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Portrait Workshop Show and Tell

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37024 posts

Portrait Workshop Show and Tell

Workshop participants, please share your final plus your works in progress here and tell the story
of how the creation came about, all in one comment.

Comments are welcome. This show will continue to grow as artists complete a work through the
Portrait workshop, and hang it here in the exhibition hall.

Robin Monroe Robin Monroe 190 posts


12. Emptiness – The Saga of a Fatal Attraction
by Ian English

This portrait has so much soul and character and I hope my final painting will show that as well. Anyway with portraits I always like to start out with a preliminary graphite sketch to get a feel for the image. Also, I want to have the ease of being able to erase if I feel something is just not quite right. Sometimes I will do several prelimary sketches until I think I have a feel for the image before starting on the final. I plan on doing this in watercolor on an 8 × 10 inch aquabord.

WIP# 1

This is my first Work in Progress which is a preliminary graphite sketch on paper…

Work in Progress 2:

I have sketched the portrait image onto an 8 × 10 inch claybord textured panel leaving out the shaded areas which will be done with watercolor paints.

WIP# 3
I added the first watercolor wash using the following watercolors, Burnt Sienna, Ultamarine Blue, Burnt Umber, Raw Sienna and in the clothing only some Cadmium Yellow. Will need to let this dry before continuing and this will probably be the last work in progress and the next post will most likely be the final….

Just a few more touches, I need to work on the background and his clothes and a few other details here and there before the final.

Close up

Here is my final..

The Saga of Victor by Robin Monroe

a big thank you to Ian English for giving me permission to paint his wonderful portrait.

Claudia Dingle Claudia Dingle 697 posts


Final Touches
by Alfredo Estrella

This photo had me intrigued right from the start. The ballet dancer is so absorbed and oblivious of the hustle and bustle around her. As Alfredo wrote in his work’s description:
“She was in a well lit corner of the theatre, dressing rooms were full so the dancers were all over the place putting on the final touches before the performance of Nutcracker Ballet.”

The Nutcracker Ballet… I assume most of you have heard the music if not watched the ballet? In the story a young girl called Clara gets a nutcracker for Christmas. Her jealous brother Fritz breaks the nutcracker’s arm but her uncle repairs it. In the night she sneaks down and falls asleep under the christmas tree with the nutcracker in her arms. She wakes up to find herself as small as the nutcracker and surrounded by mice in uniforms. Their leader, the mouse king, starts to fight with the nutcracker (who came to life). Clara saves the nutcracker from defeat by throwing her slipper at the mouse king, who is then hit on the head and carried away by his soldiers.
Clara then falls onto the nutcracker’s bed which turns into a magical sleigh. The nutcracker himself turns into a prince and together they float higher and higher through snow and snowflakes until they reach the Land of Sweets. There they meet the sugar plum fairy. As they reenact the night’s events, the sugar plum fairy becomes impressed with Clara’s bravery and the nutcracker’s heroism. In their honour, the fairy takes them inside her candy castle and throws a lavish festival with lots of dancing.

So, in my mind I see this ballet dancer thinking about the nutcracker story, maybe about her role, her special dance, maybe she is the sugar plum fairy. These are my current thoughts. In the meantime I start with a rough sketch, indicating shadows and light areas. Then first washes of light siena.

Here are the next stages of the watercolour portrait. I am not too sure about what to do with the background. Any ideas?

Above I added more layers. For the hair I drew the wet paint with the backtip of the brush across the paper to create thin lines.

Below I added thick layers of burnt siena to add more colour and to punctuate the shadows and a sort of glow to her skin.

In the end I decided to keep the background abstract since she isn’t really aware of anything happening around her. She is so concentrated on adding the final touch to her make-up that it would cross-purpose to add nutcracker, more dancers or an army of mouse soldiers.. me thinks :)

Here is my final:

entering another world
by Claudia Dingle

Claudia Dingle Claudia Dingle 697 posts


by tori yule

Tori’s “Summer” into watercolour (btw. for some reason I always think the title is Smile.. lol). The girl has just such a charming smile, she’s like a sunshine.

