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SoJie 6 - Solo's Juried Invitational Exhibition August 2010

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37034 posts

Dear Esteemed Nominees, Solo Exhibition Members, and Guests,

This coming week, with the 6th Juried Invitational Art Exhibition, presented by the Solo Exhibition group of RedBubble,
we celebrate sixty-three artists and sixty-five works in the digital, traditional, and photographic arts.

A panel of 3 Nominators was challenged to search the 43,000-image gallery, and from that invite select works
for exhibition. Nominators were chosen, based on their considerable expertise in one of the three categories.

There are 20 Traditional artworks, 20 Photographic works, and 25 Digital artworks in the show,
representing 63 artists. Two artists each have two works exhibited, having been invited by two different nominators.
Seventeen countries are represented in this international art exhibition.

Judges will award 1st – 3rd places in each of Digital Art, Traditional Art, and Photographic Art.
The artwork with the highest score will be awarded Best in Show, besides a category first place.
Judges will also make special merit awards.

The exhibit is open to comments as of Monday, August 30th. The JURIED, INVITATIONAL ART SHOW
runs from August 30th through September 5th, 2010. Awards Day is on Wednesday, September 1st,
around noon, New York time (see world clock link, below).

Congratulations to all! And thank you for coming to the exhibition and supporting these wonderful artists.

Each month, all of the members of the Solo Exhibition group have the opportunity for one or more of their
works to be selected for a SoJie (Solo’s Juried Invitational Exhibition). To qualify, a member has to have
joined the group at least in the calendar month prior to the current show.


F.A. Moore, Solo Founder and host;

Maxy, Solo Reception Manager; and

Elizabeth Bravo, Solo Graphics Coordinator


Official Nominators for the show:
Mimi Yoon,
Philip Johnson, and
Rosemary Scott

Extra Nominations came from:
F.A. Moore

Judges for the show:

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Awards your local time
Fixed WORLD CLOCK for start of Awards Ceremony
(find the city closest to you – that is your local DAY and TIME for the awards)

SoJie 6 dates:
| Nominations made: | Tuesday
Wednesday | August 17
August 18 |
| Deadline for entry: | Thursday | August 26 |
| Web Ring: | Friday | August 27 |
| Judging: | Friday
Saturday | August 27
August 28 |
| Opens: | Monday | August 30 |
| Awards: | Wednesday | September 1 |


Sybille Sterk Sybille Sterk 1471 posts

Chambers Of My Heart
by Magpie Magic

Digital Art
Dimensions: 3543 × 4724 (30×40cm @ 300dpi)
Medium: Photo manipulation
Software: Photoshop;
Stock by various artists plus my own textures and images

This image illustrates the poem of the same name. Both are about the secret rooms in our heart, where we go to grieve, to ponder, to regenerate, to remember, or just to be, and maybe there are one or two where we lock the door so we may never see them again. The rooms may look different for each person, but we all have them…

nominated by Rosemary Scott

rodeorose rodeorose 1551 posts

Like A River Does
by Rodeo Rose

Photographic Art
Melbourne’s Hobsons Bay
Nikon D90
Sigma50-500mm lens handheld
Post-processing: PSE 8, Layers and Texture added from my own collection,
plus from SkeletalMess on Flickr, and Flypaper

Shot a short walk from my doortstep, on Melbourne’s Hobsons Bay. Common birds on one of the abandoned boats that so often hold much inspiration for me, depending on the light and tides.

Title inspired by song of Melody Gardot’s.

nominated by Rosemary Scott

Veikko  Suikkanen Veikko Suikkanen 164 posts

I love mornings
by Veikko Suikkanen

Digital Art
Hamari Lake, Finland
Medium: Blended photography (artist’s own) and textures

A few of my own photos and texture of which I have done this work, the place is Hamari Lake in southern Finland, an early morning in early July.

nominated by Rosemary Scott

Jessica Jenney Jessica Jenney 146 posts

Watercolor Sunset
by Jessica Jenney

Photographic Art
Bronxville, New York, U.S.A.
post-processing with texture overlays

This photo was taken in Bronxville, NY. on a lovely autumn day. I applied texture overlays to enhance the golden beauty and create a watercolor effect.

nominated by Rosemary Scott

Scottb1977 Scottb1977 218 posts

Joan of Arc
by Scott Black

Digital Art
Medium: Photo manipulation
Software: Photoshop CS5

I wanted to do a joan of arc tribute. Ive always loved history and what a great story in history joan of arc was. Ive only been using photoshop for a year and have fell in love with it. and I really love redbubble!!! I just love to create and share what I create with people..

nominated by Rosemary Scott

Shanina Conway Shanina Conway 543 posts

by Shanina Conway

Digital Art
Medium: 3D, Digital Painting, post processing
Software: Photoshop

From 1944 to the early 50’s thousands of Japanese women fell in love with servicemen, married and started new lives in alien countries.

