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SoJie 9 - Solo's 9th Juried Invitational Exhibition of Visual Arts

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37029 posts

Solo’s Juried Invitational Exhibition of Visual Fine Art and Photography

Show banner by Elizabeth Bravo, Solo Exhibition Graphics Coordinator

SoJie 9 marks the FIRST ANNIVERSARY of Solo’s Juried Invitational Exhibitions (“SoJie’s”).

Thank you for marking this celebration with your exciting artwork!

Dear Esteemed Nominees, Solo Exhibition Members, and Guests,

March 28th, with the opening of the 9th Juried Invitational Art Exhibition, presented by the Solo Exhibition group of RedBubble, we celebrate the first anniversary of Solo’s Juried Invitational Exhibitions of digital, traditional, and photographic arts. Seventy-nine (79) artworks, representing 24 countries, in all, including home countries and countries of residence, are exhibited.

A panel of 3 Nominators was challenged to search the 66,000-image gallery and, from that, invite 70 select works for exhibition. Nominators are chosen, based on their considerable expertise in one of the three categories, and are either Inside Solo Magazine feature writers, or artists who have had Solo Exhibitions with the group, or both. Team Solo nominationed 17 additional works.

Out of 79 entries in the juried exhibition, there are 34 Traditional artworks, 23 Digital artworks, and 22 Photographic works, representing 78 artists. RodeoRose, an Australian photographer, has 2 works in the show.

Home countries and countries of residence represented by artists participating in SoJie 9 include Argentia, Australia, Belarus, Canada, Columbia, Cuba, England, France, Germany, Holland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland, Romania, Scotland, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, and the United States of America. These countries can be proud of their fine artists, here today.

Judges will award 1st – 3rd places in each of Digital Art, Traditional Art, and Photographic Art. The artwork with the highest score will be awarded Best in Show, besides a category first place. Judges will also make special merit awards.

The show runs from March 28th through April 3rd, 2011. Awards Day is on Wednesday, March 30th, around noon, New York time (see world clock link, below).

Congratulations to all! And thank you for coming to the exhibition and supporting these wonderful artists.

Each month, all of the members of the Solo Exhibition group have the opportunity for one or more of their works to be selected for a SoJie (Solo’s Juried Invitational Exhibition). To qualify, a member has to have joined the group at least in the calendar month prior to the current show.


F.A. Moore, Solo Founder and host

Maxy, Solo Reception Manager

Elizabeth Bravo, Solo Graphics Coordinator


Official Nominators for the show:
Helene Ruiz
Anna Shaw
Ursula Rodgers, and
Team Solo
Elizabeth Bravo, and
F. A. Moore

Judges for the show:
Cynthia Lund Torroll
Robin King
Brian Pelkey


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SoJie 9 dates:

Nominations made: Monday
March 14-15
Deadline for entry: Monday March 21
WebRing: Wednesday March 23
Judging: Friday
March 25-26
Opens: Monday March 28
Awards: Wednesday March 30

    — the Anniversary Show

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37029 posts

Time to Fly
by F.A. Moore

Digital Art
Dimensions: 3000 × 4500 px @300 ppi
Medium: PSE 6.0/Mac, brushwork over photo collage
Completion Date: 2009-Sep-28
Release Date: 2009-Oct-11

The work was created as a composite of about 20 licensed, manipulated stock images from various sources (listed on the image profile page), and includes mouse drawings over all. The mouse drawings were kept “scribbly”, to indicate that they were drawn by the hand of one on the cusp of an end, perhaps connecting to a hopeful beginning.

Time to Fly

Through dimming eyes,
only beauty and Glory’s wonder
do I see.
My God is coming to take me.

Trinkets in the skies,
jewels of Life’s longings,
sparkle and sway.
And still I beg for one more day.

“If I should die before I wake,
please the Lord my soul to take….”

What else should I pray?
What else should I say?

There’s more to consider when I die!

What do I take of me beyond…?
Beyond here…
Beyond the lovely…
Beyond the beautiful…
past home…
past lives…
past …time…
Am I…?

Goodbye! It’s time to fly!