First I made a sketch and added some first washes in siena. Afterwards I started with washes in light red.

I wanted to follow Sandrine Pelissier’s idea of painting a portrait with three different basic colours: yellow-ish, red-ish and blue-ish.. she puts it in a much better way in her demonstration which can be found here

For the darker hair areas I used…. blue. And felt quite daring to do so. I wasn’t sure how it would look like, hopefully not like a zebra!

Then I added more washes of siena and light red. And I also made a few corrections at the teeth, eyes and the hair near the cheeks and chin.

For the background I had planned to use single brush strokes which would turn out in a zigzag pattern. However, instead of zigzag waves I changed my mind and added rounder shapes to indicate the ocean.

And here is my final:

She’s so sweet, I love it how she tickles my feet
by Claudia Dingle

Claudia Dingle Claudia Dingle 697 posts


Growing Pain!
by ßïĽḼẙḆṑﬠ ◊

into mixed media (watercolour, pencil drawing, wax)

When I last wrote to Bill about my ideas for this translation I said:

“I am thinking about a mix of the original faces -an animal fight in the background (polar bear vs. antelope.. maybe) – and some punk elements.. ummmm, which sounds strange, I know.”

Since then I decided to give it a go, keeping the idea but substituting a mountain goat for the antelope.

I first made a drawing of the two faces – father and daughter in argument:

As you can see I also added some horns for her as a symbol of being stubborn (who isn’t stubborn in their teens?).
And for the father the polar bear – usually calm but when the argument gets heated he might lose his temper at last.

I then added washes of red and indigo – for calm and fury.

In the next steps I took out a candle, lit it, and splashed some wax on the paper. I let it dry and then added more colour layers. Then I let this dry and took my sharp pencil and started adding shadow areas with a sort of criss-cross pattern.

I didn’t take any WIPs though until I had the finish (the criss-crossing had me rather engrossed…that and the music I was listening to).

Here’s my final:

Minor Threat
by Claudia Dingle

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37024 posts

What a great start to page 1 of this exhibition. Exceptional work.

@Robin, starting off with you, I am wrapped up in the quality of this watercolor. (Ian, close your ears.) I like it better than the photo, where he’s difficult to look at for very long, because everything about him is so strong. Although watercolor naturally softens this effect, you’ve captured an intensity in the stare, and modeled the face believably. We have impact! Exceptional work; and I love it! Bravo!

@Claudia, you are hitting out of the ball park. Alfredo’s image immediately brought to mind Degas. You were faithful to its simple elegance, caught up in a ballerina’s bun and profile, in final preparation for the dance. The background you added is the perfect color for backstage and accents the character and the nature of these last minute touches. Beautiful!

I love that you carried off “She’s so sweet…” by painting the portrait in three basic colours: yellow-ish, red-ish and blue-ish, after Sandrine Pelissier’s article. Great revelation, there.

In “Minor Threat”, you have captured the enigma of a Father-Daughte duel, so to speak. You would think by the faces, it’s a duel to death; but everyone knows better, so we can smile our way through this paper battle. What a great concept! I love how you focus on the expression in the faces only, which are FANTASTIC, and spend the rest of the time on the concept of animal instincts. This has an illustration quality that I love.

Congratulations on all three works. You were the pace car for this workshop, Claudia.

Thank you both for taking part and turning in such tremendous efforts!

Richard  Gerhard Richard Gerhard 899 posts

“Tricia Portrait 1 by Corri Gryting Gutzman… Translated by Richard Gerhard

start by guesstimating the face with color. I place color here and there and then I start the shading….next….coming soon

With Burn Tools and Dodge tools I was able to shade and highlight. Using Topaz filters and overlays and soft lights I brought forth the softness of the eyes nose and face, Paint brushes helped add the detail

And Now The Final

by Richard Gerhard

Robin Monroe Robin Monroe 190 posts

Thank you so very much Frannie, this was certainly a challenge for me that I so thoroughly enjoyed, so appreciate your comment:)

Subhrajit Datta Subhrajit Datta 129 posts

Translation of
within the turmoil stood a girl
by natalie angus

Before starting the translation I talked to Natalie about her photograph as I was really surprised by the mature expression on her then 7 year old daughter’s face(she’s 8 now). Natalie told me her daughter, Mackenzie is very good in giving such “no expression, plain face” expression.

