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The Best Waterfall

This challenge closed over 9 years ago.

The Challenge

The first of our weekly challenges to find the best photos in our group, and ultimately on redbubble.

The challenge topic was chosen by our first member, Charlene Aycock whose picture Summer Spectator’s is the cover image for this challenge. Thanks Charlene.

This challenge is a very broad one and is open to interpretation.
Remember however that at this stage we only want photographs.
Entries that clearly do not meet the group’s or the challenge’s criteria will be removed from the challenge.

Please note that Entries will close in 3 days, after which voting will be allowed for 3 days.

Hosts of the group are permitted to enter the group challenges because:-
1. The hosts do not chose the challenge topic; and
2. The hosts do not chose the winners

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for the image that you believe is the best waterfall photograph.

Rewards & Prizes

The top five placegetters will be invited to display their images in the group. These images will also be showcased under the topic – “The Best Waterfall” in the group forums.
The Winning image will be featured and the owner will be invited to chose the topic for the next challenge.

Additional Information

I know this coincides with another waterfall challenge on Redbubble, unfortunate but I don’t think it’s a big issue.



The Top Ten

Falls Revisited ... by Di Jenkins

Falls Revisited ... by Di Jenkins was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 4 votes.

  • Sunset Cascade by Geoff  Coleman - Landscapes
  • Hidden Treasure by Jared Revell
  • Cement Creek by Travis Easton
  • Water Veil by Paul Finnegan
  • Bassy Falls by Ben Pacificar
  • Liffey Falls by Neil
  • The Falls by Luann Gingras
  • The big splash at Milford Sound by Elana Bailey
  • Double Falls by Bridges

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