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I am sooooo impressed by the work in our group, and please for a moment, do not ever feel neglected by me, I beg of you to forgive me for being late in recognizing all the hard work by the artists in our fabulous group!!! We grew so much in the last month and the level of artistic quality and passion has grown as well, that I am now left having a hard time keeping up with you!!! Please, don’t stop for me, I am blessed with the difficulty and know I will find a way to manage the time to give you the attention you deserve! (anyone interested in stepping up to assist with this let me know!)


And to start it off, I am honored to introduce our newly featured artist this month: Brian Carey, you’re only depriving yourself if you don’t take the time to peruse his outstanding portfolio. Brian you take my breath away!

For our first feature for this month at Show Me a Sign, I’m pleased to introduce a new artist to our group, Gregory Wynn with his image titled simply Park and while his description is also fittingly simple, they both leave me longing to know more and is perhaps what makes this one of the most emotive pieces, the kind that brings you back again and again and each time, I learn something new or remember that much more that I’d forgotten. With so much simplicity, the image draws me in and I find some small truth and I almost feel like I’m laying there with a good friend, lost in conversation.

Next to catch my eye was another beautiful image from Mary Ann Reilly titled At the Wall, which she created an equally impressive companion piece titled “And We Were Three” that in true MAR style captures your attention and connects you to the stories behind the images. I can hear this little girl singing a song as she skips along and I feel the tears run down her face for having lost her daddy.

Our next feature, by another new artist to join our group Gail Anderson brings us a haunting photo titled Flamingo and Koval. She says that day “the temperature was 80 degrees… today, it’s 106” as she looks down from an “opulent air conditioned suite”:http://www.theplatinumhotel.com/ inside a casino to the burning reality below.

CanyonWind gets to the heart of every story and to his viewers as well… as expressed by one upon viewing this image he says emotively, “I wept.” Thank you Pops for taking us to The place where I live and giving Gloria a voice, as she bears her heart I know prayers are being sent for her and they are heard. This image was published on the back cover of “heART that is making a difference”:http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/771511 July 16th, 2009.

CanyonWind brings us to the heart of the homeless in LA with his brilliant image In the sight of God. Pops provides a heartfelt testimony of how he was shown a sign. If you’ve not done so, click on his image to read more about the hearts of LA.

Sally R brings us an image titled I dream to illustrate Beau’s story: She tells us “Beau didn’t have any soccer shorts that day. He didn’t have a place to sleep and food would have been useful. But he arrived at the Big Issue Street Soccer practice in Brisbane with a glorious smile and a dream….Once a week he dreams.”

I tracked down this next feature, titled Green isn’t always the color of money it’s such a gorgeous photo, and like the guiles of money, it deceivingly draws many people in before they realize the story that they are being led to see. Look forward to seeing more of your work Vikram Franklin!

Then, to my surprise, I was left in awe of yet another image by Vikram Franklin titled Selvakumar after the boy in the photo who followed him from dawn to mid morning. Vikram tells us, “He’s a poor fisherman’s kid – but I’ve never seen many happier smiles than his. He’s posing with his favourite toy – a tyre he rolls with the help of a stick.” Incredible talent you have for environmental portraiture!

Colin Shafer brought us an image titled Me and you with the description that says “and everyone we know”. Thank you for your heartfelt work and for this image that so affected me that I broke down balling the other night as I sat in my hot tub; this image came to mind and I was overwhelmed with tears and prayer for children in the world who face such difficulties… keep up your important work!

Following that, we were found by another new artist, Thierry Vincent who entered his intriguing piece What is beauty from his New Delhi Series… down-right brilliant journalism!

Vikram surprised me again with another image titled No Hope. You take my breath away as you manage to create images that have a life of their own, iconic images that I see future generations studying to be inspired towards capturing such beauty. This image is almost like a melody being played out in light, as the blurred background seems to echo the texture of the woven blanket, we are drawn to see and feel with new eyes the meaning of life.

Finally, a feature with some humor to follow on the footsteps of such heart-wrenching images from our oh so talented group, Ruby Shoes brings us her Homeless T-shirt design to make light of our dark financial times!! Thanks for the chuckle!

!http://images-1.redbubble.net/img/clothing/body... !:http://www.redbubble.com/people/rubyshoes/t-shi...

Colin brings us another beautiful image, that was responsible for making my tears flow the other night that reminds us “the longing for peace is genuine” with his image titled Peace be there

For New York Nancy her image titled Shame is one that she cannot get out of her own mind… rightfully so, it’s an image that grabs your heart and begs you to notice, if even if it comes to you later in a moment of quiet; as expressed in this poem she found by published author Teddy Macker

When I passed you on my way home
I didn’t think about you
nor feel a hairsbreadth of sympathy.