Sketched her face on a 12″ × 16″ cold pressed acid-free paper.

At one point I thought of including some things which Mackenzie dislikes or fears in the painting to serve as a reason for her somewhat gloomy expression. Natalie told me Mackenzie hates snakes and spiders. But eventually I decided against the inclusion of spiders!! Instead I chose some gloomy colors for my painting…..blues, blacks etc.

It took a lot of time and four layers of different colors to paint the hair. I had to completely dry the previous layer and then continue to the next.

Closeups of eyes

Finished painting

by Subhrajit Datta

Martha Mitchell Martha Mitchell 245 posts


Fiji boy
by Hans Kawitzki

First I outlined the face on black paper with a pastel pencil.

Then I blocked in the basic colours with soft pastel

WIP 3 close up
Next I started blending very my finger tip and adding detail.

by Martha Mitchell


Fiji Boy
by Martha Mitchell

Thank you to Hans Kawitzki for allowing me to translate his beautiful photo.

Terri Maddock Terri Maddock 3056 posts


The Chief of Boca Da Valeria
by Lucinda Walter

Lucinda has very bravely agreed for me to translate her striking image of the Chief of Boca Da Valeria – he is such a handsome man and very serious too!

Blocking in some basic shapes & colours just to get something on the paper – portraits are definitely out of my comfort zone, so I thought I would tackle this the same way as a landscape & see how I go.

Chief WIP 2

A few more colours & shapes – a bit tentative still, but when I step back, I can see where I’m heading (I hope)

Chief WIP 3
Getting a bit more form to the face & have realised that the arm is a bit high & needs to be lowered so I can get some space under his mouth. Starting to look a bit more like a person now!

Chief WIP 4
Ok – I’m almost there – need to work on the arm & hand, as well as add some more colour to the background & a bit more on the head dress, a bit of tidying up all over!

Here is my final for Chief – although I think he looks a bit younger than he should, so maybe the name should be Next in Line!

After adding more detail for the arm, hand and background I think I may have tidied up the face a bit too much as I quite liked the fresh rougher look in WIP 4 better. The feather head dress which is spectacular in the photo, has been left understated here so as not to compete with the face .This photo was taken in natural light too which makes a big difference – the others were all at night under energy saver fluro crap lights.

Next in Line
by Terri Maddock

Thank you Lucinda for allowing me to translate your wonderful image of The Chief of of Boca Da Valeria for the Sojie 17 Portrait workshop. I’ve really enjoyed doing a portrait for a change!

Terri Maddock Terri Maddock 3056 posts

Translating “The Gypsy’s Gaze”:

The Gypsy's Gaze
by artisandelimage

Same time next year Frankie? – WIP 1 – translating “the Gypsy’s Gaze” by artisandelimage.
The sketch on the left was to loosen up a bit and get some placement of features – bit of a wonky start! The larger sketch on the right was feeling a bit better – ignore the green moustache, I have pastel dust everywhere, all over my eraser as well. Next stage is to draw her again on watercolour paper and start having some fun with the inktense blocks for the underpainting.

Same time next year Frankie? WIP 2
I’ve transferred the drawing onto a 48 × 58cm piece of Saunders Waterford 300gsm CP paper, then gone over some of the drawing with a fine waterproof pen so I would be able to see the drawing after the next stage. Using inktense blocks on their sides, I swiped light and dark colours across the paper.

Same time next year Frankie? – WIP3
The exciting and scary part – washing water over the inktense base! Paintbrush swirls around the background, and some extra inktense block colours applied to the wet paper defined some areas.

“Same time next year Frankie?” – Final
I had a lot of fun playing with colour – using ink, pen, charcoal and pastel on Saunders Waterford 300gsm paper.

In the final stage, I re drew some of the shapes and features in charcoal, then started adding pastel colour highlights and shadows. I’m hoping the lighting and reflections on her face look a bit like the light from a camp fire.

