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SoJie 4 - Juried Invitational Exhibition - June 2010

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37004 posts

Dear Esteemed Nominees, Solo Exhibition Members, and Guests,

This week, with the 4th Juried Invitational Art Exhibition, presented by the Solo Exhibition group of RedBubble, we celebrate fifty-six artists and fifty-eight works in the digital, traditional, and photographic arts.

A panel of 3 Nominators was challenged to search the 35,000-image gallery, and from that invite select works for exhibition. Nominators were chosen, based on their considerable expertise in one of the three categories.

There are 25 Traditional, 21 Photographic, and 12 Digital works in the show, representing 56 artists. Two artists each have two works exhibited, having been invited by two different nominators.

Judges will award 1st – 3rd places in each of Digital, Traditional, and Photographic Arts. The work with the highest score will be awarded Best in Show, besides a category first place. Judges will also make special merit awards.

The exhibit is open to comments! The show runs June 28th through July 4th, 2010. Awards Day is on Wednesday, June 30th, around noon, New York time (see world clock link, below).

Congratulations to all! And thank you for coming to the exhibition and supporting these wonderful artists.

Each month, all of the members of the Solo Exhibition group have the opportunity for one or more of their works to be selected for a SoJie (Solo’s Juried Invitational Exhibition). To qualify, a member has to have joined the group at least in the calendar month prior to the current show.

F.A. Moore, Founder and host
Maxy, Reception Manager and co-host


Official Nominators for the show:
Jan Piller,
Linda Ridpath, and
Vasile Stan

A Few Extra Nominations came from:
F.A. Moore

Judges for the show:
Joanne Bradley,
Elizabeth Bravo, and
Lior Goldenberg

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ashpipedevil ashpipedevil 7 posts

by Phil Deaves

Olympus E-3
Zuiko ED 12-60mm f/2.8-4.0
ISO: 2000
no flash, hand held

A view along the Churnet Valley Railway from Cheddleton Station, Cheddleton, Staffordshire UK.
One of my last shots of 2008 taken as the light was rapidly fading. The early evening fog was beginning to settle while I waited patiently for a train that never came.

Nominated by Jan Piller



LENS: SIGMA 70-210 MM @ 70 MM


Nominated by Jan Piller

Clare Colins Clare Colins 781 posts

one step at a time
by Clare Colins

Ricoh Capilo R5
1/9 sec:
ISO 200

Taken very early one morning when these were the only footprints on the sand.

Nominated by Jan Piller

Sue Wickham Sue Wickham 170 posts

I Can Breathe
by Sue Wickham

Nikon D700 14-24 lens

Morning mist photography taken in The Dandenong Ranges, Victoria
Textures used by “Ghostbones”

Nominated by Jan Piller

lighthouse lighthouse 789 posts

I remember summer ……
by Garth Smith

Nikon D40
Nikkor 18-200mm VR lens @ 200mm
1/200th of a second

….. when the poppies dried and baked under the hot sun, the warm wind gently blowing through the slender stalks, desicating the heads in the paddock.
I love winter and the change of seasons, but I always get nostalgic for lazy summer days this time of year.
NW Tasmania

Nominated by Jan Piller

martinilogic martinilogic 54 posts

my dog at 40mph
by martinilogic

Canon XT
1/80 sec
100 ISO

My dog loves car rides! Don’t open the car door when she is around unless you were meaning to go for a ride. She gets so excited when she has her head out the window . I check her teeth for bugs when we get home.
P.S. I was not driving….

