Shots in the Fog

Group Rules:

Members can put up their favorite shot of THEIR work that is on the group for the weekly avitar in our group’s forum.
Journals, please keep to the fog subjects, or a thanks, please dont use the group as an advertising agency. Unfortunately we will delete those who want to use the group for just that reason. We dont like being put into that situtation, so we ask that no one puts us there.
I do ask, when I comment on your work, you just click any link in our group’s art, find a shot you like, and leave a comment there. Pass It On :) Thanks

  1. Of course present best shots..fog or mist shots only
  2. Can upload 5 shots when you first join the group, after that, please limit to TWO a day. This will help get the group noticed, and it wont overwhelm everyone that tries to comment on your work.
  3. Offer tips on how to shoot fog shots. If you are into fog, and want to learn, we are all here to help, so don’t ever feel like you cant get that “just right shot” in the fog..just ask, and we will help.
  4. Check our group’s forums for introductions, how we choose our avatars, and challenges. Any and all input is always appreciated.
  5. We now do member’s choices for featured work. Just go into the General Discussions of our group’s forum to add your choices.