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  • Rishani Sittampalam

    The Bridge by Rishani Sittam...

    sinful man
    to a
    righteous God -


    from death
    to life.

    The way
    to Salvation &

    22 words
  • Rishani Sittampalam

    Because of You by Rishani Sittam...

    I believe in pain, because You meet me there
    and grasp my little hand in Your great big one,
    You wrap me in the shield of Your love,
    in Your embrace You soothe away my tears
    and wash away my fears.

    347 words
  • Rishani Sittampalam

    A Portal by Rishani Sittam...

    I still look for you, as I lie in bed,
    caught in between waking and sleeping,
    in the threads of the subconscious and the conscious world,
    I strain my heart to sense the echoes of you.
    As a child I re…

    172 words
  • coppertrees

    On the Edge by coppertrees

    Cold dark room,with a bed nothing more. Only webs and and dust from the past

    151 words
  • markvasey

    A Soul Split In Two by markvasey

    Again and again I rode the rising high feelings faster and faster until I flew feeling untouchable and fearless,

    596 words
  • markvasey

    courtney by markvasey

    your soul is so beautiful your words line my mind with a golden coating,
    your eyes shine bright blue glistening like crystals sitting in the wonderful white clouds draped only by sunshine,

    269 words
  • markvasey

    The Magic by markvasey

    The day the driven dreams crashed,
    The wicked thoughts splattering cells,
    Creating hell,

    110 words
  • markvasey

    For Us by markvasey

    It doesn’t want me to be happy,
    But when I’m with you it’s vanquished,
    You fulfill me more than any pill

    181 words
  • justinbysma

    Nature of Existence by justinbysma

    Nature of Existence
    by ~justinbysma…

    Oh what power wrought…
    What Divine intervention gives birth to such Flight.
    Such Cowardice moves me – No. Love moves me.
    Heart! Cease thy Lustful Quake!
    For thy Rhythm

    231 words
  • justinbysma

    Fallen. by justinbysma

    Take flight amidst angels and men.
    Where wings alone keep you aloft.
    The city far below you burns with morning light.
    As if the sun had set fire to the heavens.
    But your sin will only keep you so long.

    58 words
  • markvasey

    I Only Wish To Be A Dot Written By Your Pen by markvasey

    Together you and I will never be cold,
    And our romantic story will be written in children books and forever be told,
    You can be the author, I only wish to be the period, a dot written by your pen.

    279 words
  • Rishani Sittampalam

    You are God by Rishani Sittam...

    You are the God who hears my heart
    And watches me while I sleep,
    You calm my fears,
    You still my storms
    And answer me when I call.
    You are faithful
    You are my Rock
    You are my Refuge
    And my fortress
    You are po…

    61 words
  • coppertrees

    Bitter Sweet by coppertrees

    Yet linger on
    the end of the tongue
    tasted off the lip

    61 words
  • Honario

    Pablo's Fish by Honario

    It is somehow like Pablo’s fish
    In the wind
    That I have a knowing of
    The wind
    Though I live in the water
    And the wind is my death

    112 words
  • Honario

    excerpted from Ten Days On The Cape by Honario

    Hold me. Love me. I am your forever.
    But only if you sound the depth
    of your dreams with the voice
    of your past.

    138 words
  • jedidiah morley

    doing it by jedidiah morley

    why would i leave you an extract, when you’re meant to read all of it? ;oP

    132 words
  • Kevyn Paul Eisenman

    'Silent Soldier' Chapter One by Kevyn Paul Eis...

    I keep thinking that this has all been a dream… a misguided, alternative reality that has played out for the last forty years, and I will wake up. But, sad to say, it isn’t. Memories have shot before…

    1772 words
  • Kevyn Paul Eisenman

    Silent Soldier- Chapter Two by Kevyn Paul Eis...

    In a little town about a half hour to the west from my home, lay my ‘test’; it was a farming community, with a co-op, a grade school, two churches- and about twelve bars: Typical priorities for a not…

    1201 words