Camera Self Portrait

This group is about a portrait of your camera, not you. Repeat: portrait of your camera, not you. But you can also be included in the photo.

Recent Work

  • Self portrait, by Jip v K
  • Sucked in! by su2anne
  • Reflections on a Harley Davidson by Mary Ellen Garcia
  • Double exposure  by melek0197
  • In Your Eyes by Febev
  • Toilet, Popup-klup by Jip v K
  • Self-portrait by ulryka
  • Dance Club Mirror - 1980's by Mary Ellen Garcia
  • New Hair Cut by Mary Ellen Garcia
  • It's Me by Graham Geldard
  • SELF PORTRAIT  by melek0197
  • Suited up, by Jip v K

About This Group

As simple as it is, camera self portraits are also a challenge to many photographers. The most simple self portraits are those using a mirror to take a photo of the camera. It could also be as elaborate as a product shot with all complete studio backdrops and elaborate lighting. Let your camera shine. It is the one giving you those awesome images!

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