izzy Pup, center right photo, is an image of a friend’s dog, and an award winner. | |
|   | Izzy Pup
by Alex Cearns, Houndstooth Studio

Canon 5D, 70-300mm lens, f5.6, ISO 200, 1/250th sec, handheld.
Outside using natural light with a black backdrop behind.
| The plight of the wombats in Australia’s ever-increasing populated areas is rather serious. Mothers are left as road-kill, often with babies still in their pouches. That’s how this little guy was rescued. Click the image over to Alex Cearns’ Houndstooth Studio art page, to learn its story. | |
|   | ^The Wombat & The Caregiver
by Alex Cearns, Houndstooth Studio

^ |


Free Textures by Color – Commercial use OK

Celebrating this week’s Solo artist, Tom Sena’s, various medium:
Conte Crayon – How to Draw Clear Glass
Conte Crayon – How to Draw a Human Mouth
Conte Crayon – How to Draw a Cat Portrait
Conte Crayon – How to Draw the Eye Video
Ink Brayer – How to use a Brayer
Block Print – How to Block Print Fabric

Photoshop – Guide to Making a Photo T-shirt by Diana Lee Saville
Photoshop – How to Create Vampire Skin
Photoshop – How to Create Never-Ending Stairs
Photoshop/Elements/Gimp – How to Depixelate Low Resolution Objects, by F.A. Moore
Photoshop/Elements/Gimp – How to Add/Blend Cat Hair, by F.A. Moore

Quickie Tutorial

How To Change Image For Your Artwork and Keep Your Comments
by F.A. Moore



3— CLICK “CHOOSE” OR “FILE” BUTTON (shown, on a MAC).




Inside Solo is a weekly magazine for members of Solo Exhibition group of Red Bubble. It features news, artworks, and information of interests to members, and is copyright 2009, F.A. Moore-Corpier. The creators of the artworks shown are the sole copyright holders of the respective artworks, which are used here by permission.

Naomi  O'Connor Naomi O'Connor 46 posts

Wow…this was a great read! Congratulations to all featured artists especially my online friend Ming. Well done Ming – well deserved! A big thanks to Tom for his tutorials .
Cheers Naomi

linaji linaji 6263 posts


Diana-Lee Saville Diana-Lee Saville 740 posts

This is great FA…you put so much time and work into this!! :))

GiselaSchneider GiselaSchneider 1592 posts

thanks so much for the great info and artists,appreciated!!

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37029 posts

Hi, early birds! Naomi, I know Ming will love reading your shout out! Doesn’t her art look beautiful here. Now those are not Tom’s tutorials. But because Tom Sena uses Conte, I searched and found some conte tutorials to tie in. Once you see his exhibit, you’ll know why. It will make you want to play!

Lina, thanks!

Diane Lee, so excited to include your RB challenge-win story AND your tutorial as features. You’re double-featured! And new to Solo! Congrats! and Welcome.

Quinn000 Quinn000 306 posts

Another informative and awesome edition full of wonderous art! Congrats to you Fran! :-)

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37029 posts

Gisela, welcome! You’re one of our newest members to Solo Exhibition and already getting right into the swing of things. Great!! This magazine comes out weekly. Some of the other issues have international calls to artists. Those links are still good, as most of the deadlines have probably not passed, yet. I’ll pick back up on those features over the next few issues. Worth a look at some back issues. :)

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37029 posts

Hi, Gina! Have you been able to even move around in Cape Cod this week? (With Ted Kennedy’s passing…) Thanks for taking time to read and comment on this new issue Gina!

Daniel  Barrie Daniel Barrie 64 posts

Wow, this is a really good Vol. excellent work Fran, a piece of art in its self.

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37029 posts

You’re the work of Art, Daniel. If there was a cover, you surely would have been on it.
I couldn’t help giggling at your wonderful photograph, as I was laying this out. It set the tone.

Thank you!

Christian  Zammit Christian Zammit 465 posts

Well done!! Nice works…..especially the art and the DOG!!!

Darvek Darvek 3 posts

Ming’s work looks great ! Brilliant colours!

Mariska Mariska 330 posts

Thank you Frannie for your great job , awesome info and tutorials, wow… ! Congratulations for the fellow artists!! Have a nice Sunday!!

Richard Sunderland Richard Sunder... 1298 posts

Great collection of work, love the relationships between the images, congratulations to all featured artists, thank you Frannie for bring them to our attention.

robpixaday robpixaday 3064 posts

This edition is bursting with fabulosity!!!!!!!! I’ve bookmarked all the tutorials, will try them asap. MANY THANKS!!

