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this is the place for all your questions, collaboration and help in coordinating our first book project! for an opportunity for worldwide exposure to our art and mission and to raise $25,000 for charity… this is OUR project and i value your input in design and content.

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  1. here is what a basic release should include:

I, -——- your name here -—— , grant permission for Tonja Gabryshak, (curator at “show me a sign”) to include my -—-title of work(s)——— in the 2009 book publication competition. The permission only extends to a one off usage and must include a byline: Photograph By: -——- your name here -—— ©

  1. i also will need to have high resolution images in order to submit quality work for the project… they should be sent to my personal email at tonjams@msn.com
  1. i would like to give you the opportunity (not sure if we are doing this or not!) to also submit a profile image and short bio on yourself to accompany your image… i definately want to include your preferred “©name” and link back to your rb webiste!) send those also to my personal email.
  1. last but not least, i will reply to your email and remind you to save my address for future collaboration and to give you the opportunity to be able to give your input prior to final submission on content and design.

that’s it for now,
blessings and inspirations,

Karsten Stier Karsten Stier 2353 posts

Thanks Tonja

gabryshak gabryshak 227 posts

i am so thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful group with such heART for the world
my pleasure karsten….

also, i wanted to put the deadlines in this forum… final deadline for the project is july 16th…. i’m shooting to have our work collaborated, designed and submitted by june 26th…. that will give us some time to be able to bring some attention to our work before judging begins.

many blessings,

enno2009 enno2009 21 posts

Dear Tonja- thank you so so much!

gabryshak gabryshak 227 posts

as i said before, “I am so inspired and honored to be a part of this group.
I look at the featured work, and I see so much compassion and love.
I see humanity and hope. There is only good that will come of our visions,
inspirations and the blessings we wish for…..

my honor enno.

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this is work in the making, is not finalized, but wanted to share some progress towards our first book project at show me a sign

thank you to all the wonderful artists who share their heART

©gabryshak curator at “show me a sign” *all artists work submitted into the book maintain individual copyright and ownership, will be recognized for their efforts and must sign a one off release before being accepted…

verse on the left hand pages is from jd martin’s song one heart

image ©gabryshak


*image courtesy of peter hammer *

image courtesy of martinilogic

image courtesy of docophoto

all the artist have expressed interest, but have not yet finalized their intentions, awaiting approval!!

image courtesy of karsten stier

image courtesy of maka1967

image courtesy of mark tull

image ©gabryshak

i’m just starting with the layout and design, and have only received 6 releases and of those 5 have sent images…
i’m getting really excited and can’t wait to see it in print. *remember this is OUR project and want your input on design and content.

ummmmmmm, what else? i know there is something…. not yet approved is use of lyrics one heart by jd martin, but that is the verse you see on the left side pages throughout the book, brought to my attention from our second featured image one heart by jan landers.

there’s more, but after a 9 hour run of devoting to this – up ’til 3:30am and then a nap, up again this morning early… i need a break!!
once again, thank you to all the wonderful artists here who share their heART

gabryshak gabryshak 227 posts

btw, winners are up on the book challenge !!! congrats martinilogic !!!

okay, i really am getting out of here for awhile, enjoy the sun, blessings all

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we are truly blessed to have received this message today in request to JD for use of his lyrics one Heart
in our book:

…"_Hi, Tonja…._

Thank you so much for writing! I went to your website and loved the photos….and of course the idea behind it all. I would be honored to have you use the lyrics to One Heart in your book. All profits that would ordinarily go to the writers and publishers should go to an organization of your choosing that helps the homeless.

I have attached the lyrics of One Heart and it includes all the necessary information about writers and publishers. Please include the “Used by permission” line, as well as our website www.Garrett-Martin.com.

it’s all coming together well,
and am truly excited about this opportunity…
still awaiting releases and images from several artists…

here’s the who’s who that are participating and who have committed and sent releases with images (in no particular order)

docophoto, leroy skalstad, maka1967, martinilogic, mark tull, karsten stier, peter hammer and enno kosk.

if there is a story or artist you think should be included, perhaps you can help encourage them to get their work in for consideration… *

that’s it for now,
enjoy the day

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just an update…

we have several artists who have expressed an interest but have yet to follow through on forwarding images and a one off release which i will need to include your image in publication. (aspectsoftmk, judith oppenheimer, darrel neaves, kieron nolan, richardj, steven potashnyk)

since my last post i have received releases and images from:

debra lee wiseberg, jan landers, megan dacy, and a release with no image from jaybe

i also have received a release from an artist who won third place in nikon’s “2009 best of college photography” with a very profound image of a homeless man sleeping under a sign that talks about “nothing is impossible” and hoping she joins RB so you get a chance to get to know her and see her work.

deadline has been extended until july 3rd, if any other featured artists are interested in participating.

i thinks that’s it for now….
all the best

Biren Brahmbhatt Biren Brahmbhatt 17 posts

Hi Gabryshank… how can i submit my images for the book?? Challenge seems to be closed… what m i supposed to do now?

