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SoJie 17

© Helen Chierego © Helen Chierego 132 posts

Congratulations to all the award winners! The Solo judges did a fine job choosing from the outstanding nominations. Sorry I missed the opening event. Frannie and team Solo I admire your magnificent co-ordination of this special exhibition. Well done everyone!

Martha Mitchell Martha Mitchell 245 posts

I have woken up this morning and realised you have all been having a party while I was sleeping. Congratulations to everyone who took part and to all the award winners. I am thrilled and honoured to have received Special judges awards. Thank you to the Judges and Frannie and the solo team for doing such a fine job!

loiteke loiteke 1232 posts

Wonderful portraits. I wish to have great portrait done also. But I am more natural photographer. Congratulations to all.

lilynoelle lilynoelle 1053 posts

I was at work ALL day and completely missed out on all the fun! First of all, let me thank Frannie for allowing me the ABSOLUTE HONOR of co-monitoring this workshop and writing the bios, and EVERYONE in the workshop for making it such a delight! Congratulations to everyone here, awards or not, because all of this art is beyond breathtaking and leaves me in awe. A special congratulations to @Susan Kimball for winning your awards with the translation of my work! Eeeek! You are so amazing; I was thrilled with your final! And a very special thank you to @Annie Lemay for allowing me to translate her gorgeous photograph.

I was so thrilled just to be nominated; I never expected an award! I am thrilled to death with Janis’ award!!!!!! THANK YOU JANIS!!!!! I am over the moon right now; this is just wonderful!! Completely made my day/week/month! :)

Everyone here is so special and unique, I’m so honored to be a part of this group.

Love to all, see you in ABSTRACT!,

annacuypers annacuypers 183 posts

Frannie and Elizabeth, hi, I just looked at the show and I am really pleased to see how you both made this event work. You may be proud. It was a pleasure to be in the jury. Great artists and a lot of beautiful art. Congrats to all again ! love, anna, xoxo

Diane Johnson-Mosley Diane Johnson-... 641 posts

Outstanding portraits, every one of them. Congratulations to all you brave souls!

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37052 posts

@Anna, welcome, it’s so great to see you, and I bet it has been special, looking around at the ribbon rows of the exhibits, and seeing your Special Awards. Of course we kept you and the other Judges in suspense on the Placement awards, based on your combined scores. So it’s always fun to know you get to be surprised just like the recipients of the awards. Thank you so much, again, Anna, for serving as our Digital Expert on the SoJie 17 Jury.

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37052 posts

@Lily, big hug and congrats and again, thank you for all of your help in the workshop and with the bios!

@Diane, Meeli, Helen, great to see you!

@Helen what an honor it has been for you to participate in the exhibition with your beautiful digital portraits.

@Martha, congratulations!!

annacuypers annacuypers 183 posts

Yes, that is so true Frannie, I was curious to see how it all worked out, ha, ha… and again my pleasure ! love, xxo

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37052 posts

@Michel, haha! Well there are rather safe drinks over in the green room. You can get there from the “SoJie 17” breadcrumb navigation at the top of the page. And congratulations, again! Bling bling!

@Stephie, wow, it was so great to see you getting all of these awards. Very deserved! I’m delighted to hear your reaction, too. This is what it’s all about. Well placed support, by meritorious acknowledgement and encouragement. Janis understands that. Congratulations, again, Stephie!

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37052 posts

lol, @Anna. You’re the best!

faceart faceart 4 posts

Beautiful , impressing artwork. I love portraiture work as well and feel very inspired by this wonderful gallery.

Cathy Gilday Cathy Gilday 386 posts

Amazing! Such awesome talent! Congratulations to all these magnificent artists and judges on this beautiful art show.

Cate Townsend Cate Townsend 228 posts

WOW! what an amazing display of wonderful portraiture. Congratulations to all the artists involved you have produced really beautiful work.

