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SoJie 19

Ana CB Studio Ana CB Studio 214 posts

The Ballerina ∗ Wall Art
by AnaCBStudio

Digital Art

Medium: Digital Painting
Software: Painter

lamiel lamiel 2595 posts

Wet Fun
by lamiel

Photographic Art

f5.6, ISO 100, 1/640 Photoshop, Nik Colorefex, Nik Silverefex

…in recognition of capturing
“Play like you mean it”!
Freda Surgenor Freda Surgenor 197 posts

Red ribbons
by Freda Surgenor

Traditional Art

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
57 × 160 cm

I enjoyed doing this painting as it is of a child swimming and having fun in the hot summer sun.
I loved the play of light on both the figure and in the water with the distortions caused by the ripples.
To me, it is a symbol of Australian Summer where locals head for the water to cool off and enjoy themselves.

Randy Monteith Randy Monteith 203 posts

Bleeding to be Born
by Randy Monteith

Digital Art

PhotoShop CS5
Stock used, credits on image page.

Komang Komang 75 posts

World Of Sand
by Komang

Photographic Art

Ell-on-Wheels Ell-on-Wheels 1950 posts

With love from Bode, sealed with a kiss …
by Ell-on-Wheels

Photographic Art

Canon 50D, 50mm f1.8 – Bode Museum, Berlin, 2011
Tv 1/640, Av 2.8, ISO 100, auto white balance, jpeg shot with in-camera mono function – unedited aside from small trim

Capturing people being people – one of two fave ‘topics’ of mine :-)

DaveBowman DaveBowman 10 posts

The Pen is Mightier Than…
by DaveBowman

Photographic Art

Canon 5D Mk2
24-105mm f/4L
ISO200 1/100th @ f/11
Photoshop CS5
Silver FX Pro

Geoff Carpenter Geoff Carpenter 75 posts

Wet Kiss
by Geoff Carpenter

Digital Art

Taken on a wet January day in Canterbury,Kent,U.K. This couple seemed to be oblivious to the weather and the crowds surrounding them. I was attracted also by the colourful umbrellas.
My own digital photographs processed in Photoshop CS5/Mac
Canon 20D
Canon 70-200mm f4L @140mm
ISO 800

Tammera Tammera 1224 posts

by Tammera

Digital Art

Photoshop CS5
Public Domain Image used
Stock used; credits on original image page

BettyHermann BettyHermann 4716 posts

A Shoulder to Cry On no. 3
by Elisabeta Hermann

Traditional Art

Antionette Antionette 1036 posts

I believe I can fly….
by Antionette

Traditional Art

Oil on stretched canvas.
50 × 75 cm

Inspired by the following reference image,
under written agreement with the photographer:

Let the Spirit Move You
by Jane Brack

When I started painting I tried everything, landscapes, flowers, portraits….. Painting children is where I get the most joy and satisfaction from….

Helenka Helenka 58 posts

"Secret sorrows"
by Helenka

Traditional Art

Martha Mitchell Martha Mitchell 245 posts

by Martha Mitchell

Traditional Art

Oil on canvas, 120 × 120 cm

Photographic reference: Marcus j Ranum

Dean Mullin Dean Mullin 95 posts

Bidayur Carver, Sarawak – Borneo
by Dean Mullin

Photographic Art

Sony a850
Sigma 70-200 f2.8, 1/50sec, f4

Using Natural light for the shot. Basic contrast / sharpen adjustment in Lightroom

studionorarts studionorarts 34 posts

Serie "Dreams"
by Artstudio Norarts

Digital Art

Mixed Media technique
Photography, Traditional Painting, Digital Process

Richard Young Richard Young 15 posts

Refined Grace
by Richard Young

Traditional Art

Original oil painting on stretched canvas
91cm x 61cm

Knife-painted, mixing only on the canvas, using a limited colour palette

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The Entries are officially closed.

Comments begin on the following page.

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SoJie 19 Annex

  Nominated works that did not make it in time for judging.

