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Cool, weird and wonderful slogan t-shirts. Celebrate the written word!

Recent Work

  • 1st pragmatic law by Marc Grossberg
  • 1st law of politics by Marc Grossberg
  • Steel Bird by LeedenMoon
  • What is one can not be different by James Lewis Hamilton
  • Surf's Up - End of the World by DetourShirts
  • I Don't Work Here... But they do pay me by Tim Norris
  • Fair Dinkum by Matthew Walmsley-Sims
  • BE KIND ~ It'll Become YOU by James Lewis Hamilton
  • I've had it upto here.. with midgets! by SayWhat
  • Wingman - Taking one for the team by DetourShirts
  • NICE by no-doubt
  • Graffiti Om by MVP1

About This Group

Have something to say? A witty quote or self-made proverb? Submit it here.

Please note, we’re looking for slogan t-shirts only. Some graphics are allowed but they must support the written words.

T-shirt slogan designs must have a high degree of “finish”. Play with typography, or create your own! :D

*If you’re are looking for feedback on your work, or if you feel you’re not selling as many of your t-shirt designs as you feel you should, please see “Critique Tees”, our partner group to get feedback.

*If you have a cool graphic-design/ vector art t-shirt which is purely imagery, please see our other group – “Image Tees”.

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WINNER of Challenge 1 – Graffiti: paknpak****
Interview and blurb coming soon!


Murky and Roca xx

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