— F.A. Moore, Oct 11, 2009

nominated by Anna Shaw

Robin King Award
for Excellence in Digital Art
SoJie 9, March 2011

Danilo Lejardi Danilo Lejardi 276 posts

Birth Of A Nation 2 (working title)
by Danilo Lejardi

Digital Art
Dimensions, resolution:
Medium: 3D, using a combination of Daz V4 + M4, Cinema 4D, postwork in Photoshop

This is a work-in-progress for an image series that I’d wish to finish one of these days.
Main figures are Daz V4 + M4_ morphed and texturized within Cinema 4D; postworked in Photoshop.

nominated by Anna Shaw

rodeorose rodeorose 1547 posts

by rodeorose

Digital Art
Dimensions, resolution:
Medium: artist’s own photographs, blended and layered in PSE8
Camera: Nikon D90; Sigma 50-500mm lens
500 mm focal length
Texture added

Photographs taken, laying down flat on a jetty; Two shots, blended and layered in PSE8, all original work plus one a free texture from Flickr’s JoesSistah.

Inspired by a song from “Youn Sun Nah”:
…all I wanted was just
to hold you close to me…
-youn sun na

nominated by Anna Shaw

dperalta dperalta 193 posts

Becoming Sublime
by Debi Peralta

Digital Art
Dimensions: 3466 × 5200 pixels @300 ppi
Medium: Digital art (Fractal graphic composed with Apophysis 7X. Reflection and water displacement mapping performed with Photoshop.)
Completion Date: 2010-Oct-25
Release Date: 2010-Oct-25

During late autumn and winter I start to miss the blossoms of spring and summer. And so I create my dreams with my artwork. My favorite time of year is when the rains fall and what would seem delicate blossoms thrive in torrential waters … becoming sublime.

nominated by Anna Shaw

Rhonda Strickland Rhonda Strickland 4088 posts

Bridge of Sighs
by restlessd

Digital Art
Dimensions, resolution: 2386 × 2400
Medium: Fractals & Photographs
Software: Apophysis 3D Hack, Incendia, Fractalius, post-processing in PSCS2,
    w/ my own textures blending & layer masking
Completion Date: 11-14-2009

One of my first abstract creations using fractals

There will be a time for you and I
To stand upon the bridge
To look ahead and to decide
If together we cross this bridge.

We will weigh the options & the worth of love
We will look below, we will look above.
Will we turn to see if we care enough
To stand on the strength of our love?

If it’s not to be will we know?
Will one of us hear the others’ cries?
While standing alone will we know
That this was just the Bridge of Sighs?

a rhonda original©

The Robin Trower song of the same name inspired this image and then the image inspired the poem.

nominated by Anna Shaw

Amalia Iuliana Chitulescu Amalia Iuliana... 16 posts

Ghost love story – Cadence of her last breath
by Amalia Iuliana Chitulescu

Digital Art
Dimensions: 4200 × 3045 px
Medium: Photo-manipulation, with Photoshop and Corel Painter

I wonder what can really define a woman? Be refinement, grace and nonchalance? What is true femininity? Being aware of who you are, that you know you’re attractive or that your unconscious feminine power?

A woman is beautiful from her simply comportment just by the fact of being unique, releasing a certain power about femininity.

Femininity is not just movement, but rather about the attraction that it radiates as a person. Anybody can be attracted to you, because of the the person who you are, because you’re the one who stands out.

In the picture you can see the spirit behind the girl, who was attracted to her. It’s as if he had waited a long moment to be near her, feeling her.Because she is the girl whose femininity is more special.

I tried to make an illustration of “beauty and the beast” something like that, and i was inspired just from my imagination and from the Nightwish’s song – " Beauty and the beast "

- Credits are in the photo’s description.

© Amalia Chitulescu

nominated by Anna Shaw

coppertrees coppertrees 2020 posts

Floating up – Falling Through?
by coppertrees

Digital Art
Dimensions: 4267 × 4267 px @300 ppi
Medium: Fractals, w/Apophysis 3D hack

Equilibrium,balance,stability..I have been working on a series on these concepts.
A question as to which direction this is going either or.
A view for the viewer to answer the question.