I was talking about someone at work,
how she’d pissed me off in an e-mail.
“She’s so curt,” I think I said.

It wasn’t until hours later
while looking at the sky,
a sky whose size unsteadied me,
that I started thinking of you,
you and others like you,
all the human beings on this planet
suffering simultaneously,
the hundreds, thousands, millions….
How incomprehensible, I thought,
standing there on my covered porch

while you stood on one leg
on a traffic median,
hungry and homeless
in a ruined side of Baltimore
in the pouring rain.

Next to join our group this month is an inspiring photographer who will surely be getting a lot of well deserving attention with his body of work he is creating to “elevate the status” of street people, please join me in welcoming our newly featured photographer this month!! Brian Carey to our group. He jumps on the scene with his featured piece titled Joe, well worth the time to click on his image to find out more about his project!

!http://images-3.redbubble.net/img/art/border:wh... !:http://www.redbubble.com/people/the48thronin/ar...

Another artist to gang up with Colin this month in images that stayed with me and made me cry was Tracey Hampton with her image Someone came to see me. Oh how important our work is! Thank you all for shining and sharing your hearts in this world!!

now beginning hour three in writing this newsletter! And I KNOW I need help (not like I needed this discovery to enlighten me of that fact lol) or I need to figure out a way to streamline this project

And yes, yet another new artist to join our group!! Gerrardt get’s a feature for Hobo Mike which is one of 27 tagged from his “People of the Rogue Series”. Nice work! I particularly like this one because it has seemingly sparked some conversation, as to how judgmental we all can be.

Ann Appel stumbled upon this piece titled Outside of Society and suggested Tim Wilson join our group. Ann said of this image, “Your tones are perfect. It’s a shot that you can sit and see more and more things. Makes you think.” I agree.

Pops brings us another featurable shot with his image titled Max & Max. Of course, you’ll want to go and read what truths Pops uncovers in his work, but for me… this one stood out to me for the undeniable division between those who have and those who do not… at least in material terms; with Max and Max clinging to what little they have next to some opulent home in S Cal.

And, last but not least, our last feature for this month comes from Tracey Hampton again with her image titled Shoeless girl sitting on a Slide. Tracey shares with us why this image now haunts her about this “Young girl waits for her turn to be fitted for a new pair of shoes. I later learned that girls with bleach streaks in there hair are being actively groomed to work the sex trade.”


Vivian Flores is also new to join us this month. Her writing titled The Man with a Cup was featured this month. Please pop on over to her site and take a moment to read this gem and meet this wonderful heARTist who claims to “write ‘til the wee hours of the night. I always have pen and paper laying around in case inspiration sparks. I write my thoughts, dreams, false realities, my story, your story. it is pitiful and pathetic but it will not budge.” An inspirational young lady and I’m sure we will being seeing many more features from her in the years ahead!

22 days ago, Pop’s introduced me to Malu , an extraordinary photographer, with a heart for our work… she created a page on her website titled Let’s Make A Better World featuring our book and encouraging others to write letters to help 8year old Zach get his message to President Obama that the issues of youth homelessness and youth volunteerism is important!! thank y♥u malu!!

Schillios writes A Tribute to INSPIRATIONAL People‏‏! Our story here at “Show me a Sign” was featured in Carol’s Blog Up on the Roof with Carol on Sunday, August 9th… and wanted to share!

And finally, I’m proud to recognize Kieron Nolan for being part of the SALA Festival in Adelaide, the largest visual arts festival in Australia. (If you haven’t done so already, please read about it here) His exhibition was set to run from August 7 – 23rd, 2009 featuring the work he put together with the “Service to Youth Council”:http://www.syc.net.au/ where the homeless kids were given cameras so they could photograph places of meaning to them. I can’t wait to hear some of the stories from the event!!

Thank you to all of you who make up our group! You inspire more people than you realize!! Wishing you continued inspirations and many blessings!!


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Thank you for selecting “Shame” for this month’s feature. You do a wonderful job of acknowledging our efforts. Proud to be a member of such an important group. Peace, Nancy

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Many many thanks for selecting my work for this month’s features, and many more thanks for that beautiful comment you gave about it. The concepts and meanings conveyed through this group, and all the work you put in to keep it up make me proud to be part of it.

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Thank You Tonja it is indeed an honour!

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Many, many thanks for the wonderful words you’ve used to describe my work Tonja! I am truly humbled. I’m really glad that I found this group on RB – I love that it makes us ask questions of ourselves.
Many, many thanks too for selecting three of my pics for featuring!

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