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Artist solo exhibitions, juried invitational exhibitions, and workshops

Recent Work

  • " To be, or not to be, that is the question " ©Dr.Andrzej Goszcz Photography. Photographer : Łuki. by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D
  • Josep “Farragetes” by Valentina Henao
  • The Dreaming Tree by Cary McAulay
  • Fisherwoman by linaji
  • Natural History Museum 6 by John Velocci
  • Seaside landscape, oil by Roz McQuillan
  • Summertime III by Kathie Nichols
  • "Why," the old man said, "A Republic if you can keep it." by Ted Byrne
  • Once We Were Rich(er) by Ted Byrne
  • 1957 Bay of Fires by Hans Kawitzki
  • the last waterhole by glennbrady
  • Of the suffering of the world converters (1 of 6) by Enoeda

About This Group

Welcome to Solo Exhibition’s RedBubble home.

FEATURED WORKS are hand picked from the gallery of accepted submissions by our artist members.

Thursday, 14 Nov. 2019. Focus on Thanks for our Gifts, Please visit the featured artists:


Fondly remembering our talented friends
Bob Bremner, gone but not forgotten
Annie Lemay’s gift
Tokiko Anderson – the day came


Join Solo Exhibition Workshop Studios and Masterpiece Studios. Your solo studio is a free, virtual showcase for work in progress, complete with a supportive community and built-in inspiration. Gain followers, friends; make lasting relationships; and challenge yourself, no matter your skill level. Work in collaboration with select photographers, or from your own resources. When the challenge stops, the fun stops. Come join the fun and adventure of these workshops. Follow the links and set up a studio. Guidelines apply as set forth in the terms of each workshop. See you there!


WORKS of the DAY, Inside Solo

Women portrayed through the eyes of Solo Exhibition artists and photographers
Solo Exhibition women in the arts
Magicians of Still life
5th Annual Host Hullabaloo – celebrating group hosts of RedBubble
Painters Academics, For the Love of Art
SoJie 25 – Solo’s Juried Invitational Exhibition

Solo Exhibitions.

  1. Solo Exhibition is your opportunity to solo 12 of your finest art works.
  2. An artist’s reception is held honoring you, on opening day.
  3. Your featured art works are hung in your gallery for you.
  4. Solo Exhibition members and the public are invited to the virtual event.
  5. Celebrations extend through the week. You meet and greet guests.
  6. These are not guaranteed to all members, but we hope you will attend.
  7. They are fun, invigorating, inspiring, and informative.
  8. It’s fun to see and be seen at the solo galleries.
  9. Solo Artists have been discovered through their visits to these shows.

Inside Solo magazine.

  1. Inside Solo features works of 7-8 more artists.
  2. Articles are written by a volunteer team of excellent artists-writers.
  3. As of March 23, 2010’s volume 27 issue, record audio for each feature.
  4. Inside Solo will be available as a podcast on Apple’s iTunes.
  5. The podcast increases the audience and exposure for the artists.

Juried Invitational Exhibitions.

  1. SoJie’s, Solo’s Juried Invitational Exhibitions are held monthly.
  2. These special exhibitions mimic juried, invitational, gallery shows.
  3. A panel of nominators nominates 60-100 artworks for the shows.
  4. Artists get a personal invitation to exhibit the nominated artwork.
  5. A separate panel of judges meet privately to make awards.
  6. Nominators and judges change each month.
  7. Judges remain anonymous until the exhibition opens.


  1. an opportunity to be inspired and inspire others,
  2. challenge yourself,
  3. and, in so doing, learn from yourself and others
  4. workshop products are often considered for Solo’s juried exhibitions (SoJie’s)


  1. The focus of Solo Exhibition is on the selected artist, whether they be an artist selected for Solo Exhibition, an artist whose work is written up for the magazine, Inside Solo, an an artist invited to show at a Juried Invitational Exhibition, or a participant in a Solo sponsored workshop.
  2. Submitted works to the Solo Exhibition gallery should be “exhibition class” works, only.


  1. Especially artists who are booked for a Solo Exhibition, are expected to be leaders and support the other artists who Solo.
  2. Support for fellow member’s spotlight moments is part of the Solo culture.

The following subjects or conditions are NOT ACCEPTED:

  1. Works which are a a copy of a work copyrighted to another person, unless written permission was given by the copyright owner.
  2. Photographed Nudes (never)
  3. Individual Flower Photos (very rarely)
  4. Portrait Photos (rarely)
  5. Model/Commercial Portfolio shots (never)
  6. Pet Photos (extremely rarely)
  7. Images with text overlays (rarely)
  8. Images with a picture frame (never)
  9. Images which are crooked or poorly lighted
  10. Images for which the main page defaults to a t-shirt, stickers, iPod case, iPad or iPad mini cases, duvet cover, pillows, totes, framed or mounted print, card, or anything “product shot”; other than the default (550px) image. (never)

Complying with this helps maintain “exhibition-class” work in the gallery, and reduces moderation time.


  1. REQUIRED for paintings showing female or male form.


  1. Any.
  2. Specify in your description
  3. The primary image on the description page MUST BE the default (550px) image.

Simple rule of thumb,

  1. If the stock provider requires a link back, then so does Solo.
  2. Or, state “no stock used” in the description, if that is the case.

This group offers the opportunity to be exhibited solo, here.

  1. There are no guarantees of a solo exhibition or any exhibition.
  2. There are no guarantees of work being accepted in the gallery.
  3. Both are competitive, against yourself and other artists.
  4. Submitting your best pieces and exhibiting professionalism helps.
  5. As of 2011, Solo holds regular online art workshops.
  6. Exhibitions are shown both here and at


  1. Like any solo exhibit, there will be a bit of setup.
  2. But don’t worry, we’ll bubblemail you. Piece of cake. Get excited.


  1. Please do not solicit the hosts for an exhibition, jokingly or not.
  2. Unfortunately, if you do, any opportunity you had will be nixed.

SUBMISSIONS. – reading this will help you. These are not rules, just notes.

  1. Submissions have been moderated, now, for about three years.
  2. The current acceptance rate is approximately 25%.
  3. Solo gets in the range of 200+ submissions per day.
  4. Moderation balances the gallery with best-works.
  5. Each artwork or photograph is reviewed large, on your page.
  6. Image must show the standard “550” size as the default image.
  7. e.g., Tees/iPod cases/framed images, etc. are not accepted.
  8. Image may be removed for reasons explained in the “rules”.
  9. Submit your best, only; look at each with a critical eye.
  11. Please do not submit every new work.

Featured cover image for Solo Exhibition

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