Red has always been a Power color for me,energizing the area in which it is viewed.
A balance of energy flowing up and down with a Ring of true to go through.

nominated by Anna Shaw

Robin King Award
for Excellence in Digital Art
SoJie 9, March 2011

jewelskings jewelskings 77 posts

Secret Agent Man
by jewelskings

Digital Art
Dimensions: 2860 × 3805 px
Medium: Photo manipulation w/ Digital Image 10 and Gimp

I have listed with the image all credits of any stock that I used other than my own. When I saw the picture of the model a song instantly came to my head and I had to do something. Music is a major inspiration of my art. One day I hope to learn how to use my PS2 before it doen’t work on my computers operating system.

nominated by Anna Shaw

sandraharris10 sandraharris10 113 posts

Sea Eagle
by Sandra Harris

Digital Art
Dimensions, resolution:
Medium, Software:

This has been often done, to put a beast’s head on a human portrait, but I thought I’d give it a go.Not an actual sea eagle of course but a play on words and Nelson’s role as the supreme commander of the sea.

The original portrait of Nelson is by Friedrich Heinrich Fuger.

nominated by Anna Shaw

Digital Art – 3rd Place
SoJie 9, March 2011

Carol and Mike Werner Carol and Mike... 1008 posts

The traveler series: #5
by Carol and Mike Werner

Digital Art
Dimensions, resolution:
Medium, Software:

A traveler through time and space . . . moving through parallel dimensions, making choices . . . as we do in life . . playing out the consequences. Right? Wrong? Often we don’t know until the next choice arises.

nominated by Anna Shaw

Headcrime Headcrime 337 posts

No Title 126
by Headcrime

Digital Art
Dimensions: 2953 × 2953 px, 300 dpi
Medium: Mixed. photography, digital painting, all by the artist

Worktime: 7 hours
Listen to: KAMELOT – Poetry for the poisened
Paintings by me!
No Stock Material use!

nominated by Anna Shaw

Robin King Award
for Excellence in Digital Art
SoJie 9, March 2011

Digital Art – 2nd Place
SoJie 9, March 2011

Desirée Glanville Desirée Glanville 442 posts

Windmills of Your Mind
by DevineDayDreams

Digital Art
Medium: Compilation.
Software: Bryce/Daz, Incendia and Apophysis, plus postwork.

A compilation of several images created with Bryce/Daz, Incendia and Apophysis. Lot’s of post work!

nominated by Anna Shaw

zooreka zooreka 45 posts

by Zooreka

Digital Art
Dimensions 600px x 900px (Web Optimized), resolution: 60& at 72 dpi
Medium: Fractals
Software: Apophysis 7x

Forged in the dark mines of Apophysis 7x under the watchful eye of The Central Scrutinizer – pretty much WYSIWYG straight Apo render.

nominated by Anna Shaw

Mariska Mariska 330 posts

Tender Regard / A Pillanat
by Mariska

Digital Art
Dimensions : 4300 × 3300 px
Medium: Mixed Media. digital painting over traditional oil on canvas
Software: Photoshop
Completion Date: October 2010

Once again a memory of my dearest daughter – Terezkem – emlekere…. you are always in my heart…

For every beauty there is an
eye somewhere to see it. For every truth there is an ear somewhere to
hear it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it.

Ivan Panin

nominated by Anna Shaw

Robin King Award
for Excellence in Digital Art
SoJie 9, March 2011

Digital Art – 2nd Place
SoJie 9, March 2011

m-mission m-mission 686 posts

by m-mission

Photographic Art
Market place in Cannes
Camera: Sony cyber-shot
Dimensions: 50 × 70 cm
Medium: Photography on Fine Art Paper

As my friend says..” It aint the machine that makes the mark ~ Its the combination of 2 lenses”
(Rick Bransby)

A door can be opened or closed and gives a strong sensation of separation between the inside and the outside…
It is because it can be opened…
The closing produces an even stronger sensation of separation from all that is outside that space.
The door speaks… becomes an image of the boundary point on which man endures or may endure.
The door frees us from fixed points…

nominated by Anna Shaw

Geraldine (Gezza) Maddrell Geraldine (Gez... 164 posts

There is Nothing Wrong with Short Legs!
by Geraldine (Gezza) Maddrell

Digital Art
Dimensions: 4291 × 5168 pixels
Medium: stock photo compilation and manipulation
Software: Photoshop

(stock ref. in portfolio desc.)

