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ALT-ART Expo - 2010

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37030 posts

#Welcome to Solo Exhibition’s first ever ALT ART EXPO!

Here you will see “Alternative Artworks” by members of the Solo Exhibition group of RedBubble. Alternative Art, for purposes of this art exhibition, includes: painted or hand made artistic furniture, wall and building murals, tromp l’oeil paintings, pottery, basket weaving, hand-printed fabrics, non-traditional sculpture, hand-painted wearable art, woodworking, art cars, videos that are art, themselves (and not of art), and more!


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OPEN INVITATION TO ALL SOLO MEMBERS: This is YOUR personal invitation to post here, in this very forum, an image of your Alternative Art. It will eventually be reformatted to Solo’s “exhibition style”.

Here’s what you might post, but anything other than traditional works on paper and canvas might be considered “Alt art”

PAINTED or Block-printed FABRIC
FILM or VIDEO (linked poster image, as YouTube videos don’t show up in forum comments) (NOT something made at One-media. And Not a video of your art. But a Video or Film that IS art, itself.)
UNUSUAL SCULPTURES, made from non-standard materials
etc. (help me add to the list)

1) If your image is on RedBubble, do use the EASY BUTTON to post. Check off the “Feature – Large” option. Don’t be scared. IT’s the easiest thing you’ve ever done.

Any extra images, for example of the work in progress, that are on photobucket OR Flickr, add the direct link here, surrounded by exclamation marks. That will make the jpg show up as an image.

2) Below your image, tell us all about the piece, how you did it, why you did it, a little history. Yep, we want to know blow by blow details of how you created it. If you need to post in another language, other than English, do so!! We’ll get it translated the best we can and add a little English subtext below it, for you.

3) Artists – only post your own work; Photographers may post artistic captures of anyone’s ALT ART, but please still give us all the wonderful details!!: Who, what, where, when, how, and why! Don’t keep us guessing. :))

your host,

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F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37030 posts

Punch and Judy chair
by F.A. Moore

Refurbished and hand painted antique chair set. Shown, 1 of 2.
Chairs are titled and signed: one is “Punch”; the other is “Judy”.
Alternative Art by F.A. Moore, April 2006

Supplies: pair of Antique chairs, early Eastlake style; “Milk paint”
from an unfinished furniture store, gold metallic paint; new upholstery fabric,
seat webbing, padding, etc.

Could be for sale (inquire), but must go together.
These are smallish chairs, from mid – late 1800’s.

Visual History of the making of Punch and Judy:

chairs, as purchased, potential new seat fabric (not chosen), webbing, paint.
captured in the garage, behind my SUV, just back from shopping

old horsehair seats, refurbish process

the workstation – my sister’s kitchen,
with a blue tarp down on her lovely wooden floors!
left – unglazed chair, right – glazed chair

Back detail, showing gold edging

Seat and leg detail, taken outside (blown highlights)

Final product, sans seats

ssorinoco ssorinoco 147 posts

Sun Day, Moon, Night
by Suellen Cook

Hand made Diary cover, by the artist, using layers of hand-painted silk,
and free-hand machine embroidery, and some beading.

The cover consists of a front (day) and back (night) cover to represent the facets
of my life that might find their way into my diary or not depending… lol.

Hope you enjoy… Suellen

Lynda Harris Lynda Harris 141 posts

by Lynda Harris

This is a 40 foot shipping container I painted with some help from children at Eltham Primary School here in Melbourne.

It is being converted into an educational resource unit, to be sent to the Ranthambhore Tiger Sanctuary in India as part of their Tiger Watch program. It was a fantastic experience (if not initially nerve wracking to have my art on public display – including passing cars and pedestrians) but very rewarding. The kids loved it! This photo was taken while it was on display in Federation Square in the heart of the Melbourne CBD. Unfortunately, it does not show the other animals painted on it – elephant, lion, giraffe, bongo, gibbon and peacock. By the time it got to Fed Sqaure, the nerves had gone and it had become my baby. :D

catherine walker catherine walker 142 posts

Our new tiled garden wall..I love this!
by catherine walker

My ever skillful and talented husband bob made all the tiles.. then I carved them and I hand painted them with underglaze he fired them and then he did something else to them (which is our one secret..hha !) All hand made and I am so very proud of it.