As always, the art by RedBubble members is stunning…fascinating…wonderful and HUMBLING!!!!!!
What a terrific publication, Frannie!!
CONGRATS to all the people featured!!!!!!!!!!!!

Colleen Milburn Colleen Milburn 5810 posts

I’m so thrilled and humbled at being featured, Frannie – thank you so very much!!! Beautifully put-together edition :-D

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37029 posts

Hi, Christian, Darvek, Mariska, Richard, Robin, and Colleen! Happy Sunday to you all. So glad you are enjoying the issue.

Darvek, indeed, Ming’s work is beyond lovely and I’m so excited to present a few of her pieces here to entice everyone’s interest in her art; especially if they don’t know her yet.

And the same goes with the others featured. Colleen, I can’t imagine being so creative with a mobile phone, as you are. A jaunt through your portfolio is a “’trip”— a fun one, at that. :)

Sebastiaan Koenen Sebastiaan Koenen 16 posts

You really spend time on the artists in these issues Frannie. Because I am surprised and honored to be between the nice drawings, photos and animals above…. thanx Frannie! By the way, the wombat looks great to raise in my house so it won’t become a victim of roadkill although I doubt it’s grassy enough here….

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37029 posts

Sebastiaan, so good to see you here. Your art is something to shout about. But this piece in particular, with its huge level of detail and surprise, I am so happy to feature in the magazine, as an introduction to your portfolio.

It was a pleasure learning a little about Hoorn, your home town. It has such history. That must be inspiring.

Hmm, you might talk to Alex, the photographer of the wombat. I think they are native to Australia. Probably wouldn’t ship them to The Netherlands. ;) I fell in love with the little guy, too. Alex’s story was pretty alarming about how so many are falling prey to cars. He’s suggesting that if an Australian sees one along side the road (recently run over, obviously), they should check the pouch for live babies. :-|

Sebastiaan Koenen Sebastiaan Koenen 16 posts

Thanx Frannie, that’s nice. I have to admit I also like this drawing and have stored it carefully with a few others. Furthermore it’s sometimes curious to see that my vision on ‘end results’ isn’t too far from that of many artists on Redbubble; the pieces I have the most confidence in are not seldom appreciated the most.
Surprises with a limited physical reaction are fun to hide in your work. Because interesting feedback might be like a surprise to the creator I’m often pleased to see someone discovers something. Details may be seen in that view also and aren’t necessary ‘everywhere’. I feel it’s the balance where it all goes about at the end.

Well Hoorn has indeed quite some history. As you brought up there was the V.O.C. or ‘Verenigd Oostindische Compagnie’ (an abbreviation for Joint East-Indian Company). At least, one of the ‘chambers’ was located over here. The town shows some resemblance with the nearby ‘Enkhuizen’, one of the few important medieval cities in this area, a bit north of Hoorn. It was the inspiration you mentioned that made me write a thesis about similarities and differences within development processes on urban, economical and defence level. Very interesting and a lot to read about those two towns but I silted up in huge piles of paper. Have some very interesting old city drawings which I used and shall upload one or two on RB soon. They’re more than 400 years old and it’s great to see how detailed, well drawn and well colored some of them were.
Nowadays you can feel much of the past when walking through the center of Hoorn. When you ever visit the Netherlands it could be an interesting visit, together with Enkhuizen, Amsterdam and maybe Volendam haha. I was actually born in ‘Wognum’ by the way; that’s about 10 kilometers to the north of Hoorn and is a small village of circa 5000 inhabitants.

I shall add Alex to my list and ask him about the wombats. It’s sad to hear about the bad influence of people there. Have to admit it’s everywhere. Just a few hours ago I was biking and a big passenger bus had to stop instantly. I turned my head and in the twilight I could just see a tiny hedgehog quickly dribbling away in front of the huge tires…

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37029 posts

Sebastiaan, what a fun post to read! I’m glad to know that Coming Home is one of your favorite drawings, too. 400 year old, detailed city drawings. Wow. Were they in a museum or library? I would think it would take a lot to get your hands on those. Amazing to be near a medieval city. Your thesis sounds interesting! Oh gee, I hope you meant that the little hedgehog made it. At least the driver tried to prevent it. (Please don’t tell me if he didn’t; I’ll have to hold my ears and squint my eyes closed….:)

You might like this image and story I saw tonight, from Melinda Page, someone on my watchlist. Ever Feel Like You’re Being Watched. :)

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