This workshop has been a great experience to drag me out from under the comfortable landscape doona and try something really different.

I’m amazed at the drawings and finished works that are coming through already – I am learning so much from all of you, and I’m really keen to practice drawing lots more faces.

Same time next year Frankie?
by Terri Maddock

Thank you Francis for giving me the pleasure of translating your image!

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37024 posts

@Richard, lovely digital mixed media work. One would have thought that Corri’s photograph started out in color. Love the coloring effect.

@Subhrajit, the blue hair must be divinely inspired. It’s the perfect surprise on this perfectly beautiful likeness of a young innocent.

@Martha, I’m in awe at the baby soft skin, those beguiling and questioning eyes, and likeness in the portrait. Beautiful! And large!

@Terri, your large, expressive strokes of Inktense® block color put her in her element, and created a wonderful lively feeling to the work!

@All, since each of you start with the WIPs, instead of the final, I moved (or added) your reference photo to the top of your post; as the finals should stand alone, and not be judged in comparison to the reference (see note, below).

I’m so happy to see these great pieces here. You all are stand outs!

note: when we review for possible inclusion into Solo’s Juried Invitational Exhibition, we couldn’t care less what your reference looks like. It’s all about the concept, essence and quality of your final artwork, and whether it falls into the vision of the particular show. (Sometimes work can be great, but not fit the vision for the show; or maybe someone has work in their portfolio, which better represents them for the theme.)

For portraits, some artists consider portraiture successful only if it captures a physical likeness. This may be because, traditionally, this is what the client wants; and, thus, professionally, we must deliver. It makes sense.

I feel the spiritual plane is also important. Even though the two can be combined (realism and expressionism), some artists, may choose to portray the emotions and spirit of their interpretation of the subject, rather than a likeness. They would be in good company! At Solo, we are open to both schools of thought and all interpretations of an inspiring, original work.

Susan  Kimball Susan Kimball 453 posts

Supplicant Child
by lilynoelle

I was drawn from the start to Lily’s self portrait. It reminded me of my painting I did decades ago Blue which was a study in black and white but really I just used black watercolor on white paper.

For what ever reason, I wanted to do Lily’s piece in charcoal and my journey started spending a day driving around looking for charcoal. After 3 stops I finally found some.

I haven’t drawn in years due to my fear of inadequacy and instead turned to photography and collage work but this time I just felt like I could do the drawing. I can never remember the right way to start or how to blend or what kind of charcoal to use. So I just went for it. I had always enjoyed using my fingers in blending which I did but I researched different ways to blend (paper towels).

I was intimidated by drawing the eye and I kept accidentally smearing the charcoal as I tried to get in close and do small detail work. I went online again and learned about the The Mahl Stick to steady my hand and prevent further smears and it worked.

Then I just worked on darkening the contrasts and highlighting the lights with Chamois cloth. I’m just pleased that I didn’t listen to my monkey chatter in my head and persisted. I am honored to have worked on Lily’s beautiful self portrait which helped me to get unstuck after all these years. Thank you Lily!♥

Jewel of the Heart
by Susan Kimball

Claudia Dingle Claudia Dingle 697 posts

Thank you so much Frannie, your words are special to me. I enjoyed this workshop and with such gorgeous originals as inspiration it was a joy indeed.

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37024 posts

It shows, Claudia! :)

Oh goodness, I have a lot to catch up on here. What stunning, beautiful works. I’m so very impressed. I’ll be back to comment more thoroughly, @Martha, Robin, Susan, Richard and Subhrajit!

Samantha Aplin Samantha Aplin 533 posts


Birgittas portrait is so full of emotion I was drawn to it instantly.
I never know where each piece will take me when I do the initial sketch butI had two ideas and I played safe to begin with and went for the simpler piece

Nothing left to choose
by Samantha Aplin

But felt that I had not done Birgittas haunting photograph justice so decided to go with my other idea.
I wanted the feeling of her being trapped in many ways, so firstly drew an image of her stuck in a hole reaching up

After this had been painted and parts of the walls painted in I could start on the portrait of Brianna, I wanted the first image to be inside her head but reaching out as if trying to escape

Adding depth to the walls and to the main face

to add to the feeling of her being trapped within herself I painted her hair wrapped around barbed wire that was wrapped around her neck

Finished with this dream
by Samantha Aplin

I would like to thank Birgitta for kindly allowing me to translate her work.

