Shelters (Photography, painting, drawing accepted)

A basic architectural and man-made structure that provides cover and must be the main focus of your artwork

Recent Work

  • Forlorn by billfox256
  • Remnants of Rhyolite  by zumi
  • Brantôme, Dordogne, France by FranEvans
  • Bodiam Castle , East Sussex. by Billlee
  • Along a Country Lane by Elaine Teague
  • green barn by Lynne Prestebak
  • Powerline by debidabble
  • Bleak Outlook by metriognome
  • Bressay Lighthouse, Bressay, Shetlands, UK by Chris Monks
  • Old Home Place by RickDavis
  • No Longer Loved, Silverton, NSW by Christine Smith
  • Beneath The Mist by Sebastianpl

About This Group

What is a Shelter? A shelter is a type of structure that is built to provide shelter/protection against the elements: it can be lived in but also used for other purposes such as worship, shopping, storage, working and leisure activities.


Because these are specifically covered in other groups we are excluding modes of transportation since their primary purpose is transportation and not shelter. Exception is that we will accept house boats that are clearly used as a home and shelter and not for transportation.

We only accept exterior shots and we do not accept macros of PARTS of a shelter where the shelter shape and overall building can not be seen.

In general we do not accept images of shelters FAR in the distance – the focus should be the shelter. If we have a challenge that specifically calls for a shelter in the far distance, we will accept those type images only for that challenge period of time.

Please be encouraged to submit unusual and unique shelters but the FINAL decision and moderation on accepting these type images will be at the hosts’ discretion.

Shelters include, but are not exclusive to, homes, covered wagons, buildings, native american housing such as tee-pees and adobe structures, churches – you get the picture. It is IMPORTANT that the shelter is the main focus of the composition.

Any SINGLE BUILDING which is the MAIN FOCUS of the image and which could REALISTICALLY be used as a shelter if the need arose. The entire outer structure should be in the picture or MOST of the structure should be visible.
e.g. a single house / a barn / a gazebo / a hotel / a shop / a church / a houseboat

The shelter image should contain enough of the structure that it can be identified as to what the structure is. i.e., NOT just one wall of some building or a window of a building

Where a house or other shelter is part of a terrace / row the focus should be on as much of the house etc as is possible to get without too much of the adjoining buildings

> a vehicle
> a ROW of houses / shops / factories
> a bridge
> umbrellas
> mushrooms
> boats unless obviously lived in as a houseboat
> anything which needs field glasses to see – the main focus has to be the shelter – it can’t be a dot on the horizon
> factories, silos and other commercial buildings of this sort would not be available for anyone to shelter in.
> whole towns / villages / cities
> bird’s nests and other animal lairs/ dens

Clarification on items above:
> a bridge – we have accepted in the past like covered railway bridges but, realistically, they would not be safe places to go into for shelter.
> umbrellas – we have accepted these but they are not a structure as stated in the rules.

(please note these MAY have been accepted in the past, but not any more. as we find them in our gallery we will remove them as well)



24th November 2018…..Avatar/Your Choice….Joint Winners

The Budir Church by Adam Northam

North Uist: Beach House by Kasia-D

9th August 2018
A Green Shelter

Wai’oli Hui’ia Church by DJ Florek

20th October 2017
Avatar/Your Choice

Conch House on Isla Mejures by Yukondick

23rd July 2017

Pigeon Point Lighthouse – California USA by TonyCrehan

28th January 2017

Hotel – The Empress Hotel, Victoria BC by AnnDixon

29th June 2016

The Shed at Bella Vista by Elaine Teague


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