Sometimes nominees cannot join us, are out of town, on camping trips, on vacation, or do not see their nominations until entries are closed. The SoJie Annex is reserved for those Nominees who are in touch with us regarding their special circumstances. We proudly present them to you, as follows.


solo-exhibition solo-exhibition 2072 posts

by Dwarkan

Digital Art

solo-exhibition solo-exhibition 2072 posts

by Tatyana Binovskaya

Traditional Art

“Ah Africa” series.
Oil on canvas, 150×75 cm

solo-exhibition solo-exhibition 2072 posts

by Jerry Kirk

Traditional Art

Acrylic on canvas.


solo-exhibition solo-exhibition 2072 posts


Presenting the Panel of Judges



Digital Judge

Hugh Fathers seems a little surprised and a lot humble, in regards to his current success in art. He claims that he was not noted for his manual dexterity, growing up. Currently studying accounting, online, Fathers credits the computer for allowing his visions to take shape.

As a lighting designer for Village Roadshow Technology, Hugh designed for Night Clubs and other entertainment venues.
He ultimately found that he could transfer his lighting knowledge and skills to Bryce 3D software. With Bryce, Hugh creates geometric and three dimensional, reflective objects that challenge one’s sense of reality. But 3D software does not the artist make. It can take years of practice before creating a work that stands up to art world scrutiny.

Tripple Jack is the result of Hugh’s fascination with what he calls “low-tech in the realm of 3D”. That is reflection and refraction. The work is remarkable for its subtle coloring and graphic appeal, and was very popular with guests at his solo. A fine pair of abstracts, Phase 4 and Phase 1, are suspended, eliptical shapes that hint of another party in the room, keeping watch.

The digital artist’s solo show with Solo Exhibition, titled “Hugh Fathers, 3D Fantasy World Mastermind”, was successful by the numbers, with over 4000 views and over 400 comments.

— F.A. Moore

Hugh Fathers  
The artist’s solo show with Solo Exhibition, April 2011, was made a permanent gallery,
The Hugh Fathers Gallery @ Solo Exhibition
His show in slide form, can be seen on
Hugh is an award-winning artist in Solo’s Juried Invitational Exhibitions.

Triple Jack
by Hugh Fathers

Digital Art, Bryce 7 Pro

Phase 1
by Hugh Fathers

Digital Art, Bryce 7 Pro



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Photography Judge

Linaji is an abstract digital artist and photographer, residing near San Francisco, California. Lina uses keenly intuitive, dramatic undertones for her sailing portrait photography, evoking memories of voyages on oceans and bays. Her abstract digital art, on the other hand, exhibits a strong sense of history, color, and contrasts. Recently she has been working at water’s edge, where the marsh grass beckons her, with siren song, to record everything she feels there.

Lina has spent summers in Glacier Bay Alaska, photographing Grizzly Bears, Whales, and natives. Wintering in the extreme, dry heat of Death Valley California, she searched out fossils and pre-historic stories of earth and soul. The search eventually led Lina to India, in 2001, where, especially in its Dharmsalla and Kashmir regions, she deepened her passion for contrast, color, and her soul’s heartbeat. The experience translated to unique art and photography.

Her art graces the cover of Oxford Publishing’s The Oxford Handbook of Group Counseling, edited by Robert K. Conyne. Following her solo March 1st, 2010, Lina has a permanent gallery with Solo Exhibition, named The Linaji Gallery, which is active to this day, accumulating over 14,500 views and nearly 2,800 comments.

Lina has participated as nominator, judge, or exhibitor in many SoJie exhibitions. Her motto is: “Every day, I seek the Lover… who seems to be peeking out of every corner of my life”.

—F. A. Moore

The artist’s solo show with Solo Exhibition, March 2010 was made a permanent gallery,
The Linaji Gallery

Heart of Bayou Country
by linaji

Digital Abstract, based on own Photography

Life Begins at Sailing
by linaji




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Traditional Judge

ELENA OLENIUC, from Brasov, Romania, paints traditionally, using mostly acrylics on canvas or Canson paper, tempera on Canson paper, or oil on canvas.

Oleniuc’s paintings are softly lit, and have a romantic quality, even in the still life’s. Her drapery and backdrops compliment her main subjects and reflect their colors. Elena’s colors are rich. Often luscious yellow and golds are combined with turquoise, or russet reds with pale greens. Details are exceptional. More recently, we see female subjects, combined with floral motifs.

A former Nominator, Judge, and frequent Nominee in Solo’s Juried Invitational Exhibitions, Elena was one of the group’s first solo artists, July 20, 2009. Her gallery is now a permanent gallery, The Elena Oleniuc Gallery.