Nominated by Jan Piller

fortheloveofit fortheloveofit 18 posts

City Bowl
by fortheloveofit

Canon 50D

A view of the Cape Town City Bowl, with Devils Peak blanketed in cloud

Nominated by Jan Piller

Brian Pelkey Brian Pelkey 123 posts

Adirondack Life Photo
by bpelkey1

Speed 1/1024
Shutter priority
ISO 200
Resolution 348.9

Photograph was taken by holding camera at water level with forced flash. The rainbow trout in the photo is attempting to feed on the eggs of spawning salmon. The salmon are protecting their spawning beds and chasing the rainbow trout. Sometimes (totally unpredictable when or where) the trout, salmon, or both will become airborne. I figure that I have to take 100’s of photos to get one that is of interest (fish in view and in focus). Condensation due to cold and humid air temperature coupled with the considerable heat generated within the camera by taking so many photos in such a short time is a problem causing damage to the camera.

Nominated by Jan Piller

Arturas Slapsys Arturas Slapsys 291 posts

Old boat
by Arturas Slapsys

Oil on canvas, 18×18 inches

An old and forgotten fishing boat

Nominated by Linda Ridpath

Gordonart Gordonart 1 post

Rocquaine Belles
by Gordon Smillie

Acrylic Paint on 30"x 20" canvas board

Taken from a photograph of my wife and her fellow beach lovers ‘starting’ early at the Rocquaine Regatta.
Even though the painting is an attempt at surrealism and the girls in real life are not quite as voluptuous as these lovely ladies. I placed the balloons in front of their faces in order to further mask their identity. After much embarassed laugher and comments, “I don’t look like that”
The girls one by one came up to me and wanted to know which one represented them?
My answer (with a grin) you decide.

Nominated by Linda Ridpath

GittiArt GittiArt 292 posts

by GittiArt

This one I started with watercolour pencil on paper(42/60cm) and finished it with acrylic.

My art is figurative, invoked by a memory impression, observation, or sudden insight into human character. I’m inspired by the beauty I see in a subject!

Nominated by Linda Ridpath

RajeevKashyap RajeevKashyap 50 posts

God is One
by RajeevKashyap

Canon 40D
Lens Canon 17-85mm.
Shutter Speed 1/125 Sec.
Aperture F/5
ISO Speed 100
Edit with CS3

This image was captured of handicapped Saint, who had lost legs in serious accident. He was travelling from Rajpura to Amritsar (330km approx. distance) on his won tri-cycle. I met him in a temple. I ask him to let me shot his photographs.

Nominated by Jan Piller

Ranald Ranald 99 posts

Are we being followed?
by Ranald

Fujifinepix 5000 (from my pre-DSLR days)
taken 2 Jan 2006
400 iso

Two chickens out for an afternoon stroll in winter, near Kelso, Borders. They were starting out from the farm just behind me. Where were they going? The other side of the road or the end of it? This was one of my first (if not the first) attempt at selective colouring.

Nominated by Jan Piller

Cary McAulay Cary McAulay 66 posts

self with past lives
by Cary McAulay

oil on canvas
46cm x 61cm

from a dream were I was floating in the void and my past lives spiraled up to join me. a union of selves.
when I painted this, I was in a place very similar to the dark night of the soul..(I was at the time battling painters block! )…I was a long way physically from anyone…in my studio at night on a tropical island….but I was seeking the true me….(thats a long road!) I first painted just my face in gold on black…while looking in a mirror – painting by candlelight…my companions that night were moths and barking geckos! Painting my self like this was hugely draining (when normally it wouldn’t be) so draining in fact that I feel asleep at the easel…! I had a dream then about me painting all of the faces of past lives or ancestors or….
anyway I awoke and I found that I had not painted these faces in my self portrait at all ! So I took this as a sign! I then painted in the faces as I had dreamed! with that I broke the spell of painters block that had crippled me for weeks! I have not had painters block since….something helped me that night and for that I am grateful! there is so much more to us all than our outer shells!

Nominated by Linda Ridpath

FeeDickson FeeDickson 150 posts

by Fee Dickson

Acrylic on box canvas, 20” x 20”

Arisiag is a small village in a remote part of the West coast of Scotland. I’ve been visiting it (infrequently) for over twenty years to marvel at the sunsets there. This painting of it is the one I was most pleased with out of all the work I produced last year.

