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SoJie 8 - Solo's Juried Invitational Exhibition - October 2010

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37030 posts


Dear Esteemed Nominees, Solo Exhibition Members, and Guests,

This coming week, with the 8th Juried Invitational Art Exhibition, presented by the Solo Exhibition group of RedBubble, we celebrate one-hundred and one artists and one-hundred and six works in the digital, traditional, and photographic arts.

A panel of 3 Nominators was challenged to search the 49,000-image gallery, and from that invite 75 select works for exhibition. Nominators were chosen, based on their considerable expertise in one of the three categories from a group that includes Inside Solo Magazine feature writers and artists who have had Solo Exhibitions. Team Solo nominationed 45 additional works.

Out of 106 entries in the juried exhibition, there are 38 Traditional artworks, 34 Photographic works, and 34 Digital artworks, representing 101 artists. Twenty-two countries are represented in this international art exhibition.

Judges will award 1st – 3rd places in each of Digital Art, Traditional Art, and Photographic Art. The artwork with the highest score will be awarded Best in Show, besides a category first place. Judges will also make special merit awards.

The show runs from October 25th through 31st, 2010. Awards Day is on Wednesday, October 27th, around noon, New York time (see world clock link, below).

Congratulations to all! And thank you for coming to the exhibition and supporting these wonderful artists.

Each month, all of the members of the Solo Exhibition group have the opportunity for one or more of their works to be selected for a SoJie (Solo’s Juried Invitational Exhibition). To qualify, a member has to have joined the group at least in the calendar month prior to the current show.


F.A. Moore, Solo Founder and host

Maxy, Solo Reception Manager

Elizabeth Bravo, Solo Graphics Coordinator


Official Nominators for the show:
Lena Weisbek,
Richard Sunderland,
Keith Reesor, and
Team Solo
Elizabeth Bravo, and
F. A. Moore

Judges for the show:
John Dicandia,
Debbie Steer, and
Bunny Clarke


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SoJie 8 dates:

Nominations made: Monday
October 11
October 12
Deadline for entry: Thursday October 21
WebRing: Friday October 22
Judging: Friday
October 22
October 23
Opens: Monday October 25
Awards: Wednesday October 27


AndrewDavollImages AndrewDavollIm... 6 posts

Sand Dune Abstract
by Andrew Davoll

Photographic Art
North of Jurien Bay, Western Australia.
Nikon D200, 70-200mm lens, F22 @ 1 sec, tripod

Sand dunes north of Jurien Bay, Western Australia. Early morning
winter light. Nikon D200, 70-200mm lens, F22 @ 1 sec, tripod.
I was amazed at the many diffent colours and tones of the repeating
sand dunes.

nominated by Lena Weisbek

Debbie Steer Award
Excellence in Abstract Photography
SoJie 8, October 2010

Didi Bingham Didi Bingham 338 posts

by Damienne Bingham

Photographic Art
Masai Mara, Kenya. July, 2009.
Canon 400D
Canon 28-135mm
f/5.6, 1/160s, ISO 400

This was taken during a visit to a small Masai village on the outskirts of the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. It was quite an eye opening experience to see how the traditional peoples of Kenya lived, still preserving their customs and tribal lands even as they survived on subsistence level farming of cattle and some income generated from the tourist industry. The children were so curious about my camera, all crowding around to have their photos taken and to see the results. This little boy was particularly shy but still intrigued by the camera. I couldn’t resist the expression on his face.

nominated by Lena Weisbek

Farfarm Farfarm 189 posts

Forbidden fruits
by Farfarm

Photographic Art
Nikon D2x

Getting up early..going to shoot at the Istanbul railway station, in the hall with the beautiful lights..and suddenly the two man were there sitting, very close … while the cat slowly entered the scene….that was IT , pressing the shutter at a respectful distance !

nominated by Lena Weisbek

agnès trachet agnès trachet 134 posts

by agnès trachet

Traditional Art
Acrylics fluid and ink on paper
20 × 20 cm

the atmosphere of the place,the beauty of the Nature seemed to me very propitious for meditating…
I thought about ‘Meditations’ from Alphonse de Lamartine,especially ‘le lac’ (the lake)

two extracts(sorry in French…)

« Ô temps, suspends ton vol ! et vous, heures propices,
Suspendez votre cours !
Laissez-nous savourer les rapides délices
Des plus beaux de nos jours !