This image is a little ‘tongue in cheek’. I am not sure if others get my dry humour but I was expressing the concepts of ‘picking a speck of wood from anothers eye whilst having a log in our own’ and ’look in the mirror!". Elements of recycled material are also a deliberate juxtaposition.

nominated by Anna Shaw

Sybille Sterk Sybille Sterk 1471 posts

by © Sybille Sterk

Digital Art
Dimensions: 3543 × 4724 pixels
Medium: Montage from stock images
Software: Photoshop

(see ref. in portfolio desc.)

This is an image very dear to me as it shows the way we shed our (spiritual) skin/shell as our understanding and wisdom grows and we become ‘more’ the person we are meant to be.

nominated by Anna Shaw

Robin King Award
for Excellence in Digital Art
SoJie 9, March 2011

Martin Muir Martin Muir 97 posts

Perfect sense.
by Martin Muir

Digital Art
Dimensions: 3508 × 4961 px
Medium: 3D, no photography stock used
Software:Photoshop cs2, Poser6, Painter 9
Music: Pink floyd

nominated by Anna Shaw

Robin King Award
for Excellence in Digital Art
SoJie 9, March 2011

Lynnette Shelley Lynnette Shelley 639 posts

Conjoined (the Geckos)
by Lynnette Shelley

Traditional Art
Dimensions: 11 × 14 in
Medium: Mixed Media on Paper

Originally displayed at the Academy of Natural Sciences’s gift shop in Philadelphia in conjunction with their live gecko exhibit, this piece explores duality utilizing both Celtic design and modern abstraction. Geckos are also bred in huge numbers in captivity, which causes genetic abnormalities, including conjoined twins.

nominated by Helene Ruiz

BenPotter BenPotter 37 posts

My Altered Ego….. Picasso
by BenPotter

Traditional Art
Dimensions: 16 × 20 in.
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Picasso, a twentieth century cubist, used his art to alter our conscious (egoic) perception of the way we view art. This was the intent of my work…to show that his influence has altered my artistic vision.

nominated by Helene Ruiz

BettyHermann BettyHermann 4680 posts

Abandoned – A little strange feeling for each of us…
by Elisabeta Hermann

Traditional Art
Dimensions: 16 × 20 in.
Medium: Acrylic on Stretched Canvas, painted mostly with Palette Knife

Honestly, I don’t think there is much to say…I just hope that I captured the moment and the frustration of this young Lady.

Abandonment is always difficult to accept. How one chooses to deal with this determines the ultimate effects it has on their life.

nominated by Maxy

Ruth Palmer Ruth Palmer 319 posts

Keep On Dancin’
by Ruth Palmer

Traditional Art
Dimensions: 20 X 20 in
Medium: Acrylic knife painting on stretched canvas

This woman is determined to stay positive regardless of what is going on around her.

nominated by Helene Ruiz

Cynthia Lund Torroll Award for
Excellence in Traditional Arts
SoJie 9, March 2011

Scottb1977 Scottb1977 218 posts

Highland Cow
by scott black

Digital Art
Dimensions, 4507×3732
Medium: photoshop CS5 manipulation

Heeland Coo in a field. This was one of my earlier photoshop creations had alot of fun making it. was taking lots of photo’s at a farm close to were i live. the grass was taken at a local field and the hills are the pentland hills very close to my house. Moving to australia in a few months and looking back on this will bring back some great memories for me. hope you guys and gals like it ;0)

nominated by Anna Shaw

John Dicandia ( JinnDoW ) John Dicandia ... 181 posts

The Devil’s Playground
by John Dicandia

Traditional Art
Dimensions: 310 × 380 cm
Medium: Pen & Ink on Watercolour Paper
Completed: January 1996

“His jacket was red and his breeches were blue, And there was a hole where the tail came through!”-Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Once again inspired by my experiences in Paris and some seedy characters.

nominated by Helene Ruiz

Cynthia Lund Torroll Award for
Excellence in Traditional Arts
SoJie 9, March 2011

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