Shots in the Fog

This group is for those photographers who love to shoot in the fog or mist.


  • Escapologist by redtree
  • Sunburned Fog by Douglas  Stucky
  • November's Fall by Igor Zenin
  • Misty November by denis-romanov
  • Web Design by Jo Nijenhuis
  • Downtown Toronto Fogfest No 10 by Brian Carson
  • Lake Barrington by cjcphotography
  • trees in fog on the meadow by mike-pellinni
  • Morning mist,  Dawn, Trentham by Roz McQuillan
  • The Tree by Douglas  Stucky
  • Stuttgart, Ark USA In The Morning Prairie Fog by WildestArt
  • In for a penny. by redtree
  • Sparks Lane October 2017 by Douglas  Stucky
  • Lone Pine  by cjcphotography
  • The Granary by Douglas  Stucky
  • Stream of Tranquility by Douglas  Stucky
  • The Ogre's Den by Ben Loveday
  • Wintry Day at Dove Lake by Harry Oldmeadow