gabryshak gabryshak 227 posts

i think we have it all taken care of fuzonlab… i just sent you an email. the RB challenge posted in Show me a Sign was just a release to let everyone know of the competition and to start the process of putting the book together…

so things are coming together… i have images and releases from canyon wind and (in process) fuzonlab and still awaiting response from aspectsoftmk, judith oppenheimer, darrel neaves, kieron nolan, richardj, steven potashnyk

enno2009 enno2009 21 posts

Hi Tonja, you are so kind… I would like to all of you fruitful results, blessings and love!

gabryshak gabryshak 227 posts

judith oppenheimer has finalized her submission and so has fuzonlab and jaybe… we are looking really good!!

i hope all of you have hit “watch this topic” so you can get notices of updates as we go along… as you should have heard, i still have a few late image submissions, and have pushed the final copy and design deadline to july 3rd… at that time, i want to give everyone an opportunity to give their input on final design and copy before submission.

once the book is finalized, i will cover the entry fee and submit our book. at that time i will provide everyone with a link to where our book can be found on-line. it can be purchased, as many of you have asked. final deadline is july 16th and judging begins.

there will be a formal announcement made of the winners on our around september 14th, 2009.

i ask for your blessings and inspiration during this time, as often, when you are trying to accomplish something that has the power to erase negative thoughts and behaviours and replace it with good… it seems like you are bombarded with unexpected obstacles (i was in a car accident a couple weeks ago… and i’ve been a wreck LOL… but i will endure and we will succeed at this!)


ForestGirl ForestGirl 15 posts

Sounds bloody fantastic … I was recently made homeless myself due to some very hard to describe circumstances and have come to experience life with a new eye! Unable to download my camera at the moment, but actually started a personal project up here photographing people from the Neighbourhood centre and soup kitchens (without them I too would not have eaten for a few weeks recently) … tonight I’m enjoying the hosipitality of friends (and the use of their computer) but tomorrow I will be back in the park where I have been living for the past month or so now. My life if going to make a change soon, but there are many out there that do not have the same luck. This is a wonderful way to highlight the people out there and to raise much needed funds to help them. It is about bloody time and I hope that it goes well!

gabryshak gabryshak 227 posts

forest girl,
thank you for sharing your heart with us – all of us will be sending you prayers of protection, love, grace and blessings. keep following your heart towards your creativity, you have lots to share. keep positive by counting each small blessing; that is truly the best gift for yourself. all the best, and do keep us posted… don’t be afraid to reach out to someone in the area… as you know, there are people that care and are willing to help.

many blessings and inspirations,

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i just sent this message to our participating artists:

here is a copy of our book “heART that is making a difference" to date we’ve reached our second deadline of july 3rd for completion. i will give a reasonable time to hear back from each of our participating artists and then submit it for official publication on or before july 13th… (landing in the competition with a three day grace) at which time everyone will be sent a link of where to find it online for perusal or purchase.

Here’s the link to jd martin’s “one heart” it is the verse you see on the left hand pages throughout our book, listen to it as you browse our pages.


all my best,

have a happy and safe fourth


richardj richardj 13 posts

Hi Tonja,

The book looks great thus far. You have clearly put a lot of effort into it and it’s for a very meaningful cause- well done!

gabryshak gabryshak 227 posts

a few minor edits coming in… i think we did a beautiful job
and as terri wrote to me earlier today, i am so proud to be a part ofshow me a sign
win or not, we did good and as i said before, i believe only good will come of what we strive for
… this all could not be possible without us coming together
so again, thank you to all of you who share your heART

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now that we are in our final stage of our book project,
i’m getting super excited and wonder how i will contain all that energy until winners are announced…

please, take a moment to seriously consider the judging criteria:
cover design, strength of the photography, subject matter of the book, page layouts, editing and sequencing, emotional impact of the overall book, with each criterion receiving equal weight.

my immediate response was… did i take enough time considering the cover? i don’t really question the rest… strength of photography-incredible… subject matter-strong!… i took much time laboring over page layouts & editing n sequencing-any feedback? and well, emotional impact- i think we a have a super strong chance of exceeding what will be presented in terms of emotional impact… almost as if led by some divine hand, how well the images go with the amazing verse from jd martins song… but still i urge everyone to stand back from the project for a moment and look at it as if you may be the judge…

the cover…. well, it is the cover from my award winning album i made in dec of 07 called “count your blessings”, which was my first step of faith actually producing a piece of work incorporating my art towards making a difference… the photo represents to me a small sign, a reminder of the love in the world… when you look deeply you see the resonance of hearts throughout the image of a rain-kissed flower as if tears from heaven…
it was only natural that i would want to consider it for our cover of our book…

further consideration…. while i am still open to all suggestions until we official submit our entry – and while i considered using one of the images depicting homelessness or a collage of images… i reinforced the desire to stay with the chosen image for these reasons…

