STOP and Smell the Roses - Closed for July

*Photography only* - A group for all artists, devoted to the mesmerizing and peaceful rose.

Recent Work

  • Sweet environment by Ana Belaj
  • Single Rose Leith Park Victoria 20180430 2677  by Fred Mitchell
  • The red Rose that keeps on flowering........!! by Roy  Massicks
  • Beautiful pastel pink garden rose and buds by Anna Lemos
  • Orange Rose by TeAnne
  • Misty Rose Reflections by Elaine Teague
  • Yellow Rose Series - 2     ^ by ctheworld
  • Yellow Rose Series - 1 by ctheworld
  • Rosebud by My-EventHorizon
  • Blue Rose by My-EventHorizon
  • Pink Rose by gemlenz
  • White rose by Ana Belaj

About This Group

A Group devoted to the Queen of Flowers.
The winner of our Yellow Roses Challenge is Rick Davis with his picture “A Yellow Beauty”.

There were three joint winners in our Red Roses Challenge:-

Lorraine Wilson with her picture, “Rose Bud”

RickDavis with his picture, “Rosy Red Rose”

and Celeste Mookherjee with her picture “Rainy Morning Drama”

Winner"A bouquet of roses" challenge

“roses for grandma” by lucyliu

The winner of our “Rose of more than one colour” Challenge was Morag Bates with her picture, “Sun Blush”.

Winner*White roses* challenge

Walking in the Rain by Astrid Ewing P…

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