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sorry this was late

06-13-09 to 07-13-09 + 3 days, you know so we can announce our book!!

IF you haven’t heard we are up for $25,000 DOLLARS!
archives: vol 1 and vol 2 and vol3

What an incredible month (+ 3 days) so many beautiful features, lots of people perusing our on-line galleries, new members joining just about everyday… so much to write about, where do I begin?

♥July 16th, 2009 we published our first book!! heART that is making a difference coming in 2 hours shy of the deadline for the international juried competition sponsored by blurb and we are in the running for $25,000 to donate to charity and future projects at Show me a Signa HUGE thank you to the 22 contributing artists for your contributions and your efforts towards making the difference in the lives of others!!

With Special Thanks to JD Martin, Jamie Houston & Wendy Waldman for the Verses from One Heart seen throughout the left hand pages of our book – Really, worth opening another browser to listen to his song as you browse that pages of our book.

♥To date we have over 525 hits on our book!
♥Tara Gill posted a blog about it
♥I got the news that Edward James Olmos, Don Henley & USC wants our book!!
♥I attended an event at Ouch my Eye on July 16th and had the opportunity to share it with them and many members of the school I attend in the fall, PCNW was there, and we received many accolades.
♥Edmonds Community College featured our work (which by the way shows how our RB promotional slideshow displays on blogs… all of the featured images in Show Me A Sign, scroll for all to see, updates as soon as you are featured!! IF you want to PROMOTE us – go to the PROMOTE TAB above and get yourself a copy… just let us know when & where you post it!!)
♥…and I’ve been approached by a few esteemed colleagues if I’d be interested in them writing a feature on me and our work… watch for the news!!

When I first announced the idea of putting this book together I offered to share the winnings:

♥*$5,000* will go to FareStart for being the only organization that was able to get in their images, copy and releases before our final deadline.

♥*$1000* will go to THIS MONTHS FEATURED ARTIST at Show me a Sign B. K. von Bernhard, fondly known as POP’s (who shoots under “Canyon Wind Photography”) was chosen for inspiring me and for his enthusiastic efforts… he gave me open rights to his images and we ended up publishing 10 of his images, including being featured on the back cover!!! Congrats POP’s!! and he’s already spending his money by sharing the winnings and the love with the homeless he works with… you HAVE to see this shot titled We all Won! – and hear what they had to say… I treasure this with all my heart and soul.

♥*$500* goes to our FEATURED ARTIST from the previous month Ilana Rose and THIS MONTHS FEATURED ARTIST Leroy Allen Skalstad. Ilana published 5 images and Leroy published 3. Congrats you guys!!

btw, Did you know that Leroy is considered famous? a man of few words, but his images speak VOLUMES, as seen in Young Homeless Couple he offers up only this, “On a chilly and blustery late October day. Don and Kathy, Both just 19 and homeless, Wait with others from the street for a mealvan to arrive. Sandwiches and soup will offer a short yet welcome respite.” what he doesn’t tell us is that this won in 1993 first place regionally in a Kodak KINSA competition sponsored by Parade magazine & again in 1995 in the Gordan Parks contest. Search around and be inspired by the legacy of his photos and the stories that come with them.

And Ilana has been photographing Melbourne’s homeless and disposed for The Big Issue and the Victorian State Government for the past 10 years!! Of particular interest to Ilana is being able to meet, photograph and talk to those individuals who don’t normally have a mainstream voice. Indeed, her ability to connect with and capture characters living on life’s margins has characterized many of her ground-breaking photo essays for The Big Issue which has since being collected by The State Library of Victoria. Her work has been published in newspapers and magazines around Australia, including the Age, the Sunday Age, Good Weekend, the Australian, the Sydney Morning Herald, HQ Magazine, Rock Sound-U.K. and Rolling Stone… and now she can add being published in the USA!!

by the way, WHERE ARE YOU ILANA? i’m starting to get worried i haven’t heard from you in so long!

♥*$250* goes to each of the following 12 artists (a difficult feat, but these artist deserve recognition for the extra efforts they have made to the process)… Peter Hammer, Richard M. Newton, Zhao Jin, Karsten Stier, Biren Brahmbhatt, Terri Korom, Mark Tull, Enno Kosk, Judith Oppenheimer, Jacqueline Farrell, Tara Gill, and the lady who gave us our theme song One Heart Jan Landers

♥ Finally, I want to honor all of you for participating, and although I didn’t agree to it before, I will award $50 + an autographed copy of our book each to: Brian Oh, DebraLee Wiseberg, Lindsay Coleman, Letaief Slim, Daniel Cautrell, and last but not least Richard Barry

…plus EVERYONE will be invited to attend the award ceremonies and all the special events!!

