Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs! Features 28/11/15

This group is for any type of sign or billboard.

Recent Work

  • "Snuffer Cemetery in October"... prints and products by Bob HallĀ©
  • Today I will be jolly! by Nadya Johnson
  • Sketchy Letter Series - Letter R by JHMimaging
  • Heartbreaker Street Art by susan stone
  • But If You Don't Speak Italian.... by phil decocco
  • Ghost Sign and Sign by Ethna Gillespie
  • Anchor Sign by Ethna Gillespie
  • the goof at night by Lenore Locken
  • o b v i o u s l y by D A D A N C E
  • m a i s w o u i by D A D A N C E
  • Posados Cafe Neon Sign by Catherine Sherman
  • Merry Christmas from Melbourne by Roz McQuillan

About This Group

This group is, as stated, for any type of sign or billboard….

For some examples:

  1. road signs
  2. advertisement billboards/hoarding
  3. rolling advertisement posters
  4. neon signs
  5. warning signs
  6. welcome signs
  7. funny/novelty signs
  8. directional signs
  9. instructional signs
  10. pub signs

This list is not exhaustive and we shall try to launch a challenge most months, time/offline life permitting.

Repeated in rules section: While we are, for now, accepting political signs and as the previous hosts allowed them, works requiring a safe filter, anything deemed to incite hate or extremist beliefs (or indeed are likely to cause distress to groups of people) will not be accepted and anything new with a safe filter cannot be seen at first look by the hosts, who moderate with the safe filter ON and therefore will be scrutinised and may indeed be rejected. These will be on a case by case basis and will be at the host’s discretion.

See the group rules and join this group here