Que le vent qui gémit, le roseau qui soupire,
Que les parfums légers de ton air embaumé,
Que tout ce qu’on entend, l’on voit et l’on respire,
Tout dise : « Ils ont aimé ! »

nominated by Richard Sunderland

MERCA MERCA 57 posts

City Sunset
by Andy Mercer

Digital Art
Medium: “Tradigital”
- pastel drawing
- digitally altered
Original Size : A4

During the summer of 2006 I spent a lot of time in Leeds.. I became aware that the city sunset was very different.
This was the starting point for my series of urban art works over the last few years. Drawing is everything

nominated by Richard Sunderland

CatSalter CatSalter 41 posts

Transparent Couple
by CatSalter

Traditional Art
Acrylic on Winsor and Newton canvas board
30 × 30 cm

One of my ‘daily paintings’! I studied fine art in South Africa and have always loved the effect of the harsh sunlight that we used to get there on objects and landscapes, often with very little shadow due to the angle of the sun. Consequently, I have become obsessed with the effect light has on objects, the inky, blue shadows cast or the sparkling highlights. To me, a painting is dead without these things! One of my favourite artists, Ken Howard RA is a master at catching the subtleties of light on a wooden floor or wet pavement!

I did a series of paintings using glass as it is always seen as a difficult subject to tackle and I wanted to master it. Actually, it is not as difficult as it first appears as long as you follow the ‘rules’; paint what you see not what you think you see!

I loved these little glasses in Ikea and actually bought them as a painting subject! The highlights cast from the glass onto the surface were wonderful!

nominated by Richard Sunderland

J D Dicandia Award
Excellence in Acrylic
SoJie 8, October 2010

Headcrime Headcrime 337 posts

No Title 72
by Headcrime

Digital Art
Dimension: 2362 × 2362 pixel @300 dpi
Software: PhotoShop 5.5

Worktime: 6 hours
Listen to: MY DYING BRIDE – For lies i sire

nominated by Keith Reesor

Lior Goldenberg Lior Goldenberg 69 posts

by Lior Goldenberg

Digital Art
Dimensions: 6170 × 4670 px
Medium: Digital painting + photomanipulation
Software: Paint Shop Pro Photo X2

This is NOT an abstract. It’s a realistic painting of an abstract world.

nominated by Keith Reesor

Avantgarda Avantgarda 63 posts

Tropical Breeze
by Avantgarda

Digital Art
Software: Ultra Fractal

nominated by Keith Reesor

Anthony Mancuso Anthony Mancuso 1403 posts

the beacon
by Anthony Mancuso

Photographic Art
Cape Schanck Lighthouse, Mornington Peninsula National Park, Australia.
Nikon D80, 1/2500, f/13, ISO 500

nominated by Lena Weisbek

Magi5760 Magi5760 712 posts

That mouse is DEAD!
by Colin Trebble

Digital Art
Software: Photoshop

Some Photoshop fun with my cat, with the eyes created in Photoshop from another photo of a glass cabinet door and the mouse at the nose just for fun!

nominated by Keith Reesor

Colleen Milburn Colleen Milburn 5810 posts

Her heart belonged to daddy but her head was in the clouds
by Colleen Milburn

Digital Art
Medium: photo composite
Software: Photoshop

nominated by Keith Reesor

Digital Art – 3rd Place
SoJie 8, October 2010

Ingrid Beddoes Ingrid Beddoes 139 posts

Light in Darkness
by Ingz

Photographic Art

Tiger Lilly with raindrops…..this images means alot to me as it was one of the first macros I had ever taken.

nominated by Lena Weisbek

Debbie Steer Award
Excellence in Macro Photography
SoJie 8, October 2010

Martin Muir Martin Muir 97 posts

What a wonderful world.
by Martin Muir

Digital Art
Software:Photoshop cs2, poser 6

nominated by Keith Reesor

David Mowbray David Mowbray 31 posts

A Hesitant Calm
by David Mowbray

Digital Art
Medium: “Tradigital” Mixed Media –
- Acrylic, Ink and Spray on canvassed board
- Digital work added after scanning
4 × 2 feet

Before moving home I painted the view from my garden. There was always a feeling of iminent unrest there but will always be my favourite place.

