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Recent Work

  • Jessie the star by joak
  • Greyhound Dog in her Pyjamas  by SusanAlisonArt
  • Angelo "The Gentle Don" Bruno  by NewADesigns
  • In The Doghouse by Ladymoose
  • Free El Chapo  by NewADesigns
  • Reflections in Oil by DigiDog Designs
  • Reflections by DigiDog Designs
  • A Greyhound On the Lily Pad by Lisa Marie Mercer
  • Greyhound Dog Ballerina by SusanAlisonArt
  • Letters from the Rainbow Bridge by Dora Wilson
  • A Galgo Mosaic by Lisa Marie Mercer
  • Liquid Whippet, Greyhound by Dora Wilson

About This Group

This is a group for sharing photos of all kinds of sighthounds – including greyhounds, deerhounds, whippets, salukis, galgos, wolfhounds, borzois, afghans and all lurchers and sighthound crossbreeds.

If you own a sighthound or even just love sighthounds in general then you’re welcome to join us here!

We accept all forms of photography and artwork centered around the sighthound, but it is mainly a place for everyone who loves these breeds to come together to discuss their favourite canines and be able to see other members’ photos of these wonderful dogs.

One thing we do ask now, is not to submit any photos or artwork which identifies with greyhound racing as many of our members realise how cruel this sport is and our group does not want to be seen to be promoting racing in any form or manner. If the racing is amateur and not for profit, please state so in the description!

There will be some fun Challenges taking place in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled! As voting will be done by all members of RedBubble, moderators will be allowed to enter. And as always – no soliciting for votes.

Features will be chosen based on photographic merit, not necessarily on the dog itself. And as this is such a small group, moderators may feature each other’s work if they think it is good enough.

… and that’s all Folks! Really looking forward to seeing pictures of your dogs. This will be a very fun and friendly group, so come along to the Forums and introduce yourself and your canine companions!

See the group rules and join this group here