here is our newest garden has a real religious flavour..some even say it looks almost byzantine..but It’s completely original and not one bit was copied from anyone elses work I haven’t even looked in any books to do this wall…it’s all from my own I was so very happy with the result of this one..the colours/glazes are just wonderful in this one so rich and it has a certain depth about it… and a certain feeling which is quite overwhelming has a peaceful and even a holy feeling .
I think it has what I call a “universal appeal” in that it could come from anywhere ..any time and any country ..people can look at this wall and instantly relate to it . I’d like to call it “the wall of Saints” when it’s completed needs another saint in there to finish this panel..then we just extend it as we make the wall bigger. I have always loved the story of simple st francis of assisi and st claire.. so I think that’s who these saints will be. I hope it eventually sells for a fortune though in reality I would like to keep it for myself..heee!!!

catherine walker catherine walker 142 posts

Our Tiled Garden wall (BACK WALL)
by catherine walker

bob made all the tiles..I carved and painted them ,then he fired and glazed them…

ok here’ s another, the wall we made for my sister and her husband in sydney- the hunter valley region
the result was pretty impressive even if I say so myself..

we are making more.. all different tiles next time.

catherine walker catherine walker 142 posts

Tiled Garden wall ( THE FRONT WALL)
by catherine walker

This is the front wall as there was a back wall and a front one..we were very happy with the final result of this garden art.

catherine walker catherine walker 142 posts

by catherine walker

it’s a very large vase that bob made for’ s slip caste pottery but he made the original vase , the master and the mould..I handpainted it with underglazes and then he fired it twice.

Ok and here is one of my most favourite of vases..I still have this one it was done in the 90’s..many of my favourites have been broken over the years and this one was in my one and only ever solo exhibition at the “old cheese factory” a gorgeous old building in victoria that really did used to be a cheese factory..all old stone it was great to exhibit there.

It turned out really well.I have a fan of this vase on red bubble and she even wants to buy it but there is no insurance to canada with australian post and I couldn’t bare the thought of having it break in transit so it will sit here for a few years more until I figure a way ..and an inexpensive way to send it ,last time I looked it was over $400 to send by private couriers.

catherine walker catherine walker 142 posts

now for ..The whole Family..Strange ceramic dolls
by catherine walker

ceramic dolls – slip cast pottery -hand painted/glazed .. fired twice

my Strange ceramic dolls..well bob threw up some shapes from plaster for these and then made moulds for me ,he is very skillful ..these turned out quite well I think..they are meant to be a tad strange.. they are!

Richard Sunderland Richard Sunder... 1298 posts

Congratulations, Frannie great idea, brilliant array of work from the personal to the large scale public, and what a beautiful celebration of the Arts & Crafts.
I’m going to have to try taking my work into new media!
It is somewhere I want to be too.

Woodie Woodie 384 posts

Goody Two Toe Shoes. Magritte
by Woodie

Granddad’s slippers and granddaughter’s booties. decorated with acrylic paints as Rene Magritte 1935 The Red Model shoes. College project 1999. A&D foundation Course, Fashion week (Actually 3 weeks) see next image as well for inspiration.

Magritte’s The Red Model itself became a model through its use as a cover for the second edition of Andre Breton’s Le Surrealisme et la Peinture. In 1945 Duchamp and Donati collaborated on a window display promoting the book at Brentano’s, the New York bookstore. They reproduced the shoes in emulation of Magritte. Next Page/Image

Woodie Woodie 384 posts

Dali’s Chest of Drawers
by Woodie

Based on Dali’s “The City of Drawers”, 1936 (My year of birth)

-Wood grain print for drawer fronts and stencil sides.
-Real metal ring handles.
-Real hankie, brooch and stocking hanging from drawers.
-The gold chain and watch got stolen!!
-Gulls stencils cutouts.
-Acrylic Fabric dyes used like paints.