Richard  Gerhard Richard Gerhard 899 posts

Beginning translation of say it to me now by Glitterfest

Started by sketching

Adding color to say it to me now by Glitterfest

I placed colors where they belonged on her face and prepared to start shading and blending

Shadding and blending say it to me now by Glitterfest

Using burn tools, dodge tools, Topaz filters I brought out the definition of her face

The Final

Say It
by Richard Gerhard

say it to me now
by Glitterfest

Lucinda Walter Lucinda Walter 8418 posts

Micklyn’s Portrait Photography Challenge

Thanks Micklyn. I’ve learned so much from your suggestions!


WIP#1 – I decided that I wanted a bit tighter so I cropped the photo & burned out the lighter area in on the left side.
WIP#2 – I added layer and changed the blending mode to softlight at 35%
| | |

WIP#3 – I duplicated the layer masking out the eyes, nose & mouth & added a slight blur.
WIP#4 – Added another layer & changed the blending mode to overlay while still making out parts of the face.
| |

WIP#5 – Added another layer & changed the blending mode to darken & adjusted the opacity & fill, still masking out parts of the face.
WIP#6 – Added another layer & changed the blending mode to normal & adjusted the opacity & fill & added a gausian blur, still masking out parts of the face.
| |

WIP#7 – Just duplicated the previous layer.
Next might add adjustment layer of levels….. But I think I’m almost done.
FINAL? – Added a level layer & adjusted the blending mode & opacity.
| |

I wasn’t very pleased with a few things about my challenge work so I removed the overlay & darken WIP #5 &6 as I wanted a more softer look. Once that was done I removed a little saturation & add a bit of levels. I wanted more even skin tones & a softer & classic feel to the work.


My Portrait Photographic Journey! – Challenge – Classic, Close-up, Window-Lit Portrait Demonstration, by Micklyn

by Lucinda Walter

Dianne  Ilka Dianne Ilka 961 posts

Fiji boy
by Hans Kawitzki

This photo by Hans jumped out at me as soon as I saw it in the catalog. I knew almost straight away that this was the one I wanted to translate. I couldn’t get the image of this little boy out of my head so I was extremely pleased when Hans gave me permission to translate it.

I started out by priming my 8″ × 8″ with Gesso mixed with a little bit of burnt umber paint. I then sketched in the details with charcoal and blocked in the basic shapes and tones.

I then continued to build up the layers using only burnt umber and white.

Still adding more layers, The boy was starting to evolve at this stage so I just let him take me where he wanted to go :)

Started adding a lot more of the finer details at this stage, particularly the eyes. From the very beginning, I had the idea of possibly splattering the portrait with paint, having the eyes staring out. I was really torn at this stage because I quite liked how this had turned out and was really worried about wrecking it.

I really couldn’t get the idea of splattering out of my head and didn’t really want to be left with the “what if’s” so to the horror of many people (including my children) I just went for it. I can still see the look on my daughter’s face as she came out with “What were you thinking Mum!”
I had a bit of a dilema. I liked the idea of the splatters because I really wanted this painting to have lots of emotion and symbolize the struggle that many children in the world face, yet the splatters were also distracting from that same face…..

Muddied Dreams
by Dianne Ilka

In the end, I decided to paint over the splatters on the face but keep them in the background.
Really happy with the end result :)

Tahnja Tahnja 601 posts

I chose this image to translate.

The Dame
by Richard Gerhard

My first attempt failed because the likeness was off and I didn’t like the way it was going so I started again.

This time I focused harder on the likeness and then layered my skin tones and hair shape and kept going.

From there it was all uphill lol. I had to work the background a few times from darker to lighter as I couldn’t quite make up my mind which way to go. I added some texture to it at the end and then decided on a lighter background to keep the light and sense of glow to the whole portrait.