- one of the main issues regarding homelessness i wish to change is any negative thoughts surrounding the hearts and souls that are enduring such difficulties… and to remove the common reaction to ignore, further neglect or look down upon these individuals… so since most people have shown a tendency to avoid the issue – i open with an image that does reflect our theme “heART that is making a difference” that became our focus… our hearts and those of a few select organizations that are reaching out to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

… thinking as i type now, maybe just a caption on page two (which is currently blank in the book) about the use of the image on the cover?…

i can still stand to look at it more as i await for all our participating artists a chance to offer up their final thoughts on book design and copy… the particular software i am using does not seem to give me any options to create a design for the spine of the book or the back cover… anyone know differently?

were pushing for july 13th for final submission…
all my best,

gabryshak gabryshak 227 posts

the above photo represents page 2 of our book and is accompanied by the following text:
“…in a rain-kissed flower, I find a “small sign” like a reminder of the love in the world, I see a heart in the elements & everyone coming together…"

i’m thrilled to say that i know our book is finished… i wish i could share it here with everyone…
all the artists should have received a copy by now… although there were a few last minute changes
and additions… i so wanted to include all our featured work… there is so much heart

so without further adeiu…
here are the participating artists for our first publication
heART that is making a difference” with
64 pages, 21 artists and 47 amazing images:

Tonja Gabryshak, USA
Peter Hammer, Australia
Richard M. Newton, USA
Ilana Rose, Australia
Zhao Jin, China
Karsten Stier, Australia
Leroy Allen Skalstad, USA
Biren Brahmbhatt, India
B. K. von Bernhard, USA
Terri Korom, USA
DebraLee Wiseberg, Canada
Mark Tull, United Kingdom
Enno Kosk, Estonia
Judith Oppenheimer, USA
Jacqueline Farrell, USA
Tara Gill, USA
Lindsay Coleman, USA
Letaief Slim, Tunisia
Daniel Cautrell, USA
Richard Barry, Australia
Jan Landers, USA

thank you again for sharing your heART!

we publish at 1:11am on july 13th, 2009
(thought i’d make it a memorable time… plus someone said that time represents being carried with angels)
i can’t wait!!

blessings and inspirations,

aspectsoftmk aspectsoftmk 151 posts

the book is perfect…touches every part of the soul and yanks at the heart…you have created touch…to the stars!!!! and back

CanyonWind CanyonWind 3557 posts

I have taken a look at this book. And I must say that it lifts your spirit up to know that so many people care about others. It makes your heart soar up with eagles when you know you have made a diference in someones life . But it brings a tear to the eye when these people hug you and say , " God bless you ". Because you know that is all the heve to give in return , worth more than riches and gold.So next time you take a photo of them , give a hug , get a hug or shake a hand. That is what connects them to love and understanding. Don’t be afraid you will get something . You Will , and it wil stay with you the rest of your life.

gabryshak gabryshak 227 posts

since you brought it up pops… roger sampson posted something similiar in one of our forums saying this…

I live in Riverside, CA and it seems in growing numbers there are many homeless one can see if one but look. They can be seen standing on street corners asking for help, gathering in parks to be near public restrooms, or even asking for change for a cup of coffee at Starbucks. When the opportunity presents itself, I have learned to take the time and buy them a cup of coffee and just sit and chat for a bit; and you know… each time I do, I am the one who is blessed.

“It doesn’t take long before the stories come out and the appreciation of a listening ear is expressed. I find that most are sensitive, wonderful human beings simply caught between a rock and a hard place, and slowly, bit by bit losing self esteem due to apathy by most that cross their path. I have found that it is the lack of fellow human contact, the need of simple conversation, or a genuine smile directed their way that is most desired in their lives. The smiles I see and the excitement in their eyes when engaging in a brief fellowship brings humbling warmth to me as well as a needed joy to them."

“_It was Mother Teresa who said;_
“There is more hunger for love and appreciation in the world, than for bread”.
It is true.

i like how he says, he was the one that was blessed by taking the time to connect with them.
thanks for the wonderful post, both of you


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this post is for anyone who may be interested in publishing in the future and, like me, found that they need resources to ensure proper citation of sources used in research….

i found a fabulous site and wanted to share: http://citationmachine.net/ (aka: Son of Citation Machine)

The website states, "Citation machine is designed to help student and professional researchers to properly credit the sources used. Its primary goal is to make it so easy for student researchers to cite their information sources, that there is virtually no reason not to — because…


once inside you click if you are interested in MLA guidelines or APA and then click the source you are interested in citing (my case, a web page) then a menu pops up with a form to fill in of pertinent information… you click submit and voila!… here is the info generated from the above in text quote from the website:

Warlick, David. “Son of Citation Machine.” Citation Machine. April 2006. Landmarks for Schools. 11 Jul 2009 <www.citationmachine.net/&gt;.

cool, huh?

so, now my work is officially done… we are truly ready to publish 1:11am monday morning, 7/13/2009

ps hmmmmmmmm… apparently not written for HTML…. as the website will not appear in the < >’s… that will be another day for me folks… but there you have it.

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait