Sisters in Arms (feminine relationship described)

Sisters intent Sacred Talent Evolving Responsively Share Illuminating Natures Affirming Radiant Magic Solidarity

About This Group

Sisters in Arms, no weapons but tools
Intent to encourage each other, like fuel
Sacred is the bond within the feminine song
Talents are eclectic and celebration is strong
Evolving our thoughts and actions to positive change
Responsively touching hearts to broaden our range
Sharing love and kindness to manifest it within
Illuminating designs of peace and joy to plug-in
Nature’s compassion flows deep within our veins
Affirming connections anew or down memory lane
Radiant light shines to brighten darkened paths
Magic in words, pictures and musical baths
Solidarity in truth and empathy is our goal
Sisters in Arms, hand in hand, to make us ONE whole.

tkrosevear 2/1/2009

All artworks, clothing, writing and journal entries WILL convey a clear message (in description) of a positive and inspiring feminine connection/relationship and/or Her story, in words, poetry and/or music links or lyrics.

A group for women whose goal and/or intention is to share in UNITY, the tools (not weapons) to build (not breakdown) the bonds of sisterhood (feminine relationship).

Our expectations are generosity, compassion, empathy, humility and kindness – this is NOT a group for resume’ model shots, nude or flower shots, artwork, writing or poetry that DO NOT convey a clear message (in description) of a feminine relationship in a positive and loving light.

FEMININE RELATIONSHIPS: Sisters (blood related, twins or created family); female friendships; Mother/Daughter; Aunt/Niece; Grandmother/Granddaughter; female Cousins; and Lesbian Love (NOT intimacy or sex) – there are no age limits. Maidens, Mothers and Crones are welcome, as are spiritual guides, archetypal characters and/or ancestral messengers of a feminine nature.

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