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Linda Ridpath Linda Ridpath 583 posts

@Adgray – Streuth!!!! I’m a DAG?!?!?! wow…. starting a whole new art form of Dagism here! cor blimey, bloody ’ell and maybe a fair dinkum or two… from an old pommie bastard!
Not a bad conversation whilst watching the England cricket team, in the process of thrashing the Australian side at One day International in Macnchester where the temperature is…….. wait for it……… nearly 30 degrees :O There are gonna be a helluva lot of sore sun burned shoulders and backs tonight :))

adgray adgray 1054 posts

The crickets on??????

Oh well
Julia Julia Julia Julia Julia! ♫ ☼Ü☼ ….. RANGAS RULE!!!!!!! ☼Ü☼ …..heeheeheeheeheeheee Ü

☺♫♦↕§♫←♪☺♣☺ Happy Dancing !!!! ♥☼♫↔♥↓§↑♣♪→§♦↕♫☺

heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheee Ü

adgray adgray 1054 posts

There are gonna be a helluva lot of sore sun burned shoulders and backs tonight

Don’t talk to me about sunburnt backs & shoulders ….
When I was a child I spent a day at the pool on an overcast day and then spent 3 nights still in my bathers sleeping in the lounge room kneeling on a pillow with my head on a stool covered in Calamine Lotion and Baby Powder - I was THAT burnt!

Now I hide from the sun so much I am actually anemic with next to NO Vitamin D!!! lol – the curse of the Computer typist writer! lol
Have to get a decent laptop and work outside ….. then I’ll get sunburn AND radiation poisoning! lol <) lol

I’m away to my bed now!
Chookas! ♥Ü♥

Linda Ridpath Linda Ridpath 583 posts

OWWWEEEE, that sounds painful… I remember a day at the beach in Geelong…. my dad got severely burnt shins, i threw an ice pole at him, for him to catch, he missed, it hit his shin, it dented his shin, bruised, bleeding, and all sorts, and he had a dent in his shin until the day he died… streuth, i did laugh… but he was in so much pain, poor old thing!!! ahhhh memories! :))

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37036 posts

You two are cracking me up, @Adgray and @Linda. I’d put your conversation in, but I don’t think they will have a translation for it!!! LOL.

Linda Ridpath Linda Ridpath 583 posts

@Frannie, evening, hope you are well this weekend….. we have had glorious weather today, and have watched the cricket, its soooo good to see us brits pound the ozzies into the ground now and again!!! I think Lynda should paint something crickety… I know you guys over the pond there dont have clue about this wonderful game, shame…. But then I am an NFL fan also, GO STEELERS….. I know this has nothing to do with art, but hey ho, life is too short to worry about it…. I’m off to beddy byes now so, talk soon xx

Lynda Robinson Lynda Robinson 3159 posts

Goodness me I don’t know where to start!

@Fran – Yes, one man and a dog can very easily move a large number of sheep. That is my hubby (Peter) depicted in the paintings, and the dog is ‘Kitch’. When we were on this property (3,000 acres) Kitch knew every inch of it, and Pete only had to say ‘Back Paddock’ (or whatever paddock he was going to) and Kitch was OFF like a rocket, and had the sheep almost to the gate by the time Pete got there! He was a fantastic sheepdog, and one in a zillion.

@ Linda – Poor old Mervette is just about frozen to her perch this morning! We have FROST! It is so COLD! Did you have to mention the cricket? Although I think it’s quite good to see the Poms getting a bit of cricket cred again! It all augers well for the test match this summer. What about the football though? I heard that England lost to Germany overnight and there was a controversy regarding an English goal! I don’t understand the game or the points system rules at all. It seems like if you win, you lose!

Going over the page now……..

Lynda Robinson Lynda Robinson 3159 posts

@ Adgray & Linda – HA HA HA HA HA!!!! You are so amazing. @ Frannie – you obviously need some interpretations of a few expressions from Adgray……

‘Ranga’ – a person with red hair (Ranga as in Orangatang)!
‘Ten Pound Ranga Taffy Sheila’ – Adgray is referring to our newly acquired Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, and she has red hair! ‘Ten Pound Poms’ (Pom is an English person) migrated to Australia for the sum of ten pounds. ‘Taffy’ is someone from Wales in the U.K. ‘Sheila’ is an Australian name for a woman.
*Ripperbonzabewdymate’ – I think this needs dissecting – ‘Ripper’ means very good, ‘Bonza’ means very very good’, ‘Bewdy’ means beautiful and very very very good, ‘Mate’ is a friend.
‘Streuth’ – is an exclamation similar to "My Goodness’ or ‘OMG’!

