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Welcome to my SoMBA Gallery!
Images posted were selected from the art gallery of Solo Exhibition in November, 2010.
My SoMBA Gallery features art that I LOVE!!

I hope you will follow the image and title links and see these artworks up close and personal.
In each month’s SoMBA Gallery I am excited to be able to include 2-4 works from my own art.
Enjoy my gallery and browsing the wonderful works I selected for you.


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coppertrees coppertrees 2021 posts

Face – Bernard Lacoque
by ArtLacoque

coppertrees coppertrees 2021 posts

Bernard Lacoque
Stopped in my tracks,by Eyes looking at me through the screen I found Bernard.
What can you say when a genius is at work? Viewing his art brought tears to my eyes and a opened a place in my Heart..Everyday I would look for that Pink face to see what he had created.

Speaking back and forth I found a wonderful warm, sharing and giving person. His zest for Life and Art was amazing and in his art he shared with the world gave many of us abit of life back.

He talked about the glow of people and the love of his Life Ruth. He painted love and happiness,sadness and pain,all the emotions poured from in his Hands. Hands that speak today and forever. I selected this piece of his Art to share the hands of Bernard as they make this piece so profound.

I miss his sweet tenderness,and sharing,as I walk by his art on my walls, I think of him Daily,and Thank him so much for the joy his art has brought.

I thank him for bring Ruth to us,she has become a part of our daily lives and brings smiles and love to all.

coppertrees coppertrees 2021 posts

From The Tale of Sir Conn and the Wood Nymphs
by LaFleureRouge1

coppertrees coppertrees 2021 posts

She goes by RED,Born in Louisiana the land of Bayous, Alligators and Voodoo.
A sassie ex-Model now turned the camera around and discovered she could create Art that reached out and grabbed the viewer..

In her art she brings the spirit of Louisiana,the stories of the people there and the scent of the Bayous which I am most familiar with as it is home for me as well.

Working through pain, she creates beauty and deep provocating Art and verse.
With mystery and beauty she displays the grace that life brings to her.
A smile on her face and a sassie attitude will bring you to a place where
stories are made.

Thank you RED many months of smiles and laughter,you have brought to me I value your friendship and thank you.

coppertrees coppertrees 2021 posts

Tango : Dance of Love
by Alison Pearce

coppertrees coppertrees 2021 posts

Alison Pearce,friends for years now,wow how time passes..
We have all been delighted with her tales of twisted delights,stories the take you on adventures to places unknown.

The artist in her came out as she ventured through Redbubble,she asked"do you think I can do this?"Of course you can I told her. Since then her style of art has progressed into a wonderful rich form of Art.

The innocents of Art is in her work a pure form created by a wonderful person with the voice of a storyteller.

It has been a most enjoyable time we have shared, almost 5 years now and a friendship that is forever.


coppertrees coppertrees 2021 posts

by Anthony R. Plastino III

coppertrees coppertrees 2021 posts

Anthony Plastino, a abstract artist who shares with his wife (issybeth) the arts of magic.

When I first started doing Digital Art which was very new to me Anothony commented about it being abstract..Since I had never considered my art to be in a abstract field I was surprised. So I asked him what else was considered abstract in my work. He took the time to help, what a new adventure for me.

With each person I have meet here another step in understanding that all art is necessary to express what we are trying to say..

The kindness Anthony displayed to a stranger impressed me,and I want to say Thank you to them both for the help and kindness they share with all of us here.

coppertrees coppertrees 2021 posts

by liesbeth

coppertrees coppertrees 2021 posts

If there were anyone that can turn a bad day into softness it is liesbeth.
Her art is penetrates the soul,along with her words.

Always a new a beautiful page she displays and colors that take the blues away and replaces them with calmness.

From Ospel, Netherlands she gives much to the world in color and light.
We hit Redbubble at the same time and traveled throught together sharing art and many smiles.

Thank so much for your energy and light you share with us..

coppertrees coppertrees 2021 posts

the four seasons
by butchart

coppertrees coppertrees 2021 posts

if i gave you a song
would you sing it
eyes closed
to hear the words
like pearls
hung ‘round your neck
catching the light
of a thousand fires
in simple suplication

By Butchart

Words of sweetness,rolls from the tounge of Butchart. So many times the words light the hearts of many…His art springs great freshness and Hope..

You bring much joy and many smiles to all,this is to say many thanks to you.

coppertrees coppertrees 2021 posts

Does Anyone Care?
by Kallena Kucers

coppertrees coppertrees 2021 posts

My best friend,to you the art that you share with all of us bring a greater understanding of life.

When I first view Kallenas art I was awed. The movement of life glittered brightly in this artist work. Reaching out to speak hoping to be heard.

Fighting all the way for the rights of others.

Pushing her way from pain and torment to bring the experience to a art form of Beauty.

We spend much time talking about life and its ups and downs.The struggles of humans in this world and yet the beauties through the dark always shine through..

Her Art speaks I hope you will all take the time to Listen….

coppertrees coppertrees 2021 posts

Like it Dirty
by Shanina Conway

coppertrees coppertrees 2021 posts

Hot and Sizzle! I know you know people who just make you smile and laugh. The kind that have a personality with a huge Love for life. A girl friend that you can shoot the breeze with and play in any direction…!

Put your red dress on and go out with!

Any venture into her art will make your heart smile..She has so much fun with her art that she shares…

A talent that crosses over into the Art for Children,where she adds to the imagination to the group, Art and Stories Made for Children. Delighting the children with her wonderful creations.

My thanks to you Shanina for all the wonderful conversations and laughts..

coppertrees coppertrees 2021 posts

The Golden Elephant
by Karin Taylor

coppertrees coppertrees 2021 posts

Big eyes,color and much love, Karin delights everyone here.
Delighting all who view her art, with a gentleness and respect in all she does.

Since I have known Karin I found a friend and a person of true Heart.Giving so much of her time to help others answering questions, writing out ways to help everyone here.

Her art has graced the days here so many times and the art she has shared with the Childrens group has been so fantastic. We all want to say thanks.
She has put many smiles on my face and we have shared converstions of life and joys.

Thank you Karin for so very much.

coppertrees coppertrees 2021 posts

year of the tiger
by mimi yoon

coppertrees coppertrees 2021 posts

“I believe in Love,if Only for a minute” Her words, made a difference in my life.That statement pushed its way through to a spot that was gone.

Amazing how someone can say something and it turn a thought around 180 degrees.

Mimis zeal for life shows in her Art,a giving and sharing person with a drive for Art and Beauty.

Crossing over from adult art to childrens art shows a talent of a true artist.

Thank you Mimi,for all you share and for the Love you give back to all around…

coppertrees coppertrees 2021 posts

The Story Teller
by F.A. Moore

coppertrees coppertrees 2021 posts

Frannie, wow I have never seen so much energy in a person,your drive is an inspiration to all of us..

So many people you have helped and shined you lights on. I am sure you have no idea how much you have done for the artists here, whos lifes you have made happier and brighter. Your days must have more hours then mine for you to do what you do.

An artist herself displaying colors like they were royality rich and solid.

Frannie has also done art for the Childrens group dividing herself to do art that puts a skarkle in the eyes of a child.

Been a great year here is to another one..2011

coppertrees coppertrees 2021 posts

CBP…Autumn Water
by Janis Zroback

coppertrees coppertrees 2021 posts

Janis, without your encouragement and help adjusting to Redbubble when I first came here I would have left.

I had not been doing Art but mostly copper sculptures,when I started here..Years had gone by since I had painted anything.
Janis encouraged me to paint again,we started doing chinese style and with her encourageing me on I started to open up into the colors.

Her art amazed me the Art of her trees danced across the screen. Trees of all colors and blending of nature that was bright and inviting…

She bought a piece of art of mine and I was hooked…

Thank you Janis for so much I cannot even begin to put into words.

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