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SoJie 17

madworld madworld 110 posts

First of all huge congratulations to all entries here, they are all beautiful and deserving of a place here. Secondly thank you so much for my award, so over the moon to find this. What a most outstanding group this is. x

Dianne  Ilka Dianne Ilka 963 posts

I was actually quite shocked this morning to discover that I had won some awards! It seriously made my day so thankyou soooo much! I was already feeling so privileged to be a part of this. The works here are amazing! Thankyou so much Janis for helping to make all us us traditional artists feel so special. It really means a lot :)
Congratulations to everyone involved in this sojie whether you won awards or not. I am completely blown away by the talent of all of you!

Elena Oleniuc Elena Oleniuc 348 posts

Congratulations to all the winners and to Frannie and Team Solo!
Thank you for my Honors award and a special thank you to Janis for my awards!

Kathie Nichols Kathie Nichols 3669 posts

Oh I’m so late…..but a HUGE CONTRATS to everyone on your awards….totally amazing exhibition…going to do the rounds and leave comments on the winning images pages….well done to everyone who has exhibited their fine work here……Bravo!!!!!!

luvapples downunder/ Norval Arbogast luvapples down... 119 posts

Congratulations to all the award winners and all participants. Frannie this was a beautiful show.

bernard lacoque bernard lacoque 23 posts

First my apologies for not having been here in time. Next my big congratulations to all participants in this show, your work is amazing and inspiring and so was the whole show. Huge thanks to Frannie and Elizabeth for all the energy and creativity they put into here, to the judges who did such an excellant choice…….and finally MANY MANY THANKS for honoring the works of my desr Bernard with the awards. Janis thank you personally for not having forgotten your love for Bernard’s soulful paintings. I am proud seeing him honored post mortem in this fine way. THANK YOU ALL for your comments and gratulations !!!

Lynda Robinson Lynda Robinson 3154 posts

WOW! What a KNOCKOUT SoJie!!!! I knew the judges would have a difficult job as all works are of such an amazingly high quality! Congratulations to Frannie and the team, and everyone who had a hand in putting this all together. Thanks to all the judges, and thank you so much Janis for my awards. I am thrilled to bits beyond belief, and Bruce will have so much trouble getting through the door, even without his hat on, once I tell him!!!!

subhraj1t subhraj1t 130 posts

Oh noooo….I missed the awards show! :(
What a wonderful ceremony it has been with all the smiling faces and the celebration here!!

I’m truly honored to have my work in this exhibition full of amazing works from such talented artists!! My admiration for all of them.
Congratulations to all the artists, judges and Solo team for putting up another grand awards ceremony, not to mention the workshop and exhibition! :)
Special thanks to Janis for my award, you’re awesome!! :D

And Jean’s ‘Captivated’ really captivated everyone! :)

natalie angus natalie angus 407 posts

congrats to all award winners, what a beautiful collection of portraits, amazing work everyone

Susan  Kimball Susan Kimball 454 posts

Huge congrats to all the award winners, judges, Solo Team and a special thanks to Janis for my awards which I completely did not expect with all the wonderful work her. THANK YOU!

ps, sorry to have missed the party

Ming  Myaskovsky Ming Myaskovsky 180 posts

Congratulations to all so well deserved participants, and special thanks to Solo Exhibition Group established by Frannie Moore and her amazing team!!!
We appreciate your hard work and dedications to make this wonderful event success it has increasingly become!!!
It’s an honor and a great privilege to be among these great talented artists, and thank you SO much Janis for my award!!!;))))XXXXOOOO

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37048 posts

@Janis, I’d like to thank you publicly for my special awards. That they were unexpected is a given.
But more than that, I’d like you know that each one is very important to me, because they help me
consider what exactly I did well with this painting. I believe it’s easier to see weaknesses in one’s own
work, than it is to see the small things done well, but which contribute to the overall experience of a viewer.
These awards certainly will help my growth in painting; I will make sure of that. Thank you!

@Helene, likewise, your special award gives me a peek into what it about this painting that you
see and like; and that is so very supportive. I will take that nod on “atmosphere” and run with it! Thank you!

