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  • Peony in Joy 4 by Deborah Younglao
  • Peony in Joy 2 by Deborah Younglao
  • Books by Silk Alchemy
  • Peonies and Poissons option 2 by Silk Alchemy
  • Ireland in spring silk painting by Krisztina Borody
  • Close up iris by Krisztina Borody
  • Angel and bird by Krisztina Borody
  • The mysticism of Hanging Rock VIC Australia on silk by Margaret Morgan (Watkins)
  • HANGING ROCK WOODEND (MT DIOGENES) by Margaret Morgan (Watkins)
  • The mysticism of Hanging Rock VIC Australia - abstract by Margaret Morgan (Watkins)
  • Hanging Rock on a clear day ..  Woodend Vic Australia by Margaret Morgan (Watkins)
  • jungle by rysunki-malunki

About This Group

This space has been created to encourage all silk painters to step forward and share their most inspiring work. Silk dyes are really exciting to work with and are translucent and vibrant at the same time.

So we would like to support all of you, whether relative beginners or more experienced silk painters, in sharing our common love of colour and vibrancy by creating this space for everyone to exhibit their heartfelt artwork.

Our aim is to profile silk painting much more and put it on a par with all acrylics, oils and co. Exhibiting your work here will give you exposure to a very wide audience and let it be appreciated by a great number of people. And above all we would like to continue to inspire each other to greater heights.

So i f you feel you would like to show your silk paintings here, please submit them as soon as you can.


May I present to you Angel Ray, a very talented and busy girl! ……………………………..

" Hello There,
My name is Angel of Muse Silk Paintings and it’s so nice to meet you! I’m a happy person by nature, however oh so shy, so the best way I can express my love of life and positive energy is through my art. It might sound cheesy, but there are so many depressing things in our world that my goal is to combat negativity one artwork at a time. I hope to make a difference, and wishing that my paintings make you smile.

My educational background is traditional fine art so I’ve dabbled in almost every medium and my professional career has bloomed in the higher end fashion industry over the past 10+ years. But amidst the pressure and chaotic, daily demands of paying the bills, I sought solace in a creative outlet. One day, a handful of years ago, I took a silk painting class. As I drew my swirling lines, I became mesmerized with the patterns being created with the water-based resist. And then once my brush touched the silk “canvas” and I watched each brilliant color melt into the other, my jaw dropped, heart skipped a beat, and I knew that finally, I had found my chosen medium. Yes, it was love at first brush stroke. Silk painting was like therapy and it freed my soul! I became obsessed and even today it’s hard for me to think of anything else as silk painting is truly addicting, and well, just fascinating! Here is my first one I ever created:

My business is called Muse Silk Paintings, and opened up about two years ago. Since then I have created hand painted silk scarves for friends, family, clients, and even celebrities and my scarves can be found all over the world. At the request of some of my clients who wished to have prints of their custom painted scarves, I started listing them here on Red Bubble. I love the versatility and ability RB gives them so they customize their order to their needs.

Thank you for reading about my story, and a special Thanks to Tilly, for giving me the honor of this amazing feature! All the silk painters here on RB are so incredibly talented. I hope you will check out all the portfolios in our group! "

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