Nominated by Linda Ridpath

RakeshSyal RakeshSyal 65 posts

by RakeshSyal

Camera: Nikon D200
Lens: Nikkor 70-300 @ 300mm
F Number: f/8
Shutter Speedf: 1/500
ISO Speed: 100 ISO

A Bullack Cart race scene from Kila Raipur Rural Games Festival 2007. Popularly known as Mini Olympic and have a history of 78 years.

Nominated by Jan Piller

Martin Williamson (©cobbybrook) Martin William... 69 posts

‘Hebden: Fields and Fell’
by Martin Williamson

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 70cm square

Painted after a day spent walking in the Yorkshire Dales. I stood on the top of a style over a drystone wall and made some preliminary sketches. A strong wind was blowing and I felt slightly dizzy stood precariously on top of the wall! I wanted to convey the same feeling in my painting.

Nominated by Linda Ridpath

Tainia Finlay Tainia Finlay 59 posts

The Campfire
by Tainia Finlay

Photographic Arts – digital post-processing
Central West Slopes and Plains, NSW, Australia.
Canon EOS 50D
Canon 28-135mm lens
Exp 1/400
ISO 800
Post edited CS3

Taken to celebrate Australia Day, the song behind the image the unofficial Australian anthem sung round many a campfire “Waltzing Matilda”. This was my first white knuckle ride in photoshop! The response to this image has instilled so much confidence in me, my art. It will always be very special to me.

Nominated by Linda Ridpath

hattiesart hattiesart 1 post

by Harriet Hampton

*Oil on canvas.


Jamie, a very interesting young man and the son of my great friend, is kind, thoughtful and unassuming. Some of the best qualities, I believe, that can be found in a person.

Nominated by Linda Ridpath

Keith Reesor Keith Reesor 796 posts

by Keith Reesor

Digital Artwork
4000 × 3000 px
A Vue6 and Apophysis 2.08-3D_Hack Render
Filtered and layered in Photoshop CS4

A way to look out
A way to look in
Windows of the mind
and windows to your soul
Tinted windows and glass block windows distorting life’s adventures
Come look inside with me!!

Nominated by Linda Ridpath

Graham Clark Graham Clark 46 posts

“Reflections on The Beck, Staithes

by Graham Clark":

Original Size: 41cm H x 30cm W
Winsor & Newton on 640gsm Arches Rough

Staithes is a small fishing village near Whitby on the North Yorkshire coast of England, this view is against the light looking inland, The Beck leads to the harbour and out to sea in the opposite direction. Watercolour in its purest use is an unforgiving medium and this particular subject posed many challenges, I wanted to capture the warmth of the light on this hot summers day and the reflective light that bounced off of all surfaces, a particular challenge was the reflections upon and translucency of the water.

Nominated by Linda Ridpath

Amrita Neelakantan Amrita Neelaka... 17 posts

Green Vine Snake
by Amrita Neelakantan

CAMERA: Samsung Digimax A7 (point and shoot) on macro mode;
hand-held and yes that is my other hand! :)

This is an Ecuadorean green vine snake – Oxybelis brevirostris, found during a reptile and amphibian research survey Buenaventura Reserve in Southern Ecuador.

Like most vine snakes they are extremely fast and flexible, easily doubling up on themselves. This photo was taken just after measuring it and just before it was released back into the wild.

Caught the essence of this amazing snake – so unafraid!

Nominated by Jan Piller

edisandu edisandu 2 posts

by edisandu

oil on canvas
40/30 cm

Nominated by Linda Ridpath

colinshafer colinshafer 20 posts

Nazca Triangle
by Colinizing Photography with Colin Boyd Shafer

Canon EOS Rebel XT, 30-55mm Canon Lens
f/8, 1/200
ISO 200

Taken in Nazca Peru from a Small Plane.

Nominated by Jan Piller

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait