silhouette animals

animals which have over exposed to create a interesting silhouette shape

Recent Work

  • Sandhills silhouette at sunset by Zina Stromberg
  • The Start of A New Day by Jo Nijenhuis
  • Waiting for the morning catch by jchanders
  • When the morning gulls went to sea by jchanders
  • Rosie's Trunk  by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • HELLO WORLD by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Cats & Naps  by NewADesigns
  • Pretty Cat Princess  by NewADesigns
  • Check Meow  by NewADesigns
  • Unicorn Magic Swagger  by NewADesigns
  • Are you kitten me right meow?  by NewADesigns
  • Watercolor Dragonfly on a flower II  by NewADesigns

About This Group

This group is for anyone who enjoys pet and silhouette photography, I think it creates great and interesting images and would like to see what other idea people have to show

try out my other groups explosions in the sky and image typography

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