Singaporean Artists & Writers

This group is dedicated to Singaporean Artists & Writers.

About This Group

This group is dedicated to Singaporean Artists. Meet and collaborate with other Singaporean Artists, find out what’s on, and let’s show the world how great Singapore Art really is.


- Please only upload your BEST works so that we can keep the quality high.

- Artwork/Photography/Writing/Journal need not be related to Singapore. As long as you’re a Singaporean, feel free to share your portfolio with us.

- Tasteful nudity is allowed as long as it is relevant to the group’s purpose.

- We want to hear what you have to say about Singapore. Please use your
common sense and as per RedBubbles-TOS guidelines when writing your journal

- All media and all subjects related to Singapore; past, present and even
the future are welcomed

Please note, that if work does not follow the guidelines, it will be
deleted. You will have to understand that I am not always able to advise you
of the deletion.

From time to time I will feature a member’s work as the groups avatar.

See the group rules and join this group here

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