Slide Film

A group for photographs taken on slide or transparency film, the best film of them all!

Recent Work

  • Strathfield,NSW-Flying Scotsman & 3801,Australia 1999 by muz2142
  • koi fish in a pond by alexxgco
  • Blood Moon Man by muz2142
  • Shoalhaven River, Nowra, Australia 1996 by muz2142
  • 20041227 Lizard, Royal National Park, Australia by muz2142
  • Life's A Beech - Beechcraft D18 VH-CII by muz2142
  • Tree Shadow, Parramatta, Australia 2002 by muz2142
  • Roundel Series - B25 Marvellous Milly 1980 by muz2142
  • 3801 & Flying Scotsman, Robertson, Australia 1989 by muz2142
  • P51D Mustang VH-FST "Snooks 6" by muz2142
  • B17G Flying Fortress G-BEDF by muz2142
  • Roundel Design Series - C130A A97-205 by muz2142

About This Group

Here is a group for all of you who appreciate the true beauty that is a transparency photograph!
Call it slide, tranny, E6, reversal, whatever you like…slide film has been the choice of professionals since it came out and even now many of the real top line photographs are captured on it, although digital has eaten away at it a lot.
There is an undeniable something special about throwing a transparency on a lightbox, especially a medium or large format one!
Something that negative film (lovely though it is!) can never quite match…
Then there is the wonderful vision of projecting a slide…the way it is almost 3Das the colours leap off the projection screen!

If you love slide film, if you wish for a return to the days when it was king, if you are one of the select band of photographers who still use this wonderful medium, then this is the group for you!

This group is for photos taken on slide film ONLY, it is NOT for digital emulations nor is it for cross processed film.
Upload your best work and enjoy!

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