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E-Gallery Exhibit #1

This challenge closed over 8 years ago.

The Challenge

We will be regularly hosting E-Gallery Exhibit Challenges where one artist will be chosen to exhibit 12 of their best pieces surrounding a themed project/body of work for the win. All entries must include clear detail of the purpose, outcome or intended desire of the project. Enter work as a triptych and link all three images together in the description so we have a good feel for the project.

Judging / Voting Criteria

just do it!! :)

Rewards & Prizes

Winner will become a featured artist and be allowed to upload 12 of their best images from their body of work to be featured and displayed as your very own e-gallery exhibit for one whole week. Featured artists will also be invited to participate in future projects: book scheduled for publication in july 09, and a 2010 calendar are currently underway. We will be adding to this as time goes by.

Additional Information

Unaware of what a triptych is or unclear as to what we mean by linking images? Here is a fine example Notice on the triptych they have also included all three images in the description, and each of these are also clickable to the originals. here is also another “fine example”: but as you see this is a diptych. Info on linking images

Cover Image: Now Showing - Mary Ann Reilly by gabryshak


The Top Ten

From the past (1 of 4) - Vegetables and Fruit sellers by Christian  Zammit

From the past (1 of 4) - Vegetables and Fruit sellers by Christian Zammit was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 1 vote.

  • Measure of Judgement by Daniel  Rarela

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