@Maree, thank you for the opportunity to translate your wonderful street portrait of this intriguing lady. It was a
fantastic experience for me. I loved portraying her, even if I strayed from a traditional style portrait. I admit to
being intimidated by the fact that Jolante, who I consider a master of portrait painting, was painting her too.
But this forced me to stay focused on what I was doing and wanted to accomplish, and appreciate the
differences. I am enamored with Jolante’s beautiful painting of this woman’s face; she is so real to me there;
and her sense of dignity lights up the canvas. Thanks again for this fabulous experience, Maree.

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37048 posts

@Ming, Susan, Natalie, Subhrajit, Lynda, Ruth, Norval, Kathie, Elena, Dianne, Tracey, Sherri, Danilo, Linda, Janis, it’s great to see you all here, and congratulations to all of you! Thank you for your great contributions to the show, and or the companion workshop. It’s been great fun, and a tremendous honor for myself and Elizabeth Bravo to gather you all together here, under one roof, to show off your expertise, accomplishments, and devotion to art.

©Janis Zroback ©Janis Zroback 8130 posts

You’re very welcome Frannie…what I saw most of all was the plea in her expression…her eyes said so much…there was so much agony…
This is what I felt, when I viewed the painting….she wanted to be with her family in the new world, but still clung to her birthplace…too old to change at this point, she had to resign herself new customs, new ideas when she moved with the children to the new world..
The most important thing about a painting, is how skilfully the artist was able to tell the story and you told it supremely well…by using colour in the way you did, the angle of her body, the expression of her eyes, it was all there for the viewer, and that is great painting….

Headcrime Headcrime 342 posts

Hi, i’m late, i know.

Thank you for all!

Sue Nichol Sue Nichol 2771 posts

Stunning show, huge congratulations to all the artists. I am completely in awe of all the painters here as I haver never dared to do a portrait!

scottimages scottimages 1871 posts

I’m so sorry I’m late to stop by. I’ve been in bed with the flu for the last 4 days and haven’t really even made a glance at RB – I know, it’s shocking!

So, imagine my great surprise, shock and enormous thrill when I checked in and discovered that I’d received an award!! Thankyou so much Frannie and Elizabeth for the Gallery Award. I can’t really find the words to tell you how touched I am by this. xx

Congratulations to everyone in the show, and all winners. You’re all such an inspiration to me :)

Mariska Mariska 330 posts

Huge congratulations to all !!!

What a great SHOW !!!

Thank you for all !!! :-))xx

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37048 posts

Wow, @Janis, thank you. I will treasure that commentary on the painting.

@Kurt, Rosemary, Mariska, Congratulations to you each of you on your life work in art and photography, and, yes, indeed, on your awards recognizing this, in the show. Fantastic.

@Sue, you are such a fine landscape painter. Maybe another workshop you can join us to have some fun with portraits. The workshop was so inspiring, with a multitude of styles. The Abstract Workshop is going on right now. ;)

Hans Kawitzki Hans Kawitzki 521 posts

Congratulation to all winners,what an excellent show of talents

Chris Baker Chris Baker 87 posts

An excellent turn-out and showing of a feast and a minefield of unique talents here – a very special and well chosen exhibition of which I proud to have been picked for :) Big congratulations to all of the most worthy winners here, and special thanks to Janis for marking my awards also :)

Great, great work all-round, and yet again shows what a wonderfully diverse and skilled individuals we all are!



Elisabeth Dubois Elisabeth Dubois 1055 posts

wow…how bad do I feel…what an awesome exhibition this was…here I am looking to see who had won and I realise that I have been given an award…
I need a good kick up the butt for not keeping up and saying Thank you so much for the honour xx

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37048 posts

Congratulations to you, @Hans, Chris, and Elisabeth. Your photography and art, respectively, is outstanding, and I’m proud to showcase it here. The awards are especially delicious icing on the cake, and congratulations for those garnered from the judges.

Alfredo Estrella Alfredo Estrella 72 posts

Congtatulations to everyone who participated all your work are excellent.

Laura J. Holman Laura J. Holman 355 posts

Incredible work! Congrats to all!

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