The Lady Is a Dame – Painting
by Tahnja

Tammera Tammera 1164 posts

The Process:
I wanted to give the original look an Urban flavor with a statement to go with the fantastic expression. An Urban Survival type look is what I was shooting for. So I first began with an apropriate background selection…A rusted urban door and to this I did some adjustments to hue/saturation and brightness/contrast in Photoshop CS5. I also selected the approriate filter to blend the 2 images together.

Boo !!
by ßïĽḼẙḆṑﬠ ◊

I then did some work n the face as to values from light to dark in chunks, trying to keep an Urban feel. I also did the same to the neck and hair (separtatly) adding some strength in values and lights and darks.

I felt the background needed some strenght so I also added that usin light and contrast and changing chunks in values throughout….

….Then I began work with the eyes to keep drama and intensity, I used a laydown color (which I knew I would work over later) just to keep place and idear for dramatics with the eyes as to value in light/contrast

Then adding some color to the shirt, again remembering an urban feel for it and using chunkie areas and paying attention to value/contrast and brightness…

I then decided to pull more color into the background so the shocking yellow wouldn’t distract my focus and to give a more overall blending. I also did some toning down of the eyes, so as not to be distracted by them…and would intensify them again later.

More work on the eyes and tongue and smoohing out some features and shade values that I felt were too heavy underneath the eye on the right side.

Adding tonal values for the skin and making adjustments to saturation and contrast for an overall smoothing of the skin and also adding in the FUN and scary BUG!!
At that point I had signed and titled it, but still was not sure if it needed more work. So i allowed myself to sleep on it a night and come back for a fresh look upon waking….sometimes that is the best one can do when at a fork in the road!! Especially since I had been working on it all day long and was so tired I really was not in condition to try to make creative and serious decissions which might very well have messed it up!

Ok …so upon awakening and viewing this work, I decided the following….
With this image, Initially I had to choose between fear and excitement…as those were the 2 emotions comming to me through the original image…

I chose fear,… because I wanted to inject a bit of my own feelings from when I moved from a (RELATIVELY) small town in Reno Nevada, to a big city (SAN FRANCISCO) to go to college.

So many things happened, as, the life is much more fast paced….But, also, being as naive as I was…I HAD SOME VERY SCARY THINGS HAPPEN TO ME….And lots of lessons to learn about humanity!!

And the scarriest thing that happened up until then, was pretty much having a great big June Bug (3 INCHES LONG) in my sleeping bag one night when I was sleeping outdoors!!

So the finishing touches to this piece included adding some symbolic items and working them in to the current work much in the same manner as described above. I find in photoshop that I heavily rely the most on hue/saturation and contrast/brightness and changes in filters with a bit of percentage changes in those filters!

I did do some changes in tonal values on her neck and face, as I felt the previous version her face looked too ‘flat’

The skeletal bug/man is symbolic, in that I had to adjust my fears once in a large urban setting. Sometimes mankind can be scarrier than bugs!!
And the human hands reaching out from the background are also symbolic in the new fears that one must adjust to!!


ok…so with a bit of symbolism added in, here is my final work..
Done using Billyboy’s wonderful ‘Boo’…………………….

by Tammera

Digital Art
Photoshop CS5

Special Thanx to Stock:
Hands: Reaching__Evil_by_MobStock

AND: Stock:
Beatle: Jeltovski

Tammera Tammera 1164 posts

I am once again thrilled to be approved by Maree Cardinale to do a Digital Translation of her Original work entitled ‘A woman of distinction’
How exciting!!
here we go again (I will add agreement when I do get it)….
Special Thanx to you my dear Maree!!….

A woman of distinction
by Maree Cardinale

by Tammera

My thought process in this was to show Memory and Reminiscence, however somewhere along the line I also got caught up in the ‘Waiting for the hereafter and Renewal’….so I ended up doing more than one because I could not decide which one I liked the most!

Decisions….the hardest yet most important aspect for an artist!!