—F.A. Moore

Elena Oleniuc  
The artist’s solo show with Solo Exhibition, July 2009, was made a permanent gallery,
The Elena Oleniuc Gallery

Dreaming with open eyes
by Elena Oleniuc

Acrylic on 33 × 51 cm. Canson paper

Happy morning
by Elena Oleniuc

Oil on 40 × 50 cm. canvas



solo-exhibition solo-exhibition 2072 posts





Solo Exhibition Graphics Coordinator

ELIZABETH BRAVO, a Germantown, Wisconsin girl, came to art and photography by way of taking stock in what she loved to do and admired about others. But it was round-about. “Child number 6 out of 10”, as she describes herself, was a day dreamer— walking in the woods, sitting in a “cave” of bushes, hiding in the attic from a strict, unrelenting grandmother. Fondly remembering those teachers who “saw through the mask” of the kid who seemed disinterested in learning, it was a relief to Elizabeth, when in her twenties she realized that she had a condition called “Dyslexia”. She simply needed a different learning path. One-on-one attention fed what soon became a burning passion to get more in life.

Elizabeth sees her creative mother as a huge influence. “Both my mom and dad had handwriting that looked musical. The lines would sweep and flow and I just loved to see things that they wrote.” An antique dealer, her mother may have been the quiet influence behind Elizabeth’s refurbishing a Victorian home in historic Cedarburg, Wisconsin, that went on the tour of homes, when it was completed. From this she learned she could build doors, do drywall, strip wood, build a vanity, do anything.

She credits her current husband with the support that put her squarely in the world of art— taking interior design courses, basket weaving and teaching, and finally painting. Elizabeth confides, “I went on a trip to Sweden with a friend and her sister was a painter. Every inch of her walls was covered with her work and I could see that she loved doing it… for her own enjoyment. I think that’s when it hit me. To just try and do what I love for the love of it.”

A flight attendant for over twenty years, Elizabeth debuted as a Feature Writer for Inside Solo magazine, with vol. 18. Elizabeth has shown and sold her artwork in California and had a Solo Exhibition with the group, in July, 2010. Her solo show is a permanent gallery, the Elizabeth Bravo Gallery with currently over 5,5000 views and over 750 comments. Her latest project has her working on a book cover for a novelist.

Elizabeth had seen all sides of Solo’s Juried Invitational Exhibitions— as Nominee, Nominator, and Judge, before coming onboard “Team-Solo”, as the Graphics Coordinator, in August 2010.

—F. A. Moore


Elizabeth Bravo
The artist’s solo show with Solo Exhibition, July 2010, was made a permanent gallery,
The Elizabeth Bravo Gallery

Learn to Fly again
by Elizabeth Bravo

Acrylic on canvas

935 Kearny
by Elizabeth Bravo

Photography and Digital



Solo Exhibition, Founder and host

F.A. MOORE, a native of the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, creates complex digital artworks, using skills honed on two decades of Photoshop™ and graphic design. The long-time designer has recently traded pixels for brushes, focusing artistic efforts on oil painting.

While Fran was a budding research scientist in high school, presenting papers in prestigious state and national scientific venues; the current design path started with Fran’s influence on fashion. She trained under Gary Trentham and graduated from Auburn University with a B.S. degree in Clothing and Textiles, after giving up majors in Microbiology and English. Fran’s block-printed textile and a hand-dyed and knotted sisal mask went on a 100-museum tour across the U.S, in 1975-76. Meantime, her designs taken by professors to the haute couture houses in Paris became hits in the fashion world. Her fashion designs pre-dated and led the way for the hot pants fad, handkerchief hems on the backside of dresses, 3 tiered balloon dresses, and more.

Fran had a successful and decorated 25-year sales career in outside business sales, and has taken three companies public. Later, her computer consulting and publishing developed as an entirely new career path. Career clients include Shell Oil, Det Norske Veritas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Compaq Computer, and FOG Publishing. Fran also designed commissioned, database-intensive software for prominent contemporary and fine art galleries in Texas, to run their galleries, consulting, and framing businesses.

While Fran is considered an innovator in application development, she says, “I have always considered myself an artist. Creativity and vision are my strengths.”

Fran is the founder and host of Solo Exhibition group on RedBubble.

F.A. Moore

Roses on Big Mama's Chest
by F.A. Moore

Oil on 4 × 6 in. hard panel

Pool Cat
by F.A. Moore

Oil pastel on suede mat board


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