♥*WOW, that should be enough for one month… but there is more!!!*

Without further adieu, thank you to these wonderful artists who sent in these amazing images and stories… Here are your featured artists and their images for this month (June 13th – July 13th + 3 days LOL):

♥First feature of the month goes to POP’s with Play Ball. Chosen because it shows the results of our efforts – the smiles on the faces of those who are too often neglected, you see the appreciation abounding in this image. Thanks POP’s for all you do.

♥Second we recognize a new artists to our group, Mike Weeks with his wonderful candid shot The Silversmith & Wedding Photographer. Such a colorful image and I fricken LOVE that shirt LOL!!

♥Our third feature Homeless Spirit comes to us from the highly talented Amy E McCormick. The image speaks for itself, but Amy confides, “It recently was shown and sold (11×14 print) in the Photographic Society of Philadelphia’s Exhibit at Philadelphia City Hall!” CONGRATS and well deserved!

♥Found our fourth feature when Daniel Cautrell finally joined our group and submitted his fabulous piece, an original linoleum print from his “Strange Scene’s Series” titled Shelter

♥Our fifth feature for this month, came to us from another member new to our group, please welcome Bryan Villamin and congratulate him on capturing such an amazing show of contrast with Opposites.

♥Next we have miss Amy being featured again with an emotive piece titled Emergency Call. Impressive post production on this… the blues, the blur; this is a knock-out artistic shot!

♥Followed by another new artist, Trifle and don’t let the name fool ya, his work titled Oblivious shows his strong sense of photography and his heart for the cause.

♥Then I stumbled upon what at first glance, looks like a gorgeous landscape, emotive from the fog…with this piece also titled Shelter by yet another new artist to join our group Gabriel Skoropada… then you look deeper and you notice the man huddled under the tree.

♥I stumbled upon another great image, by yet another new member, please welcome Natalia Martin de Pablos and congratulate her on being featured with her image titled simply Hey!!. INCREDIBLE image Natalia… it’s got that once upon a time feel to it… just like Peter Hammers Life on the Street

♥"Maine Photobug":http://www.redbubble.com/people/mainephotobug is featured again this month with another candid capture of the real life on the streets, with an image titled Street Life 1 from her “Orlando Series” well seen and captured!!

♥Another artist new to the scene, Michael Dreese brings us Homeless in DC, a sunshiney image that is darkened by knowing he is struggling on tough times… but i come back and have to say that i see the hope in this image, though much of it only in the promise of the blossoming trees – we do see he has on his work boots and reading the paper… well done.

♥POP’s get’s another feature, with another one of my favorite of all time images… titled Jean. She was our featured heart on the street in our book with the only two page spread… This is why I LOVE POP’s so much, because he takes his work to the deepest level, and in doing so, brings out all the beauty and spirit from within… Jean glows in this image POP’s she is sooooooooooooo beautiful.

♥Last, but not least, our lovely Debra Lee brings us not only a compelling image, titled New Shoes but she finds out and shares with us an intriguing story. Excellent work young lady!!… (clicking on any of the featured images will take you to see the image with the artists description of it….) go check it out!

So, WOW! what a month. Thank you all for sharing your heART, for contributing to our forums for seeking out worthy blogs to read, organizations worthy of recognition and for just being you! I look forward to seeing more work, as little by little, we are making a difference!!

blessings and inspirations,
♥tonja and terri

Mark Tull Mark Tull 634 posts

Well, it’s not exactly TULL TOWERS , but, with my share of the loot, I’m going to be sponsering a room at CentrePoint in London, giving homeless people a bed for the night

gabryshak gabryshak 227 posts

awwwwwwwww Mark, you’re the greatest!!! that’s awesome… these are the kinds of organizations i want to recognize… please put a link to this in our forums under “WORTHY ORGANIZATIONS” and update it when you can… you know photo’s or personal stories that come of your participation with them….

aspectsoftmk aspectsoftmk 150 posts

fantastic….wonderful heartfelt features…information that creates change and just so much love…::))

gabryshak gabryshak 227 posts

gosh i wish you could know these things ahead of time…


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Such collection of soulful images, congratulations to all and thank you very much gabryshak for choosing “Hey!!” and for this Humane group

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