With both Maree Cardinale’s permission and Frannie’s, I am declaring this work a semi-final, because as I was part way through this one, I became hopelessly split in my direction and style….I will post the other WIPs that I did in another direction. This work shall not be considered as a final…but as a semi-final and split testing before I select which one to use as my final-final…..perhaps everyone can say which they like best and why…so as to help me out in my decision making of posting a final-final….

After a group vote and a deep consideration within myself, I have chosen TRANSCENDENCE ~ THE MAGIC OF FULL CIRCLE to be my choice for a final final for the show and tell

by Tammera

Explanation of the change in style and direction for this portrait:
As artists, one of the most important things we can do in portraiture is to have a thorough understanding of our subjects, their personality, likes, dislikes….but sometimes we do not know. It is then that all of that knowledge, we usually would draw from, needs to come from the imagination…

In my initial piece, my aim was to make a vintage vignette of an elderly woman looking back through her life and remeniscing. Much to my suprise…When I started (part way into the work) to play further with filters and such, I found there were several faces staring back at me with each filter change, almost as if I was going through part of her aging process….
In fact …you can notice in this WIP how she seems much older and her eyes have gotten more radiant….how shocked I was all of a sudden instead of thinking of her remeniscing…I began to see her as filling up with radiant light from within…in hopes of her passing into another realm of life!

you can see here, where my thought process goes, with a garden background adding streaming beams of light, she almost seems as if she is at that stage of passing into another realm (lifestage,passing, death). She is beginning to be transported to a ‘heavenly garden’ full of light and love. There is now a softening to her face and it is lit with blue sky and garden for her earthly hair! The stark, elderly look is passing as she is moving closer to her next stage.

Now I do not expect that anyone sees this as I do…or even believe in afterlife…but this is how by just playing around with filters her face changed and then….my idea of remeniscence and memories changed into a stark reality at meeting death and then a joy and almost looking forward to the next stage.

by Tammera

In religious experience transcendence is a state of being that has overcome the limitations of physical existence and by some definitions has also become independent of it. This is typically manifested in prayer, séance, meditation, psychedelics and paranormal “visions”.

Lucinda Walter Lucinda Walter 8418 posts

My Portrait Photographic Journey! – Challenge – Classic, Close-up, Window-Lit Portrait Demonstration, by Micklyn


WIP#1 – cropped the photo a little bit & started working on that bar – burning in areas & cloning in some
WIP#2 – Finished the cloning & did a background blur while masking out the face.

WIP#3 – Here I did a very soft blur while masking out part of the face.

WIP#4 my b/w version.

WIP#5 some modifications softened the highlighted areas in the face – when I upload it here it looks very different from my monitor…

I’m off to do some fine tuning…. I think the final will be soon!

I did some modifications to my b/w versions. In my final version I was able to modify the saturation, levels & curves to create a softness & the skin tone that I was looking for in a b/w for this little model.


My Portrait Photographic Journey! – Challenge – Classic, Close-up, Window-Lit Portrait Demonstration, by Micklyn

So Little Girl
by Lucinda Walter

Antionette Antionette 1036 posts

First work in progress : Outlining the drawing in a mixture of Raw Umber and medium.

Collage of different stages, started with the background using Mauve, Deep Orange, Mars Red, White, Raw Umber and Magenta

Skintones : Mars Red, Dioxazine Purple, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre and white. I added a small bit of Raw Umber for shadows.

Angel of dawn
by Antionette

“An angel, robed in spotless white,
Bent down and kissed the sleeping Night.
Night woke to blush; the sprite was gone.
Men saw the blush and called it… Dawn.”
All done…..I hope! I struggled a lot with her face, being so small just the tiniest bit of paint can make such a huge difference! I used a diluted wash to paint over the fabric to make it softer, and altered the background a bit.
Thanks Scott for allowing me to do this translation, I enjoyed it so much. I have known for a while that I love painting portraits, and this one just confirmed it. I also knew that there is no way I would be able to do the beautiful dress in “Stripes” …. so this is my translation…. Angel of dawn. Once I started with the pink, I just could’nt stop, and dawn revealed herself, all dressed up in marshmallow pink!

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait