SHAPES and PATTERNS - Only 1 per Day

Works must contain defined shape or pattern


  • Rainbow in a Brolly by kalaryder
  • Left On The Shelf by Kay Cunningham
  • Christmas Colours by Margaret Stevens
  • Hint of Fall by David Lamb
  • Ice Formations by WildestArt
  • Market Food by Marylou Badeaux
  • The Painted Elephant by Alma Lee
  • The Fog Creeps by Jo Nijenhuis
  • Elements 1 by LozMac
  • Vintage by David Lamb
  • Lilycrest Gathering by Marilyn Cornwell
  • Hamsa Hand by ramanandr
  • Yeah baby, it's cold outside... by cuprum
  • Diamonds Left Behind by Bunny Clarke
  • Glowing Faces by Forfarlass
  • Dawn's Early Light by Chet  King
  • Christmas Lights # 1 by David Schroeder
  • Loquat medlar tree in Autumn I by SelmaCardoso