I don’t know whether you’ve noticed, but Adgray happens to be a Ranga!

@ Linda – I do believe I have a ‘cricket’ painting around somewhere!!!! I’ve done a couple in my time. I know that I haven’t got a photo of one of them, but I’m pretty sure I have of the other one. I will see if I can find it and if the quality is good enough to upload!!!

adgray adgray 1054 posts

Oh the idea of a Robbo Cricket painting is really quite a mouthwatering idea!

The light on the whites bright on the green
a scattering of colour from spectators seen
the shimmer of gumtrees obscure summer sky
and the bowler scares the cockies flying by!
….. Ü

Hahaha I still got it! lol
Now wouldn’t it be freaky if that is the scene Robbo painted! lol Ü lol
(I haven’t seen it I swear!)


Linda Ridpath Linda Ridpath 583 posts

@Lynda, shame about the football, but who cares, i dont like it!!!!….. It would be great to see a cricket painting of yours tho…. Anyhooo, i am off to buy last minute stuff to take to holland tomorrow… so this ten pound pom is signing off for now.. Just think, travel all across the planet for £10.00…. Wouldnt it be great to be able to do it that cheaply now! xx

Susan  Kimball Susan Kimball 453 posts

You are such a talented artist Lynda and such a joy to see your work showcased here. Congrats!!

Randy Sprout Randy Sprout 177 posts

I can hardly believe that it takes all these post to translate a ‘Streuth’‘Ranga’ *Ripperbonzabewdymate’‘Sheila’ on trolling Sunset Blvd on a Saturday night you only have to hold up a $20.00 bill and they don’t really care what you call them? Lol! I’m bad I know, but I couldn’t resist your wonderful eclectic language.

maxy maxy 17347 posts

…………….coffees for you all!!! ! It’s freshly ground!!! :-)

maxy maxy 17347 posts

Chef Solo is running around with his very very special ice cream survival kit bowl – every flavor you can imagine!

maxy maxy 17347 posts

Good Morning Lynda!!! Breakfast for you this morning!!!

Ken Tregoning Ken Tregoning 88 posts

Beautiful and magnificent art from a brilliant Artist. you can’t find Lynda when you need her, Hugs Ken

Michael Jones Michael Jones 45 posts

Oh! Dear! I’m sorry I seem to have missed the opening night, I have just perused your exhibition and as usual your work just ZZINGS! it is wonderful to be able to see them all ‘full screen’ one after another, hmm, my eyes are now exhausted from frolicking in all of that visual splendour!
Fantastic work Lynda, a bunch of well deserved accolades! Cheers, M

maxy maxy 17347 posts

Yummy coffee for you Lynda!!! :-)

billyboy billyboy 565 posts

Lynda? Don’t even know if yer gonna see this after 3 years…
But I caught a glimpse of a glass of coffee that looks like beer and had to visit your Solo spotlight !
OK, I’m a bit late. Not the first time that’s happened to me…
But your work is awesome and I just needed to tell you that :-)
Billy !!

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37036 posts

LOL, Billy! That’s great that you stopped in to say hi to Lynda!

Lynda Robinson Lynda Robinson 3159 posts

LOL!!! I cannot stop smiling!!! I certainly DID get to see it Billy, you delightful person you!!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to call in for that glass of coffee/beer! (I think I would prefer the beer) and for leaving me such lovely words. AND – You can have some of my DNA any time! LOL! LOL!

Hey Frannie! You are AY-MAY-ZING! How do you get to find all these things on RB and leave comments that mean so much to people??? You are an incredible soul.

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37036 posts

Oh, Lynda, your solo is still in my follow topics. All of the Solos are. I’m so happy when they get extra comments.
Billy coming by to see your show and leaving you a comment made my day!

You can add things to your gallery here, Lynda, if you like. Some do!

Linda Ridpath Linda Ridpath 583 posts

Isn’t Billy cool. We have been chatting away. Red bubble can be such a lot of fun … This really is a great showcase Lyndy Lou x

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