It must have been an incredible struggle to leave their extended families, friends, country and merge into a new culture.

nominated by Rosemary Scott

dperalta dperalta 193 posts

Elusive Fountain of Peace
by Debi Peralta

Digital Art
Dimensions: 5200 X 3466 px @300 dpi
Medium: Fractal
Software: Apophysis 7X- my own gradient; Photoshop 7.0

Composed and rendered with Apophysis 7X. My own gradient. Only very slight hue and contrast value adjustments done with Photoshop 7.0.

An esoteric fountain depicting a solution for world peace sits in a vast expanse with a war looming in the horizon.

As a child of the 60s I have always known war. I remember thinking the CBS Evening News was the Vietnam War show. Throughout my life I have been puzzled that groups will escalate disagreement to killing one another when peace seems to me to be such an easy solution. When I read of Jimmy Carter’s visits at summits with warring factions and his simple formulas for reaching agreement I become frustrated that peace seems to elude us.

nominated by Rosemary Scott

Headcrime Headcrime 337 posts

No Title 118
by Headcrime

Digital Art
Dimensions: 2480 × 2480 px
Medium: mixed: Paintings by myself – Selfportrait, with a skull;
Software: PhotoShop 4

Worktime: 8 hours
Listen to: AGALLOCH – The Mantle

nominated by Rosemary Scott


Give Me Deeper Understanding
by Sylvia Tax

Digital Art
Medium : mixed
Software: Photoshop 7, Added texture to image

Inspired by music of Kate Bush ~ Deeper Understanding

nominated by Rosemary Scott

NumandisArt NumandisArt 92 posts

What will the future bring…
by NumandisArt

Digital Art
Dimensions: 3600 × 3600, 300dpi
Medium: Photo-manipulation
Software: Photoshop CS4; stock used

This is an intensely personal piece of work, every element has a meaning to me. To private to explain in detail here, but it was very therapeutic making this.

nominated by Rosemary Scott

Lorenzo Castello Lorenzo Castello 16 posts

Turban hat
by Lorenzo Castello

Traditional Art
Medium: Charcoal on paper 60 × 80 cm

nominated by Mimi Yoon

Ana CB Studio Ana CB Studio 214 posts

Through a Dream
by AnaCBStudio

Digital Art
Medium: Digital Painting
Software: Corel Painter and Graphic Tablet

nominated by Rosemary Scott

Sandra Bauser Digital Art Sandra Bauser ... 134 posts

by Sandra Bauser

Digital Art
Dimensions: 6000 × 4255 px @300 dpi
Medium: 3D Digital Art
Software: Bryce and Daz 3D

I always try to convey to the viewer the emotion that I felt when I created the piece. It does not matter if the viewer feels good or bad about the art…as long as the viewer “feels” something. When that happens, I know that I’ve accomplished my goal as an artist.

nominated by Rosemary Scott

dllong dllong 3 posts

whore progress painting. finished left panel
by Darrell Long

Traditional Art
Dimensions: 6 × 6 feet
Medium: Oil on Canvas

This is the 4th in the narrative 11 work series titled COMA. The work is created in sequence as the events flowered over an irrepressible 8 months.

She was still involved with her old boyfriend and was not necessarily honest with me…the title are my thoughts on the subject.

nominated by Mimi Yoon

frederic levy-hadida frederic levy-... 35 posts

selfportrait in blue
by Frederic Levy-Hadida

Traditional Art
Dimensions: 40 × 60 cm
Medium: oil on paper

nominated by Mimi Yoon

Ron C. Moss Ron C. Moss 23 posts

Time Traveller
by Ron Moss

Digital Art
Dimensions: 40 × 40 cm
Medium: Mixed— Tradigital (traditional and digital). Digital blending of photos, scanned items, watercolours
Software: Photoshop CS5

I started by working with an abstract watercolour I had previously painted; it was scanned and left in colour. I worked with it in an abstract way reversing the image to create a mirror effect. The idea of a mist lake came into being and I set about adding elements from photographs until I had reached a composition that I was happy with. I then added a glass plate scan for framing effects and then used a combination of workflows to take it to a monochrome image. I have worked this way a lot recently merging paint and photography in the digital realm and I enjoy the process and what is has to offer very much.

nominated by Rosemary Scott

Randy Monteith Randy Monteith 203 posts

Running thru the fire
by Randy Monteith

Digital Art
Medium: Photo-collage and manipulation, stock by permission
Software: PhotoShop CS2

lots of hardwork and imagination

nominated by Rosemary Scott

marostega marostega 17 posts

Sapientia, secretu vitae est
by Márcia Regina Marostega

Traditional Art
Dimensions: 86 × 66 cm
Medium: Acrylic on canvas.
Date: 2010

“Wisdom is the secret of life”

nominated by Mimi Yoon

Keith Reesor Keith Reesor 800 posts

Beneath The Waves – Ayreon
by Keith Reesor

Digital Art
Medium: 3D
Software: Vue 6

Inspired by the words and music of Beneath The Waves-Ayreon.

Originally created for the RedBubble group, “Album Art – The way it could’ve been…”, when the group was a temporary group, started as a long running challenge. This work was the lucky winner!!

nominated by Rosemary Scott

Freda Surgenor Freda Surgenor 210 posts

The old wooden boat
by Freda Surgenor

Traditional Art
Dimensions: 95 × 95 cm
Medium: acrylic on stretched canvas

nominated by Mimi Yoon

sirthomas1960 sirthomas1960 53 posts

Under the Mediterranean Sun
by Tom Furey

Digital Art
Subject: Vernazza, Cinque Terre region, Ligurian Coast, Italy
Dimensions: 4800 × 4800 px (24 × 24 in.) @ 200ppi
Medium: Digital painting
Software: ArtRage 3

I’m a regular (cyber) visitor to the Mediterranean in my paintings. I just love their light, colours and textures, as well as the glorious architectural mishmash of them…this one is Vernazza, in the Cinque Terre region of the Ligurian Coast in Italy. Had a bit of a play with the perspective here, exaggerating the verticals lines to make it appear the buildings were reaching up to the sun.

nominated by Mimi Yoon

James Kearns James Kearns 4 posts

by James Kearns

Traditional Art
Dimensions: 122 × 122 cm
Medium: Acrylic on mdf

Inspired by the shear frustration of Australian politics.
Blatantly portraying the parallels between politics and the noisy minor bird (Myna birds) of Australia.

nominated by Mimi Yoon

Martin Muir Martin Muir 95 posts

And a Phoenix shall rise.
by Martin Muir

Digital Art
Medium: Photo-manipulation
Software: PS CS2, Painter, and a wacom tablet

A chance to work with a great photo of holly by phoenix555 in such a great pose didnt want too spoil to much of her natural charm.

nominated by Rosemary Scott

Karin Taylor Karin Taylor 3779 posts

True Colours
by Karin Taylor

Digital Art
Dimensions: 4987 × 7293 px (42.22 × 61.75 cm) @300dpi
Medium: Mixed— Tradigital (traditional and digital). Pencil drawing in
Visual Arts Diary (A2 acid free), photographed, and painted digitally
Software: Photoshop CS4 with a Wacom Tablet (Intuos4)

I originally wrote a poem Paper Boat Tears which in turn inspired my painting

by karin

Tomorrow when I wake
I am starting something new
I will make some paper boats
and ready them for you
I want my tears to be
with the fishes in the sea
with the whales and leviathans
and the dolphins who are free
I am building paper boats
like little funeral pyres
to contain from here my tears
and send them out for miles
Once the boats are soakeded
with my tears all splashed upon them
I’ll stand at waters edge
and send them out onto the ocean
then part of me has melded
with the deep blue open places
and the peace that comes from letting go
will heal me down the ages
Next I’ll dream the whale
has met me in the sea
that he understands my sorrows
and sing songs to comfort me
so tears now do flow freely
upon my paper boats
and help me send my sorrows
on the origami floats
And where the whale is leaping
deep blue waters are my tears
and when the dolphins gather
I have shared with them my cares

this poem is now a SONG called PAPER BOATS :) Click over to the image description page for the link and more information on the song. [ed.]

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