Matt Mawson Matt Mawson 262 posts

Brilliant work. Congratulations to all the awardees.

edy4sure edy4sure 671 posts


mariart mariart 1459 posts

Congratulations to all the amazing entries into this portrait exhibition, as usual the standard was excellent with a great variety of styles and mediums, very inspiring

Shanina Conway Shanina Conway 543 posts

Missed all the fun but Wow! what an amazing collection of portraits, had a fantastic time viewing, studying the different styles of the entries.
Congratulations to all the nominees, the Sojie hosts, Frannie and the Judges..brillinat show:)

Andrew Nawroski Andrew Nawroski 1193 posts

Love all the academia in all the work kinda left speechless after viewing – probs how it should be…..much admiration to Fran you are wonder woman :))
all famous work going to famous places by hard working artists—-well done to all of you.
See you there or soon!!

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37052 posts

@Andrew (Nawroski), how wonderful to see you here commenting on the artworks in the show. Thank you! Your art is fantastic.
@Shanina, hi! huge congratulations!
@Maria, hi, and congratulations. You and all the other exhibitors inspire me.
@Eddy, great to see you, and now is better than never! We started a little early to hopefully allow for more Australians to be with us, in real time. Congratulations, Eddy!
@Matt, congratulations on your exhibit; I love this work! Want to carry the dog home with me and play with it.
@Cate, your ears must have been burning. I was looking for you before the show was nominated. Thought I had lost you. Great to see you!
@Cathy, thanks for coming by and commenting as well! Glad you like the show!
@Klaus (N.C. Faceart), how wonderful to see you here. I just visited your portfolio and see that you love portraiture. Street portraiture, specifically. Wonderful. I so look forward to having a street portraiture workshop next Solo season. I get excited just thinking about that one. And of course a grand exhibition to cap it off. So glad you came by for a visit.

Linda Bianic Linda Bianic 3282 posts

WOWZERS!!!! Another superb Sojie!! Huge Congrats to all the original submissions and translations,,, the work is incredible , as always!! I will get back here later!!

Danilo Lejardi Danilo Lejardi 276 posts

Wow! First, my deepest gratitude to all participants and judges; to the Solo Team for having considered my work; i never thought this work deserved such attention, I’m so grateful for this. I have to apologize for not being present as I used to be in the past; since the last time RB changed its look I’ve being deorientated most of the time and have missed a lot of good things, including the chance to interact with all my good friends.
Thanks a lot to Anna Cuypers for having featured this work, too.
Congrats to all winners.

SherriOfPalmSprings Sherri Nicholas- SherriOfPalmSp... 2825 posts

Congratulations!!!! friends and wonderful artists, do you know that- I love art so much no matter what kind it may be!!!! Looking through all, I mean all your awesome art it brings tears. I know I am a little bit to emotional, but it is true…the talent you guys have is so so so profoundly touching….it has to touch the heart and soul of people and artists when looking at your images, your talent your hard work, and knowing the joy of you artists when you have accomplished your work on that empty canvas that turns into your imagination of something so beautiful and unique with all of your very own styles..I am not letting out the photographers, there beauty is magnificent.
Hi Frannie, thank you for sending me the bmail so at least I can get here for the time to see everything..I am not done…still have to go thru more..
Sherri God Bless to all and hugss.

Maree Cardinale Maree Cardinale 1774 posts

Hi everyone, I’ve just had another look over and read everyone’s comments. It was a splendid show, what touched me most was how Janis included everyone in the traditional art group and made them all feel special. Well done Janis.
Also was so very pleased to see Frannie and Jolante pick up awards for their translations of ‘our lady’. They both did such beautiful work. Thank you and congratulations xox

©Janis Zroback ©Janis Zroback 8232 posts

Thank you so much for that wonderful compliment Maree…I have to say that none of the awards were gratuitous, all were completely deserved and that I found it really gratifying to be able to reward everyone’s hard work…

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