nominated by Richard Sunderland

Sybille Sterk Sybille Sterk 1471 posts

Soul Eater
by MagpieMagic

Digital Art
Medium: Photo Manipulation
Software: Photoshop – (see image sidebar for full credits)
Dimensions: 4724 × 3543 px (40×30 cm)

This image was created because of a character in a Terry Goodkind novel (Sword of Truth). The character – Nicholas the Slide – fascinated me in that he was tragic and evil at the same time. His motto is “Hate to live, live to hate”.

nominated by Keith Reesor

Syd Baker Syd Baker 128 posts

Deeping Bosk – Jemma and the Seed Virus
by syd baker

Digital Art
Medium: Digital 3D
Software: Poser, Groboto, Strata3DCX, Vue, Photoshop

Jemma and the forest guards are still fighting a few remaining seed virus’ planted by the enemy during the “Dark Place incident”. Jemma, an adept, actually creates a spear from the absolute cold of outer space, focused through a special quartz crystal to wipe out the virus, just in time to save the little herbivore. Her friends join her to help, as usual.

nominated by Keith Reesor

Ruth Hunter Ruth Hunter 3 posts

Solitude II
by Ruth Hunter

Traditional Art
Oil Pastel on 400 lb arches rough watercolor paper
2 × 3 inches (original size)

nominated by Richard Sunderland

Veikko  Suikkanen Veikko Suikkanen 164 posts

Red Rock
by Veikko Suikkanen

Digital Art
Medium: Photographic manipulation
Software: Phototoshop CS5

I looked at the beach water sanding , round stones, magnificent shapes and colors, that I got the idea and inspiration for this work.

nominated by Keith Reesor

Ursula Rodgers Ursula Rodgers 482 posts

Waiting out the rain
by Ursula Rodgers

Photographic Art
Canon EOS 450D, 18 – 55 mm lens. f/5.6,
ISO 800, 1/30 s, 53 mm (manual settings)

Waiting out a heavy downpour during a lunchtime thunderstorm in Toronto (Canada). As I was watching the rain trickling down the glass, some interesting possibilities came to mind.

nominated by Lena Weisbek

mttmaliha mttmaliha 1387 posts

Hungry Winter Starlings
by Maureen Maliha

Photographic Art
Olympus E-520 f/8 ISO 200 1/30
Post Processing: roughened and blurred in areas, in PS

It was a very hard winter when this was taken. I was living in the middle of a beautiful cow pasture where the only food source for wildlife and especially birds during heavy snow, was the feeder I kept out for them, filled with seed. No matter how much I filled it, they always seemed hungry. They did a lot of bickering and pecking, as starlings often do. I roughened the image and created slight blur on some portions of a couple of the starlings, to express the flurry and hunger of these Winter Starlings.

nominated by Lena Weisbek

Desirée Glanville Desirée Glanville 441 posts

Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi
by DevineDayDreams

Digital Art
Medium: Fractals
Software: Incendia, Apophysis

One of my first attempts to integrate Incendia with Apophysis.

nominated by Keith Reesor

marcwellman2000 marcwellman2000 339 posts

shadow bike 44
by marcwellman2000

Photographic Art
Nanchang, China
Nikon D300, 50 m/m f1.8
Post Processing: some texturing in PS CS3; utilized LUCIS processing

This is a photo of a bicycle. The bike is about 4 inches long and 3 high. It is made with wire that a street vendor bends into shape in about 10 minutes. I saw this being done one day and had to buy a couple of them. The cost of this model bike was about $2.00

It was sitting on a shelf at home and I noticed the late afternoon sun had cast a shadow.

nominated by Lena Weisbek

photosbytony photosbytony 495 posts

After the Blizzard 2
by photosbytony

Photographic Art
Fishing Creek Valley, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Nikon D70, 80-200mm 2.8 Tokina,
Aperture 2.8, Shutter 1/2000, Manual Exposure

This image was taken at the tail end of a twenty-four inch snowstorm in Fishing Creek Valley, PA. There were winds gusting up to twenty-five mph, drifts and fifteen degree temperatures. I spent four hours chasing these guys in the snow to capture these images and it was a privilege to witness, let alone have the opportunity to photograph these magnificent animals. Tony

nominated by Lena Weisbek

Debbie Steer Award
Excellence in Nature Photography
SoJie 8, October 2010

Photographic Art – 2nd Place
SoJie 8, October 2010

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