College project Art & Design Foundation part time course. 1999/2000. Fashion Week.
As a 63 year old. Didn’t learn a thing.

I DIDN’T sew the dress together. Used my charm to get a tutor to do it!!!

PS. Chest and waist 42”, length 36”. It’s still in my wardrobe!!! Any offers.???

sibel sibel 350 posts

by sibel

A double-sided, quilted vest which was completely designed, hand painted and made by me.

The motif on it is called “Cintamani” which consists of three dots and stripes. During the Ottoman period, this motif was very popular as the representation of power and royalty on textiles, costumes and carpets and in all other Ottoman arts. Today, the Cintamani motif lost its meaning of power and it is frequently used as one of the traditional Turkish motifs mostly on tiles.

Diana-Lee Saville Diana-Lee Saville 740 posts

Ding Dong Dell…
by Diana-Lee Saville

Hand-made decorative well, from found materials

Hmmmm…now this was done at one of my nuttier moments…I wanted a well, but I wanted to make it as a piece of art. Everyone thought I was quite mad as I scurried about looking for scraps. Putting it together was fun and I did get a little help from my step son Dean (aged 12).
First I dug a bit of a hole. I then found an old 44 drum which was rusted out. I placed it in the ground and filled in the gaps with dirt. I found some old fence pailings on our “recycle/tip heap” and placed them around the drum (after Dean cut them). I used wire wrapped around the drum to secure them. I found some forked branches and used them for the side bits. A branch also came in handy for the holdy thingy for the bucket…lol…I was almost finished and couldn’t figure out what to use as the roof. i then saw a scrap of corrigated iron which i bent in half and wired to the side sticks…and there you have it…I added an old tin bucket i found and stuffed a Garfield cat i had in it to finish it off…
Photo was taken by me. :))

Linda Ridpath Linda Ridpath 583 posts

Double Dutch
by Linda Ridpath

Two pairs of clogs, one with leather uppers, I painted flowers and foliage with acrylic paints;
the other – wooden clogs made in front of my eyes in Holland. I painted these up in an ‘abstract’ fashion.

The one with leather uppers are mostly worn by myself in the garden, so that when the flowers look my way, they see nice friendly feet!!!

The wooden clogs I wear when i paint. Some of the splashes i make will be unseen and/or add to the effect.

Canon EOS 300D

Double Dutch
by Linda Ridpath

Kim McClain Gregal Kim McClain Gr... 1018 posts

This is the work in progress:

Mosaic tile, designed by artist, for Kitchen backsplash

Hi! I like making mosaics.

This first one is on the wall of the Ocean City, NJ shore condo we just sold. I purposely used the wrong side of some of the glass tiles to add texture to the final piece.

Linda Ridpath Linda Ridpath 583 posts

wooden act
by Linda Ridpath

On a piece of board, i painted a rough outline of a face and then hot glued
some canvas stretchers to make a raised face shape, then had great fun
painting with acrylics.
Size 16 × 12 inches

It looks quite spooky in real life.

For sale

Themis Themis 3137 posts

Aladdin’s Cave (4)
by Themis

Photograph of etched mirror – Art Deco period

Art Deco (?) bathroom mirror (see more about the place of discovery in the picture’s Description. The fish are etched on the mirror. The lighting is coming from a ceiling light, and I positioned myself in such a way a to have it reflect on the rough surface rather than the shiny one. The colour is gold because I didn’t correct the white balance :-)

Sagrada Familia Detail (2)
by Themis

Photograph of Architectural detail, Sagrada Familia cathedral

What attracted me to this relatively small detail on the western façade of the Sagrada Familia cathedral is the stone texture and warm colour given by the setting sun. Due to the curvature of the wall and the fact that the balcony I was on is very small, I barely managed to get the whole word in the frame (if I leaned outwards any more I would have needed wings). To get a sense of perspective and of scale of this detail, see this picture from the Wikipedia page. The name in my picture is Philipus, the name of the Apostle represented on the fourth tower – you need to click on the Wikipedia picture to zoom in, look at the 4th tower, find the Apostle and look to his right.

Syd Baker Syd Baker 128 posts

All My Birdhouses
by syd baker

Homemade Birdhouses

I have a mini bird sanctuary in my backyard I call the Wild Kingdom, with homemade birdhouses. Here are a few from over the years:


Woodie Woodie 384 posts

Cheshire CATh noseart (acrylic)
by Woodie

Airplane noseart mockup.
Size overall 13” x 24”. The rivets are painted on.

A college project to do the artwork for a make-believe film. I choose “Dambusters 2” featuring Wing Commander Lenard Cheshire. This is the nose-art for his P51 Mustang, and the figure was based on the controversial 2000 Opium advert of Sophie Dahl. I put some pants on her and turned her upright. I gave the film the “Pearl Harbor” treatment i.e. don’t let the facts get in to way of a good story!
Size overall 13” x 24”. The rivets are painted on. yr 2000

Stop Press
Stephen Fry has written a screenplay for a new $100million Dambuster movie starring Jame McAvoy as Guy Gibson.

Woodie Woodie 384 posts

Naum GABO construction
by Woodie

1970 Clear/coloured plastic sheets and thread construction based on a magazine photo of Naum Gabo’s design

I constructed this from clear and coloured “Perspex” sheet way back in 1970 from a tiny little photo in a art magazine. (Nail and thread pictures were all the rage then). It was only 30 years later when doing a Art and Design Foundation course that I found out who the original artist was.

Naum Gabo KBE, born Naum Neemia Pevsner (5 August 1890 – 23 August 1977) was a prominent Russian sculptor in the Constructivism movement and a pioneer of Kinetic Art. He was a Russian sculptor, architect, theorist, and teacher, brother of Antoine Pevsner. Gabo lived in Munich and Norway until the end of the revolution, when he returned to Russia. With Pevsner he wrote the Realist Manifesto (1920), which proposed that new concepts of time and space be incorporated into works of art and that dynamic form replace static mass. His sculptural experiments with constructivism , a movement he helped found, were often transparent, geometrical abstractions composed of plastics and other materials. Gabo’s art conflicted with Soviet art directives. In 1922 he left Moscow for Berlin where he taught at the Bauhaus, later moving to England and then to the United States. In 1957 he executed a huge public monument in Rotterdam.

PS. I still have this on a shelf in the garage! Out of garage now and this is one of my new photos silhouetted against the sky.

Kim McClain Gregal Kim McClain Gr... 1018 posts

Work in progress, found object-art – reconstructed gumball machine

This second one is a dumpster dive project. I rescued the broken gumball machine from the trash, placed a styrofoam ball for the globe, and used glass beads for the gumballs.

This is the work in progress:

Kim McClain Gregal Kim McClain Gr... 1018 posts

Fish On (After)
by Kim McClain

Mosaic of surf clam seashells and oyster shells from Cape May, New Jersey, U.S.A.
40 × 32 inches

On my family room wall, My Yellow Fin Tuna hangs proudly

This one is here on RB. The mosaic was created on thin cement board with painted pieces of surf clam seashells except for the light part of the body, the shells are natural. The fin is coming out about 4 inches and is made from 2 oyster shells. The background and frame was painted with acrylics using various shape sponge brushes.

Here is the project in progress (I tied up the dining room table for a while LOL)

Linda Ridpath Linda Ridpath 583 posts

with the help of my personal assistant – long bobble hat
by Linda Ridpath

Pottery – functional art

My personal assistant in the kitchen, he normally sits on the window sill and watches and advises about all things cooking. But seems to have got involved in fashion just recently, especially millinery….
Made at our local college when i attended a pottery course about 9 years ago i guess. He often chats to a couple of my Madonna figures in the Barbara Hepworth style, but they popped out when they saw the camera coming along…..

izzybeth izzybeth 345 posts

Autumn Fire 2008
by izzybeth

Mixed Media – Stain glass and glass beads on glass – Mosaic

One of the reasons I like this mosaic, the glass was glued to glass and so the original looks pretty up at the window.

I was experimenting when I did this one. After I finished the mosaic, I silicon